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schitt's creek season 7

Wanting to see more of David and Patrick? Well! Who doesn’t! Theirs was the perfect love story we could find in Schitt’s Creek and we can’t just have enough of it! So are you ready for some good news? Guess what? Schitt’s Creek Season 7 might still have some hope!

Season 6 of Schitt’s creek had a total of 14 fourteen episodes that premiered in January 2020 and came to end in April. That wasn’t all as the last episode was followed by a couple of Behind-the-scenes and interviews of crew members! This was a rock on the heart of fans signifying that the good time has come to an end! Yeah, you heard that right!

Before Schitt’s Creek Season 6 was even premiered, all kinds of rumors were circulating in the entertainment circle that our favorite show will no longer AIR! That season 6 would be the last! This was all speculation until Dan and Eugene themselves tweeted and stated “YES!” Thanking all their fans who had stuck with them until the very end, Dan and Eugene wrote a heartfelt tweet that confirmed our worries – “the show was no more!” Sadly Schitt’s Creek will have no season 7.

How can we forget the scene where Eugene said- “just having one last look!”. Was it all? Are we never going to see David’s spoiled ass and Patrick’s responsible self? Let’s find the answers!

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Schitt’s Creek: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

schitt's creek season 7
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A Canadian sitcom, Schitt’s Creek premiered for the very first time in 2015 on CBC television. The show got renewed for a total of six seasons revolving around the once wealthy Rose family! 

The series shows us what happens when we lose every single thing we own! Well, not exactly every single thing here as the Rose family still got insurance in the form of Schitt’s Creek! Schitt’s Creek is a small town that the Rose couple (Johnny and Moira) bought as a JOKE!

The once wealthy Rose family loses everything and starts their journey to rebuild their lost legacy! Well, that’s all about Schitt’s Creek for those who haven’t watched it yet, but you should know that this isn’t all! A single two-line description would never describe the alternate world that Schitt’s Creek has built in the hearts of their fans! This series is full of love and laughter and bidding adieu to it WAS NOT EASY! 

Yeah! You heard that right! The series has come to an end after season six as informed by our dear creators Dan (aka David) and Eugene (aka Johnny). 

Thanks to Netflix, Schitt’s Creek got a better footing! The fanbase of Schitt’s Creek grew wider and the show continued up until season 6 unlike what was planned earlier. The buzz was just getting louder and then the warning signal came, season six was going to be the LAST! 

The makers of the series decided to end the series with a finale in April 2020, the time when the ratings of the show were skyrocketing! And just so you know, the finale episode got the highest ratings since the show started premiering, that is from 2015! The finale episode had a total of 1.3 million views and that is a hell lot for a comedy series! The show came to end before the popularity went downhill which is a smart choice (for makers obviously) and not for fans who wanted to see more of it! 

Schitt’s Creek Cast: The Evergreen

schitt's creek cast
Source: Fortune

This is a list of Schitt’s Creek cast that appeared in almost all seasons of Schitt’s Creek making the show memorable for its fans! Do you know what’s the amazing part of it all? The creators were a great part of the show, the main protagonists!

  • Eugene Levy (As Johhny Rose)
  • Dan Levy (As David Rose)
  • Catherine O’Hara (As Moira Rose)
  • Annie Murphy (As Alexis Rose)
  • Emily Hampshire (As Stevie Budd)

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How Many Seasons Of Schitt’s Creek Are There?

There are a total of six seasons with 80 episodes and one special episode of Schitt’s Creek starting from 2015-2020! This sitcom got season renewals every year and the ritual came to an end in 2020 when the creators themselves announced that the series will cease to air any longer!

 If you’re planning to just start watching Schitt’s Creek and look at the character development of The Rose family altogether, here’s your guide! The Rose family, as the season progresses, will soon realize how shallow their past relationships were and hence, will have a massive change in their outlook of the filthy town (Schitt’s Creek) that they wanted to leave at a moment’s notice!

