12 Richest Men in the World With Their Net Worths

Richest Men in the World

Bernard Arnault, the owner of Louis Vuitton, beats Jeff Bezos and becomes the richest person in the world!! A headline flashing since yesterday(May 24th, 2021) after the shuffle of wealth was seen in Bernard’s net worth. Apart from that, during the pandemic, the net worths of the world’s richest people have fluctuated wildly, with many jumping to billions. So, who are the richest men in the world right now in 2021?

Who joins the billionaire’s club and whose out? Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble is the newest member to join the billionaire’s club at the age of 31 years. We always tend to remember the first one’s on the list but what about the rest waiting for their names to be called out? If I ask you the name of the richest people, country-specific, I am sure you’ll be rolling your eyes to search for the right answer.

From the recent data collected from the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires list, here are the richest men in the world with their net worths. Do you know who is the richest person in the USA, in France, In India, and in China? Shifting your focus to the country list, we prepared the list of richest men in the world from different countries. Where Jeff Bezos takes the first spot in the USA, Mukesh Ambani takes the first spot in India hitting the billionaire chart.

Want to know more about the list? That’s what this article is created for. Not just one but the top three people to bag the richest spots in their countries along with their net worths is mentioned right here.

12 Richest Men in the World With Their Net Worths

Since the lists are country-specific, let’s start with the USA, France, India, and then China. These lists are created according to fresh data released by Forbes.

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Richest Men in the USA

When we think of the richest men in America, the names that come to our mind are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates. Are these people still on the top list? Let’s find out. Often it’s seen that the richest families have deeper pockets and hold a deeper legacy. Here’s what the latest data from Forbes have to say about these richest billionaires.

#1 Jeff Bezos

Richest Men in the World ; #1 Jeff Bezos
Source: Forbes

Jeff Bezos remained the wealthiest person in the world for the fourth straight year, temporarily losing the title to Elon Musk in January up till 23 May 2021. As of now, with an estimated net worth of $186.3 billion, Bernard Arnault has become the richest man in the world on Monday 24 May 2021.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the multi-technology company Amazon who stepped down as CEO later in 2021.

Did you know Amazon.com was initially an online book-selling store? 
Now, Amazon is a one-stop shop for everything and everyone. No doubt, it’s the world’s largest retailer. Like the description of amazon itself says,” earth’s most customer-centric company”, it’s hard to dispute its self-description.

During the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, Bezos’s wealth got to hike by approximately $24 billion. Since everyone was staying at home, Amazon’s share prices skyrocketed on increased demand for online shopping. 

Estimated Net Worth: 186 billion
Residence: Seattle, U.S.
Source of Wealth: Amazon

#2 Elon Musk

Richest Men in the World ; #2 Elon Musk
Source: Business-Insider

Apart from being a subject to controversies, Elon Reeve Musk is the third richest man in the world and second richest in the USA. He is an entrepreneur and a business magnate who holds so many titles under his name.
He is the founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc., Founder of The Boring Company and X. Com(now a part of PayPal), Co. Founder of Neuralink, Zip2, and  OpenAL, and Former Chairman of SolarCity(now Tesla Energy). 

Last year Tesla’s CEO’s fortune jumped by 514% when Forbes finalized the billionaire’s list in 2020.

Estimated Net Worth: $151 Billion
Residence: Austin, Texas
Source of Wealth: Tesla, SpaceX

#3 Bill Gates

Richest Men in the World; #3 Bill Gates
Source: CNBC

I am sure you were looking for this name in this billionaire list. William Henry Gates III is the world’s fourth-richest man and third richest in the USA. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Chairman and founder of Branded Entertainment Network, Chairman and founder of Cascade Investment, Chairman and Co-founder of Terra Power, and Founder of Breakthrough Energy Technology advisor of Microsoft. 

From 1995 till now, Bill Gates held the Forbes title of World’s Richest person in the world, except for the years 2010 and 2013.

Not every billionaire is self-obsessed. Gates stepped down from his broad positions at Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft in March 2020, to contribute his wealth and energy towards climate change, education, global health, and development. Not only this, his charitable foundation has contributed more than $1.75 billion towards covid-19 relief funds. 

