Ric Flair Net Worth And Life Story | The Tragic Past And Legacy Of A Remarkable Wrestler!

Ric Flair Net Worth

“The limousine-ridin’, jet-flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, son-of-a-gun, who kissed all the girls worldwide and made em cry”

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Smash-boom-knock! Let go, breathe slowly, and there you go! The whole of my childhood and teenage years have been spent watching WWE championships like the SmackDown Tag Team Champion and WrestleMania on the old TV screen and now, online! Wrestling is a different kind of drug that only those passionate about this sport know! So reminiscing about the good-old Raw days, I’ll be covering the life of Ric flair today, the 16-time WWE world champion and 8-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion! These are just a few of his championships! To know more about our old-school hero, stay tuned on this journey which will cover everything from Ric Flair Net Worth to career to endorsements! Let’s not leave anything behind!!

Ric had a rather tragic story about his birth and adoption which he shared in his autobiography! So, let’s uncover the whole life history of Ric Flair from his early life to his starting years in wrestling!

Ric Flair is a real-life example of winning the second chance for life! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Keep reading to soothe your curiosity! Also for those wondering how much wealth has Ric amassed as a professional wrestler and manager, here’s the answer! Ric Flair has a net worth of US$500,000, as uncovered by Wealthy Gorilla!

Among all the championships that Ric has won, there’s the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship, where he is the one and only recipient! He has set many records during his wrestling journey so let’s uncover them all today!

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Ric Flair Net Worth | Career | Endorsements | Championships | Personal Life

Ric Flair Net Worth
Source: WWE

Richard Morgan Fliehr aka Ric Flair was born on February 25, 1949, in Memphis, Tennessee. The early life, especially the birth and adoption of this star wrestler is rather complicated. There are speculations about his real birth name too, where people believe that his real birth names might be either of these  Fred Phillips, Fred Demaree, or Fred Stewart. Even so, let’s not get all jumbled in his names!

The story of his early life might bring tears to the eyes of sensitive people worried about the lives of many children that never get to enjoy the warmth of their loved ones! Well, that certainly wasn’t the case with Ric as he grew up in the warm embrace of his adoptive parents. But what is touching? Him compiling his life story in a book! Him looking at his adoption papers and finding out that he was abandoned! 

Ric’s autobiography’s first chapter titled, “Black Market Baby”, elucidates his birth and how he was forcibly taken from his mother by the corrupt Tennessee Children’s Home Society. This Home Society made various black market adoptions and their case came to light with a story that was reported in 60 minutes. Ric’s adoptive parents happen to adopt him from this adoption center only!

In his autobiography, Ric tells us how loving yet different his parents were! Different when it came to interests and aspirations! Where Ric was all about sports, his parents loved theater and education!

However, they never really questioned his love for sports and wrestling! During his four years in a private boarding school, Ric was heavily involved in sports and this only set a path for his way forward!

Career: Ric Flair’s Life As A Professional Wrestler

Ric first started professional training as a wrestler under Verne Gagne and made his debut in 1972 in Wisconsin where he wrestled against George “Scrap Iron” Gadaski which was a draw and Terry Funk won the title at last! 

He first wrestled under American Wrestling Association from 1972 to 1974 as a professional and then went on with many notable wrestling promotions like the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

During his 40 years career, Ric won many notable titles and most of them were in his tenure for JCP and WCW. Ric is also the first WWE wrestler to be inducted two times in the “WWE Hall of Fame”.

He has truly come a long way when he sustained heavy injuries after a plane crash in 1975 and his doctors told him that he could never wrestle again! He had sustained many injuries with three major injuries in his back! However, he still returned to the ring but with a different style! This is how he won a second chance at a life where even the pilot on the plane died.

This major tragedy changed Ric’s wrestling style to a vast degree and he adopted the moniker of “The Nature Boy”.

Figure four lock and a chop to the chest were the signature moves of Ric and he finally retired in 2012 after successful 40 years of wrestling!