Schitt’s Creek Season 1 (2015)

Schitt's creel season 1
Source: Netflix
EpisodeEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
1“Our Cup Runneth Over”Jan 13
2“The Drip”Jan 13
3“Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister”Jan 20
4“Bad Parents”Jan 27
5“The Cabin”Feb 3
6“Wine and Roses”Feb 10
7“Turkey Shoot”Feb 17
8“Allez-Vous”Feb 24
9“Carl’s Funeral”March 3
10“Honeymoon”March 10
11“Little Sister”March 17
12“Surprise Party”March 24
13“Town for Sale”March 31

Schitt’s Creek Season 2 (2016)

schitt's creek season 2
Source: IMDB
EpisodeEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
1“Finding David”Jan 12
2“Family Dinner”Jan 12
3“Jazzagals”Jan 19
4“Estate Sale”Jan 26
5“Bob’s Bagels”Feb 2
6“Moira vs. Town Council”Feb 9
7“The Candidate”Feb 16
8“Milk Money”Feb 23
9“Moira’s Nudes”March 1
10“Ronnie’s Party”March 8
11“The Motel Guest”March 15
12“Lawn Signs”March 22
13“Happy Anniversary”March 29

Schitt’s Creek Season 3 (2017)

schitt's creek season 3
Source: Amazon
EpisodeEpisode Title Original Air Date
1“Opening Night”Jan 10
2“The Throuple”Jan 17
3“New Car”Jan 24
4“Driving Test”Jan 31
5“Rooms by the Hour”Feb 7
6“Murder Mystery”Feb 14
7“General Store”Feb 21
8“Motel Review”Feb 28
9“The Affair”March 7
10“Sebastien Raine”March 14
11“Stop Saying Lice!”March 21
12“Friends & Family”March 28
13“Grad Night”April 4

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Schitt’s Creek Season 4 (2018)

david and patrick
soirce: TV Guide
Episode Episode TitleOriginal Air Date
1“Dead Guy in Room 4”Jan 9
2“Pregnancy Test”Jan 16
3“Asbestos Fest”Jan 23
4“Girls’ Night”Jan 30
5“RIP Moira Rose”Feb 6
6“Open Mic”Feb 27
7“The Barbecue”March 6
8“The Jazzaguy”March 13
9“The Gesture”March 20
10“Baby Sprinkle”March 27
11“The Rollout”April 3
12“Singles Week”April 10
13“Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”Dec 18

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 (2019)

schitt's creek season 5
Source: Amazon
EpisodeEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
1“The Crowening”Jan 8
2“Love Letters”Jan 15
3“The Plant”Jan 22
4“The Dress”Jan 29
5“Housewarming”Feb 5
6“Rock On!”Feb 12
7“A Whisper of Desire”Feb 19
8“The Hospies”Feb 26
9“The M.V.P.”March 5
10“Roadkill”March 12
11“Meet the Parents”March 19
12“The Roast”March 26
13“The Hike”April 2
14“Life Is a Cabaret”April 9

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 (2020)

Schitt's Creek season 6
Source: Den Of Geek
Episode Episode TitleOriginal Air Date
1“Smoke Signals”Jan 7
2“The Incident”Jan 14
3“The Job Interview”Jan 21
4“Maid of Honour”Jan 28
5“The Premiere”Feb 4
6“The Wingman”Feb 11
7“Moira Rosé”Feb 18
8“The Presidential Suite”Feb 25
9“Rebound”March 3
10“Sunrise, Sunset”March 10
11“The Bachelor Party”March 17
12“The Pitch”March 24
13“Start Spreading the News”March 31
14“Happy Ending”April 7

Special Episode (2020)

1“Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell”April 7

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Schitt’s Creek New Season

Schitt’s Creek was originally meant to have a run of five seasons, as envisioned by its creators, Eugene and Daniel Levy! Having one more season after season 5, i.e. season 6, was a miracle of its own! Not a miracle per se, but the boost that was provided by Netflix to this show soared up its rating and helped it earn a wider fanbase!

But does that mean it all ended? Just like that? Well not exactly! According to what Dan has told his fans, there are chances for the show to have a run again! He said and I quote – “The world doesn’t explode at the end of (the series finale)” So what does this mean? Should we be expecting a little more of this sitcom? Well, there’s no harm in hoping! 


David and Eugene, a father-son duo aired on CBC and PopTV. Daniel (David in the show) himself wrote many of the episodes of Schitt’s Creek and thus we can hope that the creator can come up with something more! But that would be a lost cause when everything’s already been dusted away with. However, for us,  we can still go back in time and rewatch this epic series! As we are not yet aware of what the future will hold but we can still reminisce about the past, right? 


Will there be a season 7 of Schitt’s Creek?

Season 7 is no longer on the table as the creators have already announced their withdrawal from the show. Although, there are chances that the show might rebound, however, there is no news of it yet!

Who will be in the Schitt’s Creek Season 7?

If Schitt’s Creek season 7 ever rebounds, then surely we will be seeing more of our evergreen cast that has been in almost all the seasons of the show! New faces can emerge but the old ones like the “Rose” family will continue to remain!

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