“Scream Season 4”: No official declaration!! Check out Casts, Storyline

Jill Blotevogel, Dan Dworkin develop the series, and Jay Beattie on bass is from the imperial movie Scream which previously gained mass fame under Kevin Williamson and Wess Carven. Despite shifting from MTV to VH1, the show is still watched on even now very much. Also, web surfers are provided with its availability of all episodes on Netflix. The show maybe not that modern, but indeed it has managed to get a broad fanbase worldwide. With the release of much delayed 4 th season, the fans are already exciting and imagining the plots and twists for the next instalment.


The first episode of the first season of scream came way long back on the 1st of September, 2015, which was followed by more 9 episodes, counting 10 episodes in all. With its release on MTV, the show also got streamed from October 1, in the same year. The second season saw a quick renewal by MTV, on 29 July 2015 and later telecasted all of its around 14 episodes form 30 th May 2016, a consecutive year for the new season, and meanwhile also made available on Netflix form 30 September of the same year.

Seeing 2 seasons continuously in 2 continuous years, the fans were now ready and eager for the 3rd one. With MTV already announced of its renewal, however, it got a bit delayed and hit the screen on 30th May 2019. Now the question is will next year see its next season? Maybe yes, and similarly No. As there is no official declaration that is done yet, we can’t pretend the mindset of producers and creators. However, the show performed brilliantly on both VH1 and MTV and showed no sign of cancellation. The best is to hope for its renewal update until 2021 or early 2022 or else enjoy the present 3 seasons on VH1 and Netflix.


The show has a long and extensive star cast while sharing as 1st two seasons almost the same. The cast and its characters for Scream are as following:

Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval, who is rich in fame In her high school and shows a dark world connection of the town of Lakewood, Audrey Jensen is Emma’s close friend and also an exciting film greater, is played by Bex Taylor-Klaus. At the same time, Kieren Wilcox is played by Amadeus Serafini who seems to be the crush of Emma in the show. John Karna as a Noah Foster, while Emma’s Ex named Will Belmont is played by Connor well. The last of the main characters, Brooke Maddox, which is pretty and attractive and also another close friend of Emma, is portrayed by Carlson Young. Including these main and important characters, there are also some other major characters like Jason Wiles as Clark Hudson, who is a retired Sherrif of the Lakewood town, the mother of Emma, Tracy Middendorf plays Maggie Duval. In contrast, Zoe Vaughan is played by Kiana Brown, Gustavo Acosta by Santiago Segura.

The list further increases with taking 3 Rd season in the account, where RJ Cyler as Deion Elliot, Liv played by Jessica Sula, Kym played by Keke Palmer, Beth by Georgia Whigham, Jamal by Tyga, Amir by CJ Wallace, Manny by Giullian Yao Gioiello and last one, Shane by Tyler Posey.

Bringing back this big cast need somewhat a big budget for the producers. And the list above only includes a minimal amount of actual cast included. So for real, it is obvious the producers might opt to eliminate some of them or else the major ones have to lose and adjust their screen time with the fellow casts. These supporting roles include The killer’s voice, Riley Marra, Piper Shaw, Jake Fitzgerald, Seth Branson, Mayor of town- Quinn Maddox, Rachael Murray, Detective – Lorraine Brock, Kevin Duval, Sheriff-  Miguel Acosta, and several others. These roles prove to be really supportive of the story, and some have a deep tract in the plot of this series. In the end, we can only wish for the greatest cast to be allotted without compromising the storyline twists. As of now, it’s not even cleared about the keeping or removing of casts or the addition of any new one for the next element of Scream.


As the cast depicted, the first two seasons have a different story compared to 3rd one. The plot reveals the mysterious killer who kills people in Lakewood Town. However, our protagonist, Emma, has a past connection to Lakewood. Despite having the threat of getting killed by the serial killer, she optimistically works on revealing the face of the murderer along with her high school companions. Which apparently seems much harder for her to prove it in reality.

The third season, which is quite different, includes Atlanta’s football star Deion Elliot’s story. He is being traumatized by someone using the ghost face mask and is bringing his dark pasts and deepest secrets to scare him. The culprit also kills people around him, and he is worried about the safety of his family members and his colleagues.

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