50+ Crime Thriller TV Shows Like Criminal Minds On Netflix And Amazon Prime!!

Shows Like Criminal Minds

Watched all the 15 Seasons and 324 Episodes of this fantastic mystery criminology series, “Criminal Minds”? You better watch it if you haven’t yet. For all the crime-thriller fans, here’s a bucket full of crime thriller TV Shows Like Criminal Minds on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Excited? Well, let’s head on then.

I am not a huge crime drama fan. But after watching series like Criminal Minds and Animal Kingdom, I am so obsessed with this genre that even after having a great time watching all 15 seasons of Criminal Minds, I crave for more, just like many others out there. That’s why I came up with a mind-blowing solution that includes some of the greatest psychological crime thrillers like Criminal Minds.

Damn! 324 Episodes is a long journey covered by Criminal Minds and that too with grace. Fans are still wondering “Will there be a Criminal Minds Season 16?” Until we get any official hearings on this news, let’s satisfy our binging cravings with these amazing shows like Criminal Minds like Mindhunter, Hannibal, NCIS, Scorpion, and the list goes on and on…

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Hope you like these shows as much as you like Criminal Minds. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of best TV Shows similar to Criminal Minds. Happy Streaming!!

Crime Thriller TV Shows Like Criminal Minds

I know it feels like there can be no show as good as Criminal Minds. Surprise!!! There are many more killers to catch! 

Yup! You’ll be all thrilled to watch these amazing, enthusiastic, and supernatural shows that might satisfy your urge to overcome Criminal Minds for a while. 

Don’t believe me? Well, you shouldn’t. I recommend you go and watch yourself and then decide whether these were worth your time or not. 

Happy binging!! 

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Shows Like Criminal Minds; Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Source: Drougemaster’s lair

With many things in common, like the BAU team, FBI, and thrillers, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is on the top of the list of best shows like Criminal Minds. The series has a single-season till now that came out in 2011 on CBS. 

If you love Criminal Minds, I am sure you’ll love the spin-off crime drama too. It is set in the same flagship world with a BAU team which is different from that in Criminal Minds, as it is not bound by any strict rules by the FBI bureaucracy. 

The main lead is Forest Whitaker and the FBI Director is played by Richard Schiff. 

Where to Stream – Amazon Prime, iTunes. 


Shows Like Criminal Minds; Mindhunter
Source: Vanity Fair

Fall in love with the profiling aspect in Mindhunter just like Criminal Minds. Like Criminal Minds, Mindhunter too features the creation of BAU, as an important FBI unit. 

The series stars Jonathan Groff as the young agent, Holden Ford. He is on a mission to find out the triggering point for most serial killers. For this, he interviews many criminals and murderers to find out about more such killers. 

Where to StreamNetflix


Shows Like Criminal Minds; Scorpion
Source: Amazon.com

Loved the criminal solvers in Criminal Minds? You should definitely watch this one. Scorpion is somewhat like Criminal Minds as it has a brilliant team of Crime- solvers. When it comes to solving the crime mystery, there is nothing that they can’t do. Yeah, but the team is full of socially awkward geniuses. 

To give you a better understanding, this series is a mixture of The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. 

Where to Stream – Paramount+


Shows Like Criminal Minds; Hannibal
Source: Amazon.com

Let’s take a break from criminal solvers. Check out this maneater mystery series that’ll freak you out. Not just that, the series is so naturally presented that eating man looks like a fantasy rather than a crime. Oops, am I trying to cover a cannibalistic man here? No, No, it’s just that the story is so damn intriguing. 

This story is as delicious as meals served by Hannibal to his guests. Turns out to be a must-watch! 

Where to Stream – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu


Shows Like Criminal Minds; NCIS
Source: CBS

The crime procedural is not over yet, here is another one to binge on. NCIS has all the elements to make it as good as Criminal Minds. To start with there’s a crime-solvers team with the only difference is the people in the team are not regular people but the military group. 

The suspense build-up in this show is so great and interesting. And the ending makes it even worth watching. 

