5 Most Interesting Reasons to Watch Death Note

Reasons to Watch Death Note

If you also have a childhood history watching Dragon Ball, then welcome to the club mate! For many, anime was just Dragon Ball only until they came across other masterpieces like Death Note that changed the whole perception of the word anime for them. There are so many reasons to watch Death Note if you haven’t watched it yet. 

Now that all of us are staying home due to the pandemic, nothing seems more lively than watching a movie. Anime can be a smart choice to spend your leisure time. How? Anime are longer running, anime is crush, anime is relatable, teaches you culture and values, and much more. If you still need reasons to watch Death Note then read this post till the end. 

If you love detective and mystery plots, then you’ll surely love this one. The best possible reasons to watch Death Note are the impactful story, dark comedy and horror, the clarity and accuracy, the Unexpected Spins, and the top rankings and global ratings. Death Note has 37 episodes till now.

The changing plots in the series are bang on. The music is a definite hit in the series that is one of the rising reasons behind making an anime stand out in the crowd. What would you have done if you were in Light Yagami’s place?

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5 Most Interesting Reasons to Watch Death note

If you ask a Death Note fan, they would probably say that you don’t need a reason to watch Death Note. The name is a reason in itself. Well, for the newcomers or the insightful viewers I have disclosed the 5 most interesting reasons to watch Death Note – The Masterpiece.

The Impactful Story

Reasons to Watch Death Note; The Impactful Story
Source: Anime A for Anime

The story plays a major role in the success of anime. Talk about the superhit anime Attack on the Titans or Demon Slayer, their story made them a real masterpiece. Death Note comes with an impactful story that takes a genius mind to digest. 

The power-packed characters, the heavy dialogue delivery, its global reach everything adds to the reasons to watch Death Note. 

Top Rankings and Global Ratings

Reasons to Watch Death Note; Top Rankings and Global Ratings
Source: Death Note News

Don’t believe me when I say Death Note is a masterpiece, then believe the global ratings. Death Note stands in the top 10 anime rankings. For IMDb ratings, it’s a 9 on 10 score for the anime which is quite impressive and a good enough reason to try this series at least once. 

Ratings are not made overnight for any movie or show. It takes time, the decision is usually with the audience, and of course on the content delivery. Ratings clearly show how desirable this show is, no doubt. 

Dark Comedy with Horror

Reasons to Watch Death Note; Dark Comedy with Horror
Source: Favim.com

If this show can portray pain and suffering in a comic way, it can do anything. Dark comedy makes it relatable to digest some facts sometimes. This series gives you no escape from the horror, in fact, it’s packed with horror. 

Along with timely horror doses, it includes comic dialogue delivery too. In short a perfect engaging series that you’ll enjoy to the fullest. 

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The Clarity and Accuracy

Reasons to Watch Death Note; The Clarity and Accuracy
Source: Chromatic Abberation Everywhere-Wordpress.com

Death Note comes up with a straightforward theme that might get twisted at times, but it never fails to amaze you with its clear delivery. Connecting dots in a series becomes easy when the characters are shown with accuracy and the background explanation is clear. 

This series has both. Clarity plus accuracy. Also, the authenticity of this show is unmatched. Whether it’s the depiction of Japanese culture or the characters everything stands authentic. 

Unexpected Spins

Reasons to Watch Death Note; Unexpected Spins
Source: Casuistor- Tumblr

Death Note has some really amazing and supernatural twists that keep it more engaging and enjoyable. So many death scenes will scare you and right when you think it’s going smoothly, another twist knocks on your door. 

The content quality and its supernatural presentation on the screen are unbeaten and extraordinary. It’s not just a regular anime series, it’s a drastic one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Death Note:

Where can I watch Death Note?

You can easily stream Death Note on the leading streaming network Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Is Death Note good for beginners?

As is the case with several anime titles on this list, Death Note is an iconic and highly influential series that is perfect for beginners due it compelling and closed story.

Is Death Note a masterpiece?

Death Note is a masterpiece. It is a fantastic anime and TV series that has you on the edge of your seat, even with the downgrade in quality after episode 25. It has a great story, great characters, and great themes and symbolism.

Hope now you are clear with the reasons to watch Death Note. There are a lot more if we discuss closely. The interest build-up, the character relatability everything just fits into place. Watch this excellent anime series today and explore the fantasy world.

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