Do You Know The Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every Day?

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every Day

Who doesn’t love instant noodles? I mean fewer efforts and quick results!! Plus, instant noodles are delicious and super easy to make. You can even carry them along while traveling. Just add hot water and it’s ready!! But do you know the side effects of eating noodles every day? Even I was unaware until I discovered the following facts.

Not just it’s effortless and 2 minutes making process attracts lazy heads like me but the thing is, we never really found a suitable substitute for noodles to stop eating them. Now don’t feel shocked when I say that over 320 million servings of noodles are eaten every day. Yes, these stats are totally correct. China is among the leading consumers and the USA stands 6th in the list of global demand for instant noodles. Maybe the numbers will decrease after people are made aware of the side effects of eating noodles every day.

I don’t want to scare you you by telling this but you are more prone to heart diseases if you eat noodles on a regular basis. Not just this but there’s a risk of developing metabolic syndrome too. So, choose wisely what to eat and what not to. I know this habit can’t be turned off overnight but we all can limit the intake for sure. 

I am sure you didn’t know the Side Effects of Eating Noodles During Pregnancy or the Side Effects of Eating Pasta daily. A lot of things should be checked before relying on any packaged food like how are they made? Key Ingredients ? and many more. Here’s a complete guide on this matter.

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day

Before we get into the side effects of eating noodles daily, let’s find out how instant noodles are made. Switch to healthy habits for better health.

How are Instant Noodles Made?

How are Instant Noodles Made
Source: Parkway East Hospital

Do you know the instant noodles that we all eat lovingly are pre-cooked? And how are they made? Just like the earlier times, the instant noodles are prepared using almost the same process as before. 

All the ingredients are nicely mixed up together. The dough then goes under some automatic machines to be rolled and cut into curly strings. The noodles are then steamed for a while and are dried. After that, these are fried for hydration and then cooled down. As the process completes, noddles are finally wrapped individually in packets.

Nutritional Content Of Instant Noodles

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day; Nutritional Content Of Instant Noodles
Source; Ramen Noodlist

Instant noodles lack important nutrients but are high in fat and carbohydrates. Although the nutritional values differ from product labels to the flavors you choose. Here is a rough idea of the nutritional content of instant noodles for 1 serving( 43g) :

  • Calories – 385kcal
  • Total fat – 14.5g
  • Protein – 7.9g
  • Thiamine – 0.6mg
  • Riboflavin – 0.4mg
  • Carbohydrate – 55.7g
  • Saturated fat – 6.5g
  • Fibre – 2g
  • Sodium – 986mg
  • Niacin – 4.6mg

What are the Side Effects Of Eating Noodles Every Day?

Side effects of consuming noodles can be moderate to severe. Let’s get this in brief. Here are few points to tell you why consuming instant can be bad for you.

High In Sodium 

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day; High In Sodium
Source: BrightSide

It’s always recommended to avoid the three Whites. These are Sugar, Sodium, and Refined Flour. Since noodles are high in sodium which is also a white crystal-like substance also present in salt, it’s not good to consume too much of it.

This can increase the risk of high blood pressure, can impact kidney health, can be bad for heart health, etc. You definitely don’t wish to die at an early age due to a stroke or something. So, it’s better that you understand the negative effects of consuming so much sodium via noddles and limit the intake.

The MSG Content

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day; The MSG Content
Source:L Acecook Viet

We all love trying a variety of packed food flavors for different eatables. But do you know these flavoring substances contain MSG? Although MSG is approved by FDA for consumption still there are long term and short-term effects related to its consumption.

Some common side effects of consuming MSG reported so far are headaches, high BP, nausea, weakness, chest pain, flushing of the skin, and heart palpitations. If you remember experiencing any of these symptoms recently then it’s time for you to stop or limit the consumption of noodles and other packaged food.

Low In Fibre And Protein

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day; Low In Fibre And Protein
Source: Pinterest

If any food item lacks fibre and protein then it’s totally useless to consume it. One of the side effects of eating noodles every day is directly linked with its low protein and fibre values. 

This can cause several digestion problems like constipation, and gastric issues. Our body can’t produce enough good bacteria if we consume noodles daily. Protein and fibre are rich sources that our body needs. So, investing in noodles can be considered a bad option.

Poor Diet Quality

Side Effects of Eating Noodles Every day; Poor Diet Quality
Source: New Atlas

Many studies have shown that consuming noodles daily means leading to a poor diet. When compared in research, it was found that people who eat noodles daily have decreased levels of vitamin C, Phosphorus, protein, calcium, and iron as compared to those who were not consuming them.

Plus instant noodles are made from refined flour which is not at all good for health. You cannot ignore the side effects of consuming noodles daily just for the sake of easy availability. 

What to do? Is there any alternative to instant noodles? Yes, there is. If you live in the United States, you probably know about this meal, “ready-meals”. It’s a pre-packed meal that comes in a container and can be reheated in the box itself.

Ready meals are surely the better version of it or you can say better alternative to instant noodles as they have more nutritional value than noodles. But still, it’s always good to consume fresh food and not the sealed ones. Do share this article with your friends who are crazy noodles fans. Let them also know the side effects of what they are eating so far.

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