Ric Flair Net Worth, Salary, And Overall Wealth

ric flair wealth
Source: Money Inc

According to Wealthy Gorilla, the net worth of Ric Flair rounds up to US$500,000! Ric’s last salary was a total of US$35000 which he earned managing wrestlers and their matches. 

He has amassed a fortune during his career as a professional wrestler and owns a luxurious house in Charlotte, NC worth 1 million USD! 

Moving onto his spectacular taste in cars, Ric owns numerous luxury cars and truly has a fine taste in choosing some of the best 4 wheelers! He could be spotted riding his cherished Cadillacs and Lincoln Continentals on roads of Tennessee! He also has a Grey Porsche Cayenne Turbo, in which he has been spotted many times. 

Ric also has a 1999 Bentley in his garage worth $72,000, a Chevrolet worth Camargo $61,140, Mercedes worth $32000, and many more luxury cars!”

Ric has also signed an endorsement deal with Tickpick and Adidas. 

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Personal Life Of Ric Flair

Ric has been married five times and he now lives with his fifth wife, Wendy Barlow, who he married in 2018! He has a total of four kids, Megan, David, Reid, and Ashley.

Except for Megan Fliehr, all his other kids are WWE wrestlers! Ashley aka Charlotte is a well-known WWE women’s wrestler and is a 9-times WWE Women’s champion! She is a Triple Crown and Grand slam champion who first debuted in NXT in the year 2013. She has also made an appearance in the film named, Psych: The Movie.

Ric’s other 2 boys are also WWE champions, however his youngest son, Reid died of a drug overdose in 2013. David has now retired and he held the US and the World Tag Team Championships. 

Championships Titles Held By Ric Flair

Source: Screen Rant

Ric flair is a 16-times world champion where he emerged victorious as NWA World Heavyweight (8-times) Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion (6-times), and WWF Champion (2-times). 

Here’s a list of his championships and accolades won by him, most of them are from the days of JCP, NWA, and WWE.

  • World Tag Team Championship (3 times)
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
  • WWF World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
  • Royal Rumble (1992)
  • WWE Hall of Fame (2 times)
  • NWA World Heavyweight Championship (10 times)
  • NWA Hall of Fame (Class of 2008)
  • WCW World Heavyweight Championship (7 times)
  • WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
  • NWA (Mid Atlantic)/NWA Television Championship (2 times)
  • NWA (Mid Atlantic)/WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (6 times)
  • First WCW Triple Crown Champion

Legacy Of Ric Flair

It is an undeniable fact that Ric Flair is a legend of the Ring and this indisputable fact cements itself whenever Rick Flair Day is celebrated in South Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia, etc! The dates vary in different cities but one thing remains, and that is the reverence to this great wrestler!

Figure-four leglock was the killer move of Ric and whenever a wrestler utilizes this technique of his, the hall livens up with the Woos, and by the way, it was Ric only who started the traditions of yelling Woo in the rings!

He was also the first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2008 and he was inducted in the NWA Hall of Fame too. Ric also stands to be the only WWE champion to be inducted twice in the Hall of Fame!

Many of the popular songs have been written to pay tribute to his legendary performance in wrestling! Some of these are, many raps by Pusha T, Killer Mike’s “Ric Flair”, Offset’s “Ric Flair Drip”, etc.

Ric has appeared in many well-known mags and has been named as one of the most important wrestlers of all time!

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Wrapping Up

Ric Flair was truly a legend of the ring until he decided to retire in 2012 after a successful career of 40 years! During his professional life, Ric amassed a fortune worth 500 thousand USD and he still makes an appearance in various matches! He has appeared many times with his daughter Charlotte who is a Divas champion and 9-times WWE women’s champion!


What is the age of Ric Flair?

As of 2021, Ric Flair is 72 years old.

How many kids does Ric Flair have?

Ric Flair has four kids namely Megan Fliehr, Asley Fliehr, Reid Fliehr and David Fliehr.

When did Ric Flair retire?

Ric Flair retired on December 3, 2012!

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