Top 6 Richest States In The United States Contributing Largely To America’s Economy

Richest States In The United States

A country’s economic development is largely dependent on the growth of its state. You need to have excellent governance at both the national and the state levels for progress. In the article, we will be talking about the richest states in the United States, that have contributed immensely to the development of America.

America has the world’s biggest economy today with a GDP of $22,675.27 Billion. According to US Census Bureau, the annual median household income in 2019 was $65,712. The numbers are great as a nation and enough to make a Country the richest country in the world. Well, here is the list of the top richest states in the United States that have the GDP and the median household income more than many other countries in the world.

The list of the Richest States In The United States Includes

  1. Maryland
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New Jersey
  4. Hawaii
  5. California
  6. Connecticut

This is the list of the top richest states in the United States. Well, we have more for you in the article further. We have mentioned the major source of income in the state, the GDP, and the median household income.

The Richest States In The United States

In the article further, we have made the list of the richest states in the United States according to the Median household income. We have also mentioned the GDP and the population of the states in the article below.

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Richest States In The United States - Maryland

Maryland’s Howard County has been ranked the seventh wealthiest state in the world and the first wealthiest state in the United States in terms of the median household income. 

The country is known for its riches and the city of Baltimore, a major historic port. The city is also called the birth city of the National Anthem Of America

The state has reported a total population of 478,000 people working in the government sector in December 2020. The median household income of Howard County is $121,000 and that of Maryland is $86,783.

Median Household Income – $86,783

GDP –  $427 Billion

Population – 6,045,680


Richest States In The United States - Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known as the healthcare and the education hub of America. More than 751,000 people of the state are involved in the education and the health sector.

The second best thing of the state is the manufacturing of electronics and computer products. The state has developed itself as one of the technological sectors in recent years.

The major source of revenue for the state other than technological manufacturing is the tourism industry due to the historical destinations and the beautiful beaches.

Median Household Income – $85,843

GDP – $597

Population – 6,892,503

New Jersey

Richest States In The United States - New Jersey
Source: Esports Insider

New Jersey is the island of Jersey on the English Channel. The state was one of the 13 independent states and joined the union in 1787. The state, New Jersey became an important manufacturing hub of America during the industrial revolution and both the World Wars.

Other than the historical importance, New Jersey is one of the leading states in technology, biological science and has world-class universities. The tourism sector of the state has also increased because of the new and extensive transport system.

Median Household Income – $85,751

GDP – $639 Billion

Population – 8,882,190

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Richest States In The United States - Hawaii
Source: AFAR

Hawaii is the latest addition to the Union of the United States. Hawaii became the state of the United States on 21 August 1959. Tourism is the key factor in the economic growth of the state. The island is the major focus of attraction because of its beaches, mountains, and volcanos.

Talking about the weather of the state in summers the average temperature recorded is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and in winters it is 75 F. We all know that America dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan but what did Japan do in return? The Japanese targeted the Miami island and did an airstrike, killing almost 2400 Americans and twelve Navy ships sank into oceans carrying 160 aircraft.

Median Household Income – $83,102

GDP – $96 Billion

Population – 1,415,872


Source: Deadline

California’s Sant Clara and the San Mateo are ranked fourth and fifth respectively in the richest state in the United States. 

California is the most populated city in the nation. It is the home of the famous Hollywood stars, forests, wine, and Silicon Valley. The state is known to be most politically and socially influenced.

Well, if we are talking about the riches of the state let me tell you the major source of economic growth. Being the Silicon Valley and the Fashion Industry of the Whole United States. The Hollywood stars and the tech giants are heavily taxed. Apart from the taxes, the country is the manufacturing hub of computer and electronic applications and most importantly the Real Estate.

Median Household Income – $80,440

GDP – $3,113 Billion

Population – 39,512,223


Richest States In The United States - Connecticut
Source: The CT Mirror

Connecticut can also be called the business state of the United States. Various consumer goods and pharmaceuticals operate from the state. These include Duracell, Amazon, and Pfizer.

The state has a vital role in building the United States as it is one of the original thirteen colonies of America. The state served as the major port for the American Revolution and Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party in the 1860s.

Median Household Income – $78,833

GDP – $288 Billion

Population – 3,565,287

Tabular List Of The Richest States In America

Country NameGDPMedian Household IncomePopulation
Maryland$427 Billion$86,7386,045,680
Massachusetts$597 Billion$85,8436,892,503
New Jersey$635 Billion$85,7518,882,190
Miami$96 Billion$83,1021,415,872
California$3,113 Billion$80,44039,512,223
Connecticut$288 Billion$78,8833,565,287
Washington$613 Billion$78,6877,614,893
New Hampshire$88 Billion$77,9331,359,711
Colorado$393 Billion$77,1275,758,736
Virgina$557 Billion$76,4568,535,519

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We have mentioned the list of the richest states in the United States above. The figures provided above in the article are cross-checked by the US News Analysis. If the information provided above was useful to you then do write your opinions in the comments section.

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