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the resident season 5

September 2021 has been an action-loaded month so far with shows premiering every other day! Even our cherished Medico-drama series, The Resident season 5 will be back on screens with other new dramas like BMF, Ordinary Joe, The Big Leap, and the sort! So are you excited to know about The Resident season 5! Well, you should be as this season is going to bring some surprises (and shocks) for you guys!

Hospital, life, and death, that’s what comes to mind while wondering about a medical series, Right? Wrong! The Resident’s line-up follows Hospital, politics, and drama! This series is more than hospital activities and goes beyond just covering the lives of the hospital staff! The Resident Season 4 ended with big happy news of the birth of Nicole and Conrad’s child! Let’s see what to expect in season 5!

The Resident season 5 is set to premiere this September! It’s just five days and we are already tumbling with excitement! There are going to be certain additions and subtractions in season 5 of the show which no Nicolette aka Emily VanCamp fans would be willing to hear! I am damn sure you’re in for rather shocking discoveries today but that’s a part of this entertainment world, Isn’t it?

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Let’s see what The Resident season 5 will bring and who all are going to say goodbye! OOPS! Did I say too much? Well, keep reading to know what that means!!

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The Resident And Everything About The Resident Season 5

the resident season 5
Source: TV Fanatic

The Resident is an American medical drama series created by Amy Golden Jones, Roshan Seth, and Hayley Schore. The show is actually based on the work of Marty Makarh, known as “the Untouchable” and first premiered on FOX TV on January 21, 2018. The series has been increasingly compared with other medical dramas like “The Good Doctor”.

The show is based on the lives of medical staff working at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and highlights the harsh truths in the medical industry as a whole! Although The Resident tries to bring out the reality behind the Medical Industry, it hasn’t been accepted fairly by the professionals in the field of medicine who claim that the series is rather “unrealistic!”

Critical reviews and other viewer ratings of The Resident were fairly good with 7.1/10 ratings on IMDb. Other platforms like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes gave pretty average ratings to the show and USA Today even reportedly issued that “The series can’t save itself”.

The series has 4 seasons so far and season 5 is about to premiere on September 21 on Fox.  Due to the Pandemic, season 3 of The Resident had to be cut short, and hence the season 4 started off with picking the loose ends while depicting the early years of the Pandemic! Let’s recap our knowledge of The Resident and see what we can expect in the new season!

The Resident Season 5: What To Expect? SPOILER ALERT!!

the resident season 5 spoilers
Source: What To Watch

As we all know, season 4 of The Resident started off with our Docs dealing with the initial outbreak of the pandemic and how it affected the Hospital staff! The story kicked off with usual hospital emergencies and drama but things took a beautiful turn with the marriage of Nic and Conrad and by the end, they had one beautiful daughter! But that’s not all! The series finale really left us trembling, thinking that this was it! No more of The Resident! 

Old conflicts resolved, and new beginnings, this was how The Resident season 4 ended. So it was pretty obvious for the fans to believe that the show had ended! While now we know that it wasn’t the case! The show is going for another run and The Resident season 5 is on its way! So in for spoilers? Here you go!

Although we get to see one of our favorite couples tying the knot, things won’t stay like that for long! As you might have heard the news that VanCamp has officially planned to leave the show, we are not sure how this all will lead to in season 5! We hope nothing tragic happens to her character! Let’s hope for the best as VanCamp has said that she can make guest appearances in the show, so maybe the worst won’t happen!

Shaunette Wilson aka Mina Okafor is also quitting the show, so we’ll be saying goodbye to her and our favorite surgical resident on the show!

So far, the synopsis of three episodes of The Resident season 5 are out and sadly they don’t give us any details about what will ensue in this season! Although the second episode has surely left us skeptical with it saying “a doctor is found unconscious in an elevator!” Who could be this doctor? Let’s wait for the season to premiere and get all our answers!

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When Will The Resident Return For Another Season?

the resident season 5 release date
Source: IMDb

The Resident season 5 is returning on our screens on September 21, 2021, at 8 pm, Tuesday! The show will be broadcasted on FOX TV and you can also watch the show the day after its release on Hulu and some other streaming platforms!

When Does The Resident Come Back On TV?

The Resident season 5 release dates are already out and you can watch the show on FOX TV on September 21! If you don’t have a connection, you can watch the series a day later on Hulu or other streaming platforms.

Till then, you can watch the promo of The Resident which is available online. Although, if you are looking for some spoilers in that, then you should know that the video doesn’t give anything out except whole lots of emergencies and critical situations. 

The Resident Episodes

The Resident has 4 seasons so far with the fifth season just about to be aired this September. The series has a total of 71 episodes with the approximate running time of each set as 43-45 minutes! Here’s a complete list of The Resident seasons per episode and it also contains how many episodes will The Resident season 5 have!

SeasonsEpisodesAir Date
114January 21, 2018
223September 24, 2018
320September 24, 2019
414January 12, 2021
523September 21, 2021

Cast Of The Resident Season 5

the resident episodes
Source: TVLine

The old cast is bound to be there in The Resident season 5 with a couple of new faces! Some of the major cast members will be bidding adieu in this new season like Emily VanCamp. Shaunette Renée Wilson will also not appear in the new season. 

Anuja Joshi playing the role of Leela Devi has been promoted as a regular in the series and Stephen Wallem playing the role of Winston Robards is going to continue his recurring role! 

Here’s a list of the cast of The Resident with their roles in season 5!

  • Matt Czuchry playing as Conrad Hawkins
  • Manish Dayal playing as Devon Pravesh
  • Emily VanCamp playing as Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin
  • Bruce Greenwood playing as Randolph Bell
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner playing as August Jeremiah (AJ Austin)
  • Glenn Morshower playing as Marshall Winthrop
  • Jane Leeves playing as Kitt Voss
  • Morris Chestnut playing as Barrett Cain 
  • Jessica Lucas playing as Billie Sutton
  • Anuja Joshi playing as Leela Devi 
  • Miles Fowler playing as Trevor Sutton

The Resident Season 5 Release Date

The Resident Season 5 is premiering on Fox TV on September 21, 2021, and you should mark the dates! The promo for the show is out with the synopsis of its first three episodes, namely, “Da Da” , “No Good Deed” and “The long and winding road”. 

You can watch the series on Fox TV on the day of broadcast at 8 pm or wait for the next day for it to stream on Hulu or some other streaming platform. 

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The Resident Season 5 is out with lots of critical cases and drama this time. Some of the old faces are going to say bye this particular season so you should not miss it for anything! Mark the date, September 21 it is! 


Who is leaving The Resident 2021?

Shaunette Wilson and Emily VanCamp are leaving the show. Emily might make guest appearances later on but nothing is confirmed yet! 

Is The Resident Canceled in 2021?

The Resident is not canceled although the season 4 ending did give us that idea. Season 5 of The Resident is premiering on Fox TV on September 21.

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