7 Sure Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You!! Beware! Don’t Get Fooled Around!!

Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You

Do you feel like something’s missing in your relationship? Is your partner avoiding your texts and calls for no reason? Maybe he/she’s running late, or maybe there’s something fishy! Don’t want to add to your negative thoughts but Scorpios are good at keeping secrets!! This can be one of the practical signs a Scorpio man is playing you!!

Don’t we often act like fools when it comes to relationships? We tend to ignore the truth and act blind. Like they say “Love is blind!”. Yeah, a person does so much to save his/her fairytale love story! But is it getting over your head now? You better start taking hints and get back on that cheater step back before it gets too toxic for you!

But here’s the real test: how to pick signs a Scorpio man is playing you? I mean obviously, he’ll not let you know at any cost that he’s cheating. Then how do you find out that you are being fooled by a Scorpio man? That’s when you start using your six senses and some smart tricks like we have mentioned below for you!

It’s a saying that “Happiness isn’t about places, it’s about people who feel like home!!”  If you don’t feel happy being with that person, he no longer cares about your thoughts and emotions then it’s time for some live action!  

How To Pick Up Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You?

When I said live-action, you must be thinking we are going out for some spying spree, right? But I didn’t mean spying on your partner, because the hints you need to pick up will be visible in his day-to-day behavior.

You just have to make sure that you are truly on your part. You are not doing anything wrong that’ll make the situation worse. Just have patience and trust the process.

When it comes to finding something wrong, we girls have the superpowers to sense everything in advance. Agree? 

Well, we have mentioned a few basic changes that’ll let you know the signs a Scorpio man is playing you! Have a look!!

1. If A Scorpio Acts Like An Opportunist And Tries To Play With Your Emotions Every Time!

signs a Scorpio man is playing you: If A Scorpio Acts Like An Opportunist
Image Credits: hemorm.com

Stop being an emotional fool all the time!!!

You can’t let a person take advantage of your sweetness!

If you have started feeling like your man always uses the Machevellian factor to give explanations for his wrongdoing, then it’s time to pick the hint!

You can’t get fooled by sugar-coated words or sweet puppy faces all the time. Just because you love this person deeply and madly, doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants to and make you suffer.

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2. If He Loses Interest In Regular Conversations And Talks Only About Sex!

Signs a Scorpio man is playing you: Talks Only About Sex
Image Credits: lovepanky.com

Do you feel like your relationship is more of lust than love? This can be a sign that your partner is fooling you around!

Let’s face the bitter reality that about 76% of the people in relationships in the USA have faced this issue where their partner only wanted sex from a relationship! Don’t be one of them!

Not all Scorpios are bad. In fact, Scorpios are very concerned about their personalities. If they vibe with you, they’ll probably keep shooting you with questions about you, your life, your interest, your family, friends, and much more!!

If you and your partner talk less about these things and most of your time goes sexting. And if you are in a live-in relationship then you guys only share an intimate relationship rather than an emotional connection, then it’s obvious to have second thoughts. 

3. Is He Refusing To Introduce To His Friends And Family? Pick Up The Hint then!!

Is He Refusing To Introduce To His Friends And Family
Image Credits: hemorm.com

Does your partner treat you like a secret property? He meets you all alone, either at his place or yours when no one is around. And most importantly, he doesn’t like taking you out on a date and stays inside all the time?

Well, there can be two reasons behind this scenario! Either he doesn’t feel like sharing his personal life with anyone, or he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s seeing you!!

It’s completely fine if he loves to keep his private life private. You should respect that. But if he fears accepting you in public, then this might be a sign that a Scorpio man is cheating you!

4. Just Fools You Around With Fake Promises!

Just Fools You Around With Fake Promises
Image Credits: psychologytoday.com

Ahh!! Break my heart into a thousand pieces but don’t make false promises! 

Another sign a Scorpio man is playing you is that he makes a lot of promises just to escape the present moment but never fulfills them. And when you bring up that topic ever again, he’ll be ready with a “Sorry, baby I was busy or Sorry, I forget, we’ll surely do this next time.” excuse every time!

Hey! You don’t have to kill your happiness all the time just because your partner ignores or doesn’t care for your happiness. 

It’s your life, you are not bound to anyone for happiness. If things don’t feel right, step out! It’s alright to do so! This can be one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you!

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5. He Doesn’t Want To Be Seen In Public With You!

5. He Doesn’t Want To Be Seen In Public With You!
Image Credits: thepowermoves.com

Ever happened that your boyfriend refused to recognize you in public or ignored you when he’s around his friends? Well, this can be a hint that your Scorpio partner is fooling you around!

A real man should never feel shy to hold your hand in public, if not more than at least he shouldn’t be hesitant about talking to you in front of others.

If this feeling has started turning into a reality that your partner ignores you in public then it’s time for you to understand that he’s not the right guy for you!

6. Ouch!! He Introduces You Merely As A Friend!

Ouch!! He Introduces You Merely As A Friend
Image Credits: pond5.com

Do you know what hurts the most? When your boyfriend introduces you as a friend in front of his family and friends. Ouch!! That really hurts!!

Okay, when things are new, it’s understood that he might need some time to adjust or to convince his family. But suppose you have been in a relationship for over a year or two and he’s still introducing you to nothing more than a friend. This is just not acceptable!

7. He Disappears Out Of The Blue!

He Disappears Out Of The BlueHe Disappears Out Of The Blue
Image Credits: askapril.com

If you man is disaapperaing out of the blues without informing you about the reason for his disappear, then this can be sign that he’s playing you. Disappearing doesn’t always means leaving you alone in public, but it also means ignoring you and your texts, and calls.

You try ton contact him, but he seems not to care about you and your feelings anymore. Sadly, this can be one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you!

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Wrapping Up:

Listen! If you love this guy, and you don’t feel the same coming back from his side, then stop right there before things get messed up! If things have already been tangled for a long, then it’s time to get out of it!

I know it’s not that easy to think about living without the person you love! In fact, it’s hard to imagine your life without the prince charming of your dreams but if his intentions aren’t pure and he just wants a physical relationship over all the love and cares you show to him, then you yourself decide whether you want to stay holding down your tears or move out and live a free and happy life!

It feels bad to find out that your partner is playing you! It surely feels like someone has broken into a million pieces! But like they say, better late than sorry!! Step out while you still have time, step out when you know that this person does not deserve your time, live and care, step out when you know that you can’t have a future with this person, step out when you still can have a beautiful life even without that disloyal person!

See, it’s all up to you how you want to deal with your personal problems. But what’s wrong is wrong. You can be a victim! You can be a sufferer! You are a warrior!! You deserve happiness! Although, I do want to add that not all Scorpio men are the same. They are very sweet and sincere towards their love life. Especially, Scorpios and Aquarius share a great bond! So take time analyzing things. Then decide what to do!

So, whatever you choose, choose it wisely!! Stay tuned for more relationship advice!! Until then Smile!!! You look beautiful when you smile!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Scorpio Traits:

Q. How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Is Serious About You?

If a Scorpio man is interested in you, you don’t have to ask for it, as it clearly reflects from his behavior. He’ll be interested to spend time with you, to know you better, to share his feelings, to find out yours and much more!

Q. Why Do Scorpios Ghost You?

Although Scorpios are very kind-hearted and gentle. They are secretive and do have a bad reputation for this fact but that doesn’t mean every Scprio is bad and is trying to ghost you. Some people may have a lusty mindset, that’s another thing. 

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