Updated List Of The Richest Woman In The World Ranked According To Their Networth

Richest Woman In The World

Staying on top of the richest woman in the world is a matter of hard work and sometimes luck. Well, the luck factor I included because of the global pandemic. It proved to be a bane to many businesses but opened the clear passage to the tabletop for many after the restrictions upliftments.

Starting with the latest news on the topic “Richest Woman In The World”. Alice Walton lost her first position to Bettencourt Meyers (Owner of L’OREAL) and slipped to number second. Well, I would be a “Sexist”, if I call the achievement a matter of luck. No doubt the ladies have dedicated their lives and hard work to reach the peak. Let’s take a moment and celebrate the achievements of the ladies with the article ”Richest Woman In The World”.

The list of the Richest Woman In The World include

  1. Bettencourt Meyers
  2. Alice Walton
  3. MacKenzie Scott
  4. Julia Kotch 
  5. Miriam Adelson
  6. Jacquline Mars
  7. Yang Huiyan

Well, we have the whole list of the top 10 richest women in the world ready for you, below. You will find their net worth, nationality, age, and source of income further in the article.  

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Bettencourt Meyers

Richest Woman In The World - Bettencourt Meyers
Source: FinTech

“Five Problems one Solution” and we all know what it is? L’OREAL. But we don’t know that the cosmetic giant has made the founder Bettencourt Meyers the richest woman in the world.

Although Bettencourt Meyers has not set up the business all by herself but has been actively involved in the company’s progress since 1977. The cosmetic giant was set up by Bettencourt’s grandfather Eugene Schueller.

Now, talking about the figures L’OREAL’s 2020 sales was $33.6 Billion which gradually fell by 6 percent during the pandemic lockdown. But the 2021 upliftment in the lockdown’s restrictions and the demand for the skincare products raised the company’s stock by 38%. Making the owner one of the richest women in the world.

Age – 67

Networth – $73.6 Billion 

Nationality – France

Alice Walton

Richest Woman In The World - Alice Walton
Source: KHBS

The offline retail giant owner Alice Walton lost her first position to Bettencourt Meyers during the lockdown in 2020. Although the position was lost, retail had gained $7.4 billion in the previous year and the upliftment of the lockdown restrictions raised the company’s share by 5%.

The step of free delivery by Walmart in its fight with Amazon Prime has proved to be of great use to the company’s investments. The decision by Walmart for free delivery has boosted online sales by 69%.

Age – 71

Networth – $61.8 Billion 

Nationality – United States

MacKenzie Scott

Richest Woman In The World - MacKenzie Scott
Source: BBC

Mackenzie Scott became the third richest woman in the world in 2021 after she divorced the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

The lady became the biggest philanthropist during the pandemic times in 2019. She donated $5.8 billion in grants to more than 500 NGOs across the United States. The nonprofit organizations she chose for the donations include LGBTQ, Racial equality, and public health.

Recently, Mackenzie married Dan Jewett, who is a science teacher and the couple has pledged to donate much of their savings to the NGOs.

Age – 50

Networth – $53 Million

Nationality – United States

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Julia Kotch 

Richest Woman In The World - Julia Kotch
Source: Celebrity Contacts

Julia Kotch is the widow of the famous United States industrialist David Kotch who died in 2019. Julia Kotch and her children have 42 percent shares in the company and the lady sits holding her position firm on the board of directors.

The Kotch Industries became the largest private company in America as per revenue last year. The company’s annual sale income in 2019 was $115 million.

Age – 58

Networth – $46.4 Billion 

Nationality – Kotch Industries

Miriam Adelson

Richest Woman In The World - Miriam Adelson
Source: The Guardian

Miriam Adelson is now sitting at the place where her husband used to be. Adelson is a 56 percent stakeholder of the Las Vegas Sand Casinos. 

The company was in a loss of $985 million during the second quarter of 2020 due to the lockdown. The company had to shut two of its casinos and resorts due to this loss. But as the lockdown was lifted the things were back on track and the year ended with a profit of $1.69 billion.

The Company announced that it will be selling its Vegas property for $6.25 billion to focus more on the company’s growth in Asia. 

Age – 75

Networth – 38.2 Billion

Nationality – United States

Jacquline Mars

Richest Woman In The World - Jacquline Mars
Source: Forbes

The owners of the Candy, Pet Food Jacquline Mars, and her brother John have gained a total of $40 Billion from the sale. 

The company was set up by their grandfather Frank C.Mars back in 1911 and today both the grandchildren are running the industry smoothly on equal stakes.  

Age – 81

Networth – $31.3 Billion 

Nationality – United States

Yang Huiyan

Richest Woman In The World - Yang Huiyan
Source: Mirror Review

Yang Huiyan is a real estate businesswoman. She holds 58 percent of the China-Based Real Estate developer Country Garden Holdings.

The company was founded by her father and has been transferring to Equity since 2007. The company faced a huge loss during the pandemic as the shares fell by 14 percent. 

Talking about Yang Huiyan she is also the chairperson of the US-listed education form Bright Scholar Education Holdings.

Age – 39

Networth – $29.6 Billion 

Nationality – China

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List Of The Richest Woman In The World With Source, Networth, Age and Nationality

NameAge Net WorthNationalitySource
Bettencourt Meyers67$73.6 BillionFranceL’OREAL
Alice Walton71$61.8 BillionUnited StatesWalmart
Mackenzie Scott50$53 BillionUnited StatesAmazon
Julia Kotch58$46.4 BillionUnited StatesKotch Industries
Miriam Adelson75$38.2 BillionUnited StatesCasinos
Jacquline Mars81$31.3 BillionUnited StatesCandy, Pet Food
Yang Huiyam39$29.6 BillionChinaReal Estate
Susanne Klatten58$27.7 BillionGermanyBMW, Pharmaceuticals
Gina Rinehart67$23.6 BillionAustraliaMining
Iris Fontbona78$23.3 BillionChileMining

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Well, this list has been provided according to the profit earned by the companies in the previous year. The list provided above is according to the latest measurements of revenue and the latest updates will be made on the list timely. If the information proved to be useful to you then do write to us in the comments section.

Featured Image Source: Forbes

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