Estimated Net Worth: $142.1 billion
Residence: Medina, Washington
Source of Wealth: Microsoft

Richest Men in France

One name that we surely know is Bernard Arnault. Who are the other two richest men in France? Let’s find out from the list below.

#1 Bernard Arnault

Richest Men in the World ; #1Bernard Arnault
Source: Forbes

Here comes the world’s richest man, Bernard Arnault! 

Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault is a French billionaire businessman, investor, and art collector. 

He is the chairman and Chief Executive of the world’s largest luxury goods company, LVMH. 

What made him beat Jeff Bezos overnight? 

As I already mentioned, on Monday 24th May 2021, he regained the position of the wealthiest person in the world. This occurred because of the rise in the sale of LVMH’s luxury goods in China and other parts of Asia. 

Estimated Net Worth: $186.3 billion
Residence: Roubaix,France
Source of Wealth: LVMH

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#2 Francois Pinault

Richest Men in the World : #2Francois Pinault
Source: VyapaarJagat.com

The second richest person in France is Francois Henri Pinault. He’s the Chairman and CEO of Kering and President of Groupe Artemis. He is the man behind transforming the retail conglomerate PPR into a luxury fashion group Kering. Kering owns Gucci, and Gucci means wealth. 

From time to time the Pinault family is seen donating large amounts for noble causes. 

Estimated Net Worth: $50 billion
Residence: Rennes, France
Source of Wealth: Kering

#3 Patrick Drahi

Richest Men in the World ; #3Patrick Drahi
Source: Archyde

Most of the billionaires are businessmen!! Well, here’s another name joining the businessmen category, Patrick Drahi. He is the third richest man in France. 

Patrick Drahi is a French- Israeli billionaire businessman who has citizenship in French, Portuguese, Israel, and Morocco. He is the Chairman founder of Altice, a European-based telecom group. 

Estimated Net Worth: $14 billion
Residence: Switzerland
Source of Wealth: Altice

Richest Men in India

The three richest Indians alone have added just over $100 billion between them, as per Forbes. The number of Indian billionaires rose from 102 to 140 this year. 

#1 Mukesh Ambani

Richest Men in the World ; #1 Mukesh Ambani
Source: The Economic Times

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani maintains his position as the world’s top 10th richest person as of May 22th 2021. Along with that, he is India’s first richest man. Rising as a billionaire businessman, Mukesh Ambani is the chairman, largest shareholder, and managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd. For your acknowledgment, Reliance is a fortune global 500 company which is India’s most valued company as per market value. 

He’s also termed as one of the richest sports owners in the world, by Forbes. Also, he is the first non-American to be appointed as a Director of Bank of America. 

Estimated Net Worth: $77.5 billion
Residence: Western Asia
Source of Wealth: Diversified

#2 Gautam Adani

Richest Men in the World ; #2 Gautam Adani
Source: Gulf News

Rising from small areas and making it to the top is a matter of prestige. Gautam Shantilal Adani is the 15th richest man in the world and the second richest man in India according to Forbes as of May 22, 2021. He is the Chairman-Founder of an Ahmedabad-based multinational conglomerate, the “Adani Group”. Adani is also the president of a nonprofit organization, Adani Foundation, primarily looked after by his wife Priti Adani. 

He is a successful businessman for his diverse reach throughout the world. Adani group is diversified into resources, energy, defense, aerospace, logistics, and agriculture, hence making him huge profits from all grounds. 

Estimated Net Worth: $69.0billion
Residence: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Source of Wealth: Adani Group

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#3 Shiv Nadar

Richest Men in the World ; #3 Shiv Nadar
Source: SandyBook

Shiv Nadar is the third richest man in India according to Forbes. He is an Indian billionaire industrialist who is the chairman and founder of HCL Technologies Limited and the Shiv Nadar Foundation. Nadar has made major contributions to the IT industry for which he was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2008.

HCL is the leading technology development service provider, overseas. To your surprise, Nadar was nicknamed as Magus(Wizard), not because he does magic and all but for his exceptional contribution to the educational system of India through his Shiv Nadar Foundation. 

