30+ TV Shows Like Ozark On Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, And Hulu!!

You can’t get enough of shows like Ozark. If there’s one word that describes Ozark then that would be “Incredible”. While you wait for Ozark season 4 to get a green light, there are many other shows like Ozark that you can enjoy on  Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and other streaming sites.

Missing the crime thriller couple duo like Martyr and Wendy? The below-mentioned list is sure to satisfy your adventure cravings. While there is no official announcement regarding the arrival of Ozark Season 4 yet, you can wait while having a good time watching shows like The Big Bang Theory or Two And A Half Men with over 10 seasons. 

Talking about Shows Like Ozark, is there any show that can match the spark and vibes of Ozark? Well, after deep research, our team came out with the best series to watch if you liked Ozark. Starting with The Mosquito Coast, The Widow, Succession, Breaking Bad, House Of Cards, Peaky Blinders, and much more the list goes on and on…

TV Show Reviews Archives
TV Show Reviews Archives

For people looking for some crime drama shows, or for those looking for Secretive and Detective shows like Ozark, the list suits all your tastes. Have a look and pick any one or all. Happy Streaming!!

Thriller TV Shows Like Ozark

Whether it’s the plot, the intelligence of the characters, the good build storyline, and a gripping screenplay, everything was just right on spot for Ozark. It has 8.4/10 ratings on IMDb which is not bad actually. 

If you liked Ozark, then you should watch these shows too. From daily drama to crazy friendship stories, you’ll find everything below. 

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The Mosquito Coast

Shows Like Ozark; The Mosquito Coast
Source: Movie Nation

If you’re an Ozark fan, then you’ll love this one too. With the stakes as high as Ozark, Mosquito Coast drives you crazy with the tangled family drama. It’s not any regular family drama, it’s danger-packed.

Starring Melissa George and Justin Theroux, the Mosquito Coast is a well-crafted crime family drama. The couple tries to keep their family safe from the danger they triggered. The U.S. government is after them. Allie fools them all the way to Mexico.

Where To Watch – Apple TV

The Widow

Shows Like Ozark; The Widow
Source: Amazon.com

Never underestimate what a woman can do when it comes to her family. The Widow is a similar story of an unbreakable bold woman, Kate Beckinsale.

She is given the news of her husband’s death without answering her how, when, and why? Watch out how she travels all the way to Congo to resolve his husband’s murder mystery all alone.

Where To Watch – Amazon Prime Video


Shows Like Ozark; Succession
Source: Elle

Ozark was all about the huge money gamble and Succession is another show like Ozark that focuses on money and reputations.

It’s a story about a greedy family who use every false means to be on top. It stars Brian Cox as Logan Roy, around whose family the whole series revolves. Find out where the loathe will take this family?

Where To Watch – HBO Max

Breaking Bad

Shows Like Ozark; Breaking Bad
Source: TV Insider

Breaking Bad is one of the best series of all time. Whether it’s crime-drama, tragedy, black comedy, or thrill, this series has got everything you need.

Starring  Bryan Cranston as a chemistry teacher in a high school who is diagnosed with cancer. 

Since the cancer treatment was way more expensive than his savings, he teams up with Aaron Paul, one of his students to make money by selling methamphetamine. He does all this to secure his family’s future so that even if he dies, his family has enough money to bear their finances.

Where To Watch – Netflix

House Of Cards

Shows Like Ozark; House Of Cards
Source: YouTube

While you wait for Ozark season 4, here is an amazing treat for all the thriller fans, “The House Of Cards”. It’s a political insider story. 

The House of Cards shows every aspect of cruel political agendas going on in Washington. It’s the story about a couple in power, who would do anything to climb the top political ladder. Also, this is based on a real-life story. I am sure you don’t want to miss it.

Where To Watch – Netflix

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Peaky Blinders

Shows Like Ozark; Peaky Blinders
Source: Variety

A man can do anything in the world if he has the support of his family. When I say family support, the first series that comes to my mind is Peaky Blinders.

This is the story of Tommy Shelby and his family. He believes that he can lead the world if he has the back of his family. But where there is loyalty, there is no shortage of backstabbers either. Watch out who turns out to be that stabber at the end of the series.

