Signs That Your Online Course Needs An Update

Signs That Your Online Course Needs An Update

Keeping yourself updated is critical in all walks of professional life if you want to succeed in your field of work. Training is no different. As the trend of online learning is growing every day, staying updated will help you sustain or even grow your online training business. 

This shift from the traditional classroom training to online training must have made you learn while you would have curated the courses to accommodate the shift in learning style. As always, you would have spent a lot of time and would have put in a lot of effort to create the course. However, you cannot use it forever and need to relook from a critique perspective. 

Every course has a shelf life and needs to be updated based on technological changes, best practices, software updates, and various other factors. The question is, how do I get to know that the course now requires a makeover. Mentioned below are some of the instances that will be the indicators that the update is required.

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Lack of motivation or interest:

Every learning management system has a tool that can analyze the data and provide detailed reports. Also, learner’s feedback speaks a lot about their interest in the module. Regular dive in these reports and feedbacks will let you the exact area where the learner starts losing motivation or start dreading to go through the next module. The reason can be anything. Thus relooking into the modules every now and then will start giving you hints at an early stage that the update time is approaching. 

Your focus is always to create an engaging and informative course that the learner can absorb easily and retain longer. The inclusion of various multimedia tools like audio, video, animation, and other interactive material will increase the level of engagement while holding the interest of the learner. Having said that, it is critical to strike the balance in the quantity and quality of multimedia content ensuring that it is not overloaded.

No change in assessment results:

The whole idea of any learning course is to add value to the already existing skills or develop a new skill. The best way to gauge the level of learning is by performing a pre-assessment test and post-assessment tests. If the results look similar, this surely is a sign that the course is outdated and the content needs a revamp. With the help of a robust learning management system like Thinkific, you can easily fetch a report to see the pain areas of your course. 

Knowledge vs implementation

The final aim of any program is to achieve positive business results. If there are some industrial changes that have taken place, the knowledge gained through the course might be obsolete that will not improve the task or the output of the task performed by the learner. The learner will not be able to implement the achieved knowledge which is a sign that your course needs an update. Refreshing the content according to the industrial changes or best practices along with the inclusion of real-life scenarios is the only way to update your course.

Learners feel stressed:

The employees, at times, dread taking up training because of tight schedules and deadlines. A training program add-on might increase their stress levels. The inclusion of lengthy textual learning information will just add more stress to their daily lives. By creating bite-sized modules and real-life work scenario interactivities will not only motivate them to take up the course but will ease their daily tasks. This will result in higher productivity that will encourage other colleagues to take up the course and the learner will remain enthusiastic about the future course. 

Conclusion: It is not easy to become a self-critique. However, to maintain the pace with the changing eLearning scenarios, it becomes necessary to test yourself over and again. Getting into this habit will ensure your success at every step and will keep the learners motivated.

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