Second suspect in Agat shooting arrested

Anthony Ignacio

Anthony Ignacio

The alleged gunman in the Agat street shooting has been apprehended, Police Chief Stephen Ignacio has confirmed.

Prior to his arrest, police identified Randy Chaco Nauta Jr., 34, as a person of interest who was wanted for questioning in the Tuesday shooting.

Court documents in the arrest of co-defendant Anthony Ignacio state that Nauta Jr. fired a sawed-off shotgun at Jesse Quidachay. Ignacio allegedly told Nauta to “blast him, par,” according to the prosecution in court documents.

The two men went to handle a dispute with the victim. After witnesses heard yelling, witnesses heard a gunshot.

The victim sustained a 3-inch gunshot wound to his lower left abdomen and hand. He is in stable condition.

Nauta Jr. was last seen leaving the scene of the crime on San Francisco Street, Agat in a purple Suzuki Jimmy Jeep. Earlier on Friday, police said the vehicle has been located and Nauta may have fled Agat on foot.

Nauta has arrest records dating back to 2005, when he was booked and released on charges of rioting, reckless conduct and guilt established by complicity.

Over the years, Nauta continued to have run-ins with the law picking up additional misdemeanor and felony charges related to drug possession, terrorizing, aggravated assault, possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, family violence and burglary.

For the assault-related offenses, he was charged in at least three separate cases.

Department of Corrections records state that Nauta was released from confinement in November 2020, for a case involving family violence and disorderly conduct.

Ignacio has been charged with attempted murder.

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