Secret Translation Hacks You Will Love

Regardless of whether you are an experienced translator or a student who’s facing a translation assignment, translating content can sometimes drive you up the wall. The lack of context, the ambiguous phrasing, and the poor choice of words are only a few of many obstacles you can come across.

In those moments of need, instead of desperately staring at the screen, you should resort to useful solutions. Translation can be a complex and challenging process, so knowing some hacks can be of huge help.

Are you ready to shed a new beam of light on your translation experience? Let these secret hacks help you tackle any task with ease.

Use Table Translation

Creating a table can help you observe both texts at the same time. You won’t need to go back and forward between the content, risking that you’ll forget the original. Not only will this speed up translating but it will make it more effective as well. 

You don’t need any fancy software for this purpose. Word or Google Docs will do just fine. This trick can help you compare as many texts as you need to improve your translation outcomes.

Leave for Later What You Don’t Know

Have you ever obsessively tried to translate a sentence? No matter how hard you try, the right translation just won’t come to you. In such tormenting moments, the best thing you can do is to let it go. 

This time-saving hack can completely change your translation experience. Rather than wasting valuable time on the tough sentences, continue with your translation. Since you’ll be getting more into the text as you go, the proper solution will come up sooner or later.

In case you still can’t decipher the context, call for help. Find the best professional translation website that can handle tight deadlines and pass on all the sentences you struggle with. Remember that two heads think better than one.

Get the Most Out of Google Translate 

Now, there’s no secret that machine translators have yet not reached the same level of human translation. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t help you out in your time of need.

Google Translate is a free translation tool, formerly known for its poor but useful ability to translate text in no time. The tool has evolved, and now it has some handy features that not many know about.

These are the secret Google Translate tricks:

  • Camera translation—The Google Translate app allows you to take photos and get a translation of the captured text. If you have a document in paper form, this can help you speed up the process. Get the rough translation on your phone, and polish it up on your computer.
  • Handwriting tool—If you are translating from Chinese or Japanese, the handwriting tool can help you demystify an unknown character you found on paper. When you can’t copy and paste the character, this tool can solve your problem in a jiffy.
  • Speech translation—When you’re a learner, using this feature can help you learn a language faster as you get to repeat the phrases. The moment you hear a word or sentence you don’t know, ask Google Translate. In this way, you’ll be able to acquire new vocabulary.
  • Website translation—The least known feature of the famous translation tool is website translation. You can add a website link to the box and Google Translate will pop up another one in a language of your choice. 

Sleep on It

Letting your translated text rest and giving it a look later can do wonders. If you edit it right away, you’ll still be under the impression of your translation. When you sleep on it and review it in the morning, you’ll be able to observe your doings more objectively.

Have no time to translate and edit your text thoroughly? If you are on a tight deadline, turn to TheWordPoint translation service. Sometimes it’s better to ask others for help than to present a poorly translated text.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these hacks have opened your eyes to new possibilities. Translation doesn’t need to be hard when you know the simplest solutions to even the hardest tasks. Use these hacks and even the toughest translation challenges will become a no-brainer for you.

Eric Wyatt is a professional translator, editor, and writer. He has translated many publications, websites, and even novels. Eric is passionate about learning new languages and traveling the world. 

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