Simple ways to celebrate your birthday without throwing a big bash

Simple ways to celebrate your birthday without throwing a big bash

We’ve all been there – throwing an extravagant birthday party for you and your friends costing far more money than you’d initially budgeted for. 

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing a big get-together if you want to, sometimes it can be good to take life at a slower pace and enjoy the smaller things in life. Save yourself time, money and stress this year by foregoing the birthday bash this year! 

In its place, we’ve put together our top picks of things to do for your birthday if you’re looking to celebrate on a budget

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Do something different

Forget fancy restaurants – your birthday is the perfect time to do something completely different! 

  1. Decorate 

If you’ve been looking for the right time to start a DIY project, then now is the perfect time! If you want to be extra savvy, why not throw a decorating party? Get everyone to grab a paintbrush, throw on overalls and stick on some music for a messy birthday like no other.

  1. Try a tradition of your ancestors 

Whether it’s a birthday pinata filled with your favourite sweets or baking an indulgent cake – there are so many traditions to choose from. If you can’t find an ancient tradition you fancy, why not create history and make your own family tradition?

  1. Journal or write a letter to yourself in 5 years 

All different types of journaling have been found to have mental health benefits, so there’s no better time to try than your birthday! 

By taking the time to reflect and write down where you want to be in 5 years’ time, you can use the opportunity for some self-reflection and personal development. 

Although it may seem tricky at first, journaling can help keep you accountable and may even kick-start your career goals. 

  1. Enjoy nature 

Sometimes some of the best things in life are what we take for granted. Why not take a short trip to a natural beauty spot and take in the breathtaking scenery?

Nature is known to benefit mental health, so celebrating your birthday watching the sun go down is a perfect way to de-stress on your special day.  

  1. Make yourself feel good 

Even if you aren’t throwing an elaborate birthday bash, you can still schedule in a little ‘me’ time! 

Your birthday is still the perfect excuse to throw on your favourite outfit and dress up (even if you’re staying in). 

If your style is somewhat low-maintenance, you can still make yourself feel good. Consider hiking up a mountain for a real sense of achievement, or even reach out to old friends and rebuild relationships that may have fizzled out. 

However you choose to spend your birthday this year, there are a whole host of things you can do that don’t involve extravagant birthday parties or spending a fortune. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones right in front of us. 

Let us know what you’re planning this year! 

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