Sacred Heart High School moves forward with closure despite community efforts to save it


The Hartford Archdiocese announced on Feb. 12 that Sacred Heart High School and Scared Heart Middle School will close at the end of the current school year.

Following the announcement, alumni, parents, and students came together in an attempt to save the schools.

A Facebook page called ‘Save Sacred Heart High School Waterbury’ has been created, which has attracted more than 1,000 alumni, students, parents, and educators, with the hopes of saving the school.

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The community was looking to raise money in hopes of saving the school, but on Thursday, it was announced that despite those efforts, both schools will be closing.

In a combined statement with the Archdiocese, the school said, “We have been buoyed by the generous outpouring of support from benefactors, alumni and so many in the Sacred Heart family and Waterbury community who have come forward with energy and ingenuity to help sustain our operations despite historically dwindling school-age population, declining enrollment and a global pandemic that has put tremendous strain on schools statewide.”

The reason behind the closure is decreasing enrollment and money.

“Despite the best intentions and efforts, it is simply not a viable option to continue operating a high school with an enrollment projected to drop next school year from 249 students to 188 and a middle school from 60 to 40,” the statement continued.

With Sacred Heart High School closing, there will now be three high schools left in the Hartford Archdiocese.

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