Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog

Even if you’re just starting your blog, know that it’s possible to make it more attractive with the help of catchy videos. Here’s how screencasting and screen recording could make your life easier! Explore a happy blend of text content and video blogging.

Why Screencast and Record Your Screen? 5 Ways It Will Help Your Blog

The ever-growing number of websites, forums, and blogs today have the upper hand when it comes to users’ demands and expectations. Most Internet surfers would like to get high-quality content and visit user-friendly websites. Even the most complicated topics can be easily covered with the help of catchy visuals like images and videos.

According to the TechSmith survey, about 83% of respondents agreed with the statement that video content is extremely important for today’s digital environment. That is why marketers and bloggers pay their focused attention to vlogging to increase public outreach and arouse the interest of target audiences.

Among the hot-topic approaches for the creation of eye-catching blogs are screen recording and screencasting. With the help of these practices, it is possible to present complicated tutorials and algorithms, complement text content, and attract the attention of website visitors.

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

Screencasting & Screen Recording: 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog

There are many online tools and apps that make the process of screen recording and screencasting hustle-free. Additionally, you can find a screen capture tool with video editing options to simplify processing and customization stages significantly.   

But how do screencasting and screen recording help leaders of minds, businessmen, brands to improve their blogs? Here are 5 interesting ideas to record a screen for enhancing blogging performance.  

1 – Create Demo Videos

If your article is about a real case study (using some app, software, or other digital product), you can engage your audience with the demo video to describe your own experience. Use a convenient PC screen recorder if you need to demonstrate something people can download or install on their computers. 

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

There are the same tools for mobile phones and tablets as well. Note that your demo video should be short but very engaging. Place some links to follow under the reel and stay pleased with views and conversion if this publication is paid and monetized.

2 – Think of Expert Interviews

Almost all the blogging niches provide the opportunity of videos with expert interviews where doctors, scientists, sportsmen, celebrities, and other specialists can share their opinion about this or that topic. Use this idea for vlogging and complement your video content with text and links.

Use free webcam recorders and other screen capturers for this type of video. But keep track of the tool’s relevance. For example, QuickTime does not have any updates for Apple devices anymore. Nevertheless, existing functions are available for vlogging. A real conversation with a competent specialist will bring your blog more expertise and increase trustworthiness rates.

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

Announce the next expert you are going to interview. Engage your audience to ask questions in the comments. Say that you will select the most interesting for your next interview. This way, you will retain your blog readers and grow your traffic.

3 – Create How-To and Tutorial Videos

If you would like to explain any complicated topic to your blog readers, the best way to do this is to demonstrate everything illustratively. One good variant is to write a detailed how-to article with screenshots. You can take shortcuts both via pocket screens and PC or laptop (follow the guide about taking screenshots on Windows 10.

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

But the real win-win idea is to record your screen to show the process and provide the opportunity to viewers to watch it first-hand. Video tutorials are considered one of the most demandable content today. This way, you will increase the rating of your blog significantly.

4 – Add Customer Testimonial Videos

If you have a commercial blog page (articles related to your business, products, or services), the perfect solution is to accompany your text content with testimonial videos. These are both reels with screenshots where  positive customer reviews are depicted and screen-casted themed videos with the outlook of the most thankful testimonials from satisfied buyers. 

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

For this purpose, use screen recording tools for mobile phones or programs for PC and laptops. Learn more on how to record the screen of an iPhone or iPad with the help of the CNET guide and read the tutorial from Deasilex about screencasting on Asus laptops. 

5 – Create Personalized Intros & Messages

Do not forget that your blog readers would like to feel your care and personalized approach to them. Besides highly-engaging text messages, you can add some videos with unique background speech for your audience. For example, you can screencast your website, social media posts to create a catchy intro and appreciate your public for the attention.

Screencasting & Screen Recording as the Way to Improve Your Blog: 5 Hot-Topic Tips

Here is a list of ideas on how to combine your personalized text and video content:

  • Create an intro with video elements for faster navigation through your website or software if you are the player of the B2B or B2C market. 
  • Congratulate your audience with some holidays. Engage them to take part in a themed contest. Show how to participate in the promo with the help of a step-by-step screen-casted video guide.
  • Practice cross-linking with the help of personalized video messages. You can share your social media accounts, links to follow (your Quora, Medium profiles, etc.) with the help of screen recording and illustrative presentation of these digital platforms you offer.
  • Announce any other events. If you are a lifestyle blogger, it will be more interesting for your audience to watch a short overview of the winter places to go (organizers’ websites, events’ sites, malls’ invitation). Use screen recording Software to fuel your text content.
  • Show the registration process or other activity in the form of a how-to video. Sometimes people face challenging situations related to promo code adding to the cart or other issues to solve. To know all the problems, add themed questionnaires regularly and get in-depth feedback. Then, you can use these insights for new helpful screen-casted videos.

Note that present-day Internet surfers require more visuals, including video content. It is more convenient to watch a short reel with explanations and demonstrations of some processes illustratively instead of reading a long article. 

These are only some of the possible applications of the screen-recorded videos that can improve your blog. Use them and recommended approaches above to retain your readers and boost your blogging performance. 

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