Where to Stream – Netflix and Paramount+

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Psychological Shows Like Criminal Minds

ShowNo. Of SeasonsAge Ratings
Mindhunter2 Seasons16+
The Blacklist8 Seasons16+
Criminal: UK2 Seasons16+
You2 Seasons18+
Criminal: Spain1 Season 16+
Criminal: Germany1 Season 13+
Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes1 Season 18+
Haseena DilrubaMovie16+
Manhunt1 Season 16+
The Sinner3 Seasons18+
Criminal: France1 Season 16+
The Alienist2 Seasons18+
Taking LivesMovie18+
Gone GirlMovie18+
The RoommateMovie16+

Critically Acclaimed TV Dramas Like Criminal Minds

ShowNo, of SeasonsAge Ratings
Lucifer6 Seasons16+
Sherlock4 Seasons18+
How To Get Away With Murder6 Seasons16+
Unbelievable1 Season18+
Breaking Bad5 Seasons18+
The Queen’s Gambit1 Season18+
Bridgerton1 Season18+
Bodyguard1 Season16+
Peaky Blinders5 Seasons18+
The Haunting of Bly Manor1 Season16+
The Walking Dead10 Seasons18+
The 1007 Seasons18+
Downtown Abbey6 Seasons18+

10 Shows That Feature Mind Games Like Criminal Minds

Shows Like Criminal Minds; 10 Shows That Feature Mind Games Like Criminal Mind
Source: Fiferst
  1. Flower of Evil
  2. Money Heist
  3. You
  4. Criminal: Spain
  5. Lupin
  6. Manhunt
  7. Gone Girl
  8. Zodiac
  9. Perfect Stranger
  10. Joker

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13 Documentaries Like Criminal Minds On Netflix

  1. Real Detective
  2. Unsolved Mysteries
  3. American Murder: The Family Next Door
  4. The Ripper
  5. Obsession: Dark Desires
  6. Night Stalker
  7. Serial Killer
  8. Killer Instinct
  9. How To Become A Tyrant
  10. Evil Genius
  11. Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel
  12. The Women And The Murderer
  13. I Am A Killer

10 Crime Movies Emitting Criminal Minds

  1. S.W.A.T
  2. A Perfect Murder
  3. The Taking Of Pelham 123
  4. Taking Lives
  5. The Judge
  6. Gone Baby Gone
  7. Money Monster
  8. The Firm
  9. Wild Things
  10. Kiss The Girls

10 Dark Movies Like Criminal Minds

Shows Like Criminal Minds; 10 Dark Movies
Source: SantaBanta
  1. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
  2. Haseena Dilruba
  3. Kingdom
  4. The Dark Knight
  5. The Equalizer
  6. Breadwinner
  7. Munich
  8. Syriana
  9. Forensic
  10. Lost Girls

You Might Also Like:

  1. Kate
  2. SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan
  3. In Time
  4. Focus
  5. Body Of Lies
  6. The Internship
  7. Sweet Girl
  8. The Great Raid
  9. Fifty Shades Of Grey
  10. American Assassin
  11. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
  12. The Man From U.N.C.L.E
  13. Enough
  14. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
  15. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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To Conclude

Hope you had a great time exploring the list of best TV Shows Like Criminal Minds. In this post, we talked about documentaries, crime movies, dark movies, psychological TV Shows like Criminal Minds, and much more. 

Share this post with your friends and family and let them enjoy these thrilling crime dramas as well. To find out more about the upcoming TV Shows on  Netflix and Amazon Prime, stay tuned. Until then Happy Streaming!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Minds

What should I watch next if I liked Criminal Minds?

There are so many shows that you can watch if you liked Criminal Minds like:
1. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.
2. Scorpion.
3. Hannibal.
4. Mindhunter.
5. NCIS.
6. Luther.
7. Killing Eve.
8. Homeland.

Will there be a Criminal Minds Season 16?

Although Season 15 was the finale season for Criminal Minds, Parramount+ announced a great surprise for the fans on 24 February 2021 that Criminal Minds will get a revival on their streaming platform.

Can you name a show as good as Criminal Minds?

Well, if you are cringing over the crime drama in Criminal Minds, then you should probably watch Law & Order: SVU or The Dick Wolf series which are loaded with action-packed crime dramas.

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