Where To WatchNetflix

Bingeworthy Crime TV Thrillers Like Ozark

Name Of The ShowNo. Of SeasonsAge Ratings
Money Heist5 Seasons18+
Breaking Bad5 Seasons18+
Mindhunter2 Seasons16+
Dark3 Seasons18+
Narcos3 Seasons18+
Bodyguard1 Season16+
Narcos Mexico2 Seasons18+
Clickbait1 Season18+
Designated Survivor3 Seasons 18+
Altered Carbon2 Seasons18+
The Sinner3 Seasons18+
How To Get Away With Murder6 Seasons16+
Elite4 Seasons18+
The Serpent1 Season18+
The Alienist2 Seasons18+

Police Detective Shows Like Ozark

Shows Like Ozark; Police Detective Shows Like Ozark
Source: CinemaBlend
Name Of The ShowNo. of SeasonsAge Ratings
Peaky Blinders5 Seasons18+
Dark3 Seasons18+
Lucifer6 Seasons16+
Blacklist8 Seasons16+
Unbelievable1 Season18+
Fauda3 Seasons18+
She1 Season16+
Scared Games2 Seasons18+
Manhunt1 Season16+
Shootout At LokhandwalaMovie18+
Delhi Crime1 Season16+
Undercover2 Seasons18+
Perfume1 Season18+

Exciting and Secretive TV Shows Like Ozark

Name Of The ShowNo. of SeasonsAge Ratings
Lupin2 Parts16+
Love, Death, and Robots2 Volumes18+
The Witcher1 Season18+
Vikings6 Seasons18+
Stranger Things3 Seasons16+
Queen Of The South4 Seasons18+
Outer Banks2 Seasons18+
Designated Survivor3 Seasons18+
Money Heist From Tokyo To Berlin1 Season16+
Daredevil3 Seasons18+
You2 Seasons18+
The Umbrella Academy2 Seasons16+
Riverdale5 Seasons18+
Hit and Run1 Season18+
13 Reasons Why4 Seasons18+
Good Girls4 Seasons16+

Emmy Winner Shows Like Ozark

Shows Like Ozark; Emmy Winner Shows
Source: Variety
Name Of The ShowNo. of SeasonsAge Ratings
Black Mirror5 Seasons18+
F.RI.R.N.D.S10 Seasons13+
The Queen’s Gambit1 Season18+
Schitt’s Creek6 Seasons13+
The Big Bang Theory12 Seasons16+
Rick and Morty5 Seasons18+
Sherlock4 Seasons18+
Two and A Half Men12 Seasons16+
Downtown Abbey6 Series 18+
Bloodline3 Seasons18+
Fargo3 Seasons18+
The Crown4 Seasons18+

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To Sum Up

Hope your search for TV Shows like Ozark joyfully ends here. For a recap, in this post we talked about Ozark and its uniqueness, we discussed Ozark Season 4, moving on with the list of shows like Ozark divided into various categories like Emmy Winners, Police Detectives, Exciting and secretive, Crime TV Thrillers, etc.

Hope you have had enough of entertainment dose coming across the lists above. Binge-watch these shows and series with your friends and family and have a great time together.

For more entertainment updates, stay tuned. Any feedback is welcomed. Happy Binging!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding shows similar to Ozark:

Just finished Ozark, What next?

There are so many shows similar to Ozark that you can watch after that like Riverdale, Mindhunter, Billions, Bloodline, The Outsiders, Dark, Homecoming, Goliath, Ray Donnavan, Succession, The Sinner, Sneaky Pete, The Queen Of The South, The Night Of, Godless and many more.

What Are Some TV Shows Like Ozark On Amazon Prime?

Homecoming, Goliath, Sneaky Pete, The Killing, The Americans, Counterpart are some of the series like Ozark that you can stream on Amazon Prime.

What can I watch on Netflix next after watching Ozark?

There are so many shows worth binging after Ozark on Netflix like Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, Narcos, The 100, The Spy, The Crown, State Of Play, The Witcher, The House Of Cards, and many others.

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