Estimated Net Worth: $26 billion
Residence: Tamil Nadu, India
Source of Wealth: Software Services

Richest Men in China

China has always been in controversies for one thing or the other. Like the recent Covid-19 spread case. Still making space for many billionaires in the country, China’s top three richest men are:

#1 Zhong Shanshan

Richest Men in the World ; #1 Zhong Shanshan
Source: The Economic Times

Zhong Shanshan is the richest man in China. He is a Chinese billionaire businessman with a net worth of $68.9 billion as of 22 May 2021, recorded by Forbes.

What made him reach the billionaire list?
Zhong is the owner of the Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise. Also, he is the founder and chairperson of a beverage company called, Nongfu Spring.
What changes did the Pandemic brought to his wealth and business?

Well, in September 2020, his IPO of bottled water firm saw a massive rise and drove his fortune by 33.45%, making him the richest person in China. Zhong likes to maintain a low public profile and hence, he is called a “lone wolf” by Chinese media.

Estimated Net Worth: $68.9 Billion
Residence: Hangzhou
Source of Wealth: Beverages

#2 Ma Huateng

Richest Men in the World; #2 Ma Huateng
Source: South China Morning Post

For those who enjoy playing PUBG, an online battlefield game, you should be thankful to this person. (just saying!!)

Ma Huateng or Pony Ma is the second richest person in China and is a well-known Chinese billionaire business magnate.

What does he do? Huateng is the founder, chief executive officer, and chairman of Asia’s most valuable company, “Tencent”. No doubt, Tencent is one of the biggest internet technology companies and one of the biggest gaming and entertainment conglomerates in the world. The company develops mobiles and apps and services for global distribution.

Tencent owns stakes in Tesla, Spotify, and Snapchat and 18% of Hong Kong’s listed firms.

Estimated Net Worth:  $65.8 billion
Residence: Shenzhen
Source of Wealth: Internet Media

#3 Colin Zheng Huang

Richest Men in the World; #3 Colin Zheng Huang
Source: CEOWorld Magazine

Here a young billionaire taking the third spot on the list of richest men in China. No backlinks, no family possessions, he is a self-made Chinese billionaire businessman. Right now he is the founder and CEO of Pinduodo, an e-commerce company founded in 2015, which became the leading grocery marketplace in China.

Not just this, Huang owns 3 other limited liability Cayman companies. Three of these companies own a 7.7% stake share in Pinduodo.
In March and July 2020, he stepped down from his chairman and CEO role in Pinduodo. Just five years after its launch, Pinduodo surpassed China’s most popular e-commerce company, Alibaba with 788.4 million users. That’s huge!!

Estimated Net Worth: $55.3 billion
Residence: Shanghai
Source of Wealth: E-Commerce

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Richest Men in the World:

Who is the No.1 richest person in the world?

French fashion tycoon Bernard Arnault is the world’s richest person this Monday morning, with an estimated net worth of $186.3 billion—putting him $300 million above Jeff Bezos, who is worth $186 billion, and Elon Musk, worth $147.3 billion.

Who is the richest kid in the world?

Prince George Alexander Louis is the richest kid in the world who is worth approximately $1 billion as of today.

Who is the youngest richest person alive?

Kevin David Lehmann was the youngest billionaire in the world in 2021, with a net worth of 3.3 billion U.S. dollars. With 24 years and 25 years respectively, the Norwegian sisters Alexandra and Katharina Andresen were ranked third and fourth.

Who is the poorest man in the world?

Ever wondered who is the poorest man on Earth? Jerome Kerviel, a French trader, is the poorest man alive. You may be wondering how he qualifies to be the poorest man while there are so many poor people around the world. The reason is that he has more debt than anyone on the planet.

Billionaires are often in limelight, not just because of being massive wealth holders but for their billion-dollar advice too. Like this one from Mark Zuckerberg, “People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build”. So, well said!!

I hope you’re not awestruck watching the numbers these billionaires hold all together. Theis lists of richest men in the world for each country was created on May 22, 2021. We will soon update our lists with the release of new data. 

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