Single Story or Two-Story Homes: Which Are Best And Popular?

Single Story or Two-Story Homes

Home Sweet Home!! Even if we travel the world around, at the end of the day, we find our happy little space in our own homes. Doesn’t matter if you live in a posh bungalow or a small single-story home, nothing can comfort you more than your own home. Building a new house comes with considering many factors like Single story or Two-story homes: which are best and popular? 

There are so many aspects to compare and contrast like the cost of living, your budget, your child’s safety, the area of land in hand, and much more. Building a home is a lifetime investment for some people. Make this investment worth it by choosing the right house for you.

While choosing the best house for yourself and your family the most important things to keep in mind are:

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  1. Home Maintenance
  2. Construction cost
  3. Size of your property
  4. What’s your budget
  5. Family size

To make this easy for you, we have explained the pros and cons of having Single-story and two-story homes. Decide carefully after all it’s the place you’ll be spending the rest of your life.

Single Story or Two-Story Homes: Which are Best and Popular?

Single Story or Two-Story Homes; Single Story or Two-Story Homes: Which are Best and Popular
Source: The Plan Collection

What do you feel about which is more popular: Single story or two-story homes? The cinematic world has always made us think of having a dream house. In our minds we have already planned what kind of house we want by watching movies or TV Shows, right? 

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It’s time to put that vision into reality. It’s time to build your dream house. Take time and decide which one matches your expectations and needs!

Pros and Cons Of Having A Single Story Home

Single Story or Two-Story Homes; Pros and Cons Of Having A Single Story Home
Source: The Plan Collection

Single-story vs two-story homes. When in confusion, better compare the pros and cons of both sides.

Pros of having single-story homes:

Let’s start with the good things first. Here are the perks of having single-story homes!

1. Easy Maintenance: 

No doubt it’s easier to maintain a single-story home than a double or a triple-story one. Whether it’s whitewashing or cleaning, single-story makes everything seem less and easy. And having a single-story house saves you the daily staircase marathon for every little work.

2. Simple To Design:

When it comes to designing a house, single-story homes usually turn out to be pocket-friendly. Like you need two HVAC units for the construction of double-story homes, whereas a one-story home needs just one unit. Also, single-story homes are airier and cooler. One-story houses are easy to structurally engineer than two-story Houses.

3. Safer To Navigate:

In single-story homes, everything is on the same level. If you’re having toddlers at home or your aged parents live with you, one story-homes are always easier to navigate and keep an eye on everyone’s safety. You don’t have to worry about your child falling down the stairs. Ahh!! such a relief! In short One-story home means fewer accidents and risks of falling. You don’t have to worry about old age either, as you can peacefully get older at your single-story home without having to worry about climbing staircases in your old age.

Drawbacks of Single-Story Homes:

Single Story or Two-Story Homes; Drawbacks of Single-Story Homes:
Source: Homenish

Here’s the negative side of the coin. Look what shortcomings you might face having a single-story home.

1.Higher Building Cost:

Building a single-story house may look less costly but it’s not. Bigger place, more material, more power, etc. Building a house from the ground up will require more land, says Prinz. Everything from HVAC runs to plumbing needs to be longer, it requires more power, pricier systems, and more building material for roofing and windows.

2. Oops! Single-story means less privacy!

Double-story houses give you more privacy no doubt. You’ll have to climb up to meet your brother or sister in their room. But in one-story homes, all the rooms are on the same floor, which means anyone can sneak in anytime. 

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Pros and Cons of Having Two-Story Homes

Single Story or Two-Story Homes; Pros and Cons of Having Two-Story Homes
Source: Smart Architect

Let’s admit multi-story homes are much fancier and elegant. Imagine living in your dream house just like the one you saw in the movies. You get to design your two-story home your way. Everything is possible with whatever customization you want to add you can from Cape Cod house style to some romantic Victorian designs, everything is possible.

Pros of Having Two-story homes:

Here are other perks that you can enjoy having a two-story home.

1. Extra-Privacy: 

Having a second floor can make an easy separation between your personal and public life. Suppose you are having guests at home, you can send your kids upstairs to study or to watch a movie. Or if your in-laws pay a visit to your home and you don’t want to keep crashing into them in your nightwear, then separate floors work well in your favor. 

2. More Design Options:

More floors, more designing options. Whether you want to keep it simple and posh or want that royal finish, double-story homes give you options to get creative. Oh! And terrace gardens are plus points about having a multi-story house. 

3. Potential Views: 

Morning tea with a good refreshing view!! Just amazing. If you live in an area having beautiful scenery around, a double-story home gives you the advantage to enjoy the view. And don’t you love the balcony feel or wish to have a second-floor porch?

Drawbacks of Two-Story Homes:

Single Story or Two-Story Homes; Drawbacks of two-story homes
Source: Kartchner

1. Greater Risk Of Accidents:

Double-story homes mean in-built staircases, which means more risk of falls and accidents. Having kids at home, you surely do not wish to risk them climbing upstairs and slipping their feet. Also, if your parents live with you, single-story sounds more of a better option.

2. High Temperature:

If you live in a two-story home, you can relate to what  I am saying here. The second floor is usually hotter than the ground floor. This will lead to higher power consumption for running AC and other appliances. In short, double-story homes mean double the cooling and heating costs. 

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To Wrap Up: 

Hopefully, you got the idea of which house is the best option for you. Whether it’s single-story or two-story homes, what makes a house, a home is you. Share this article with your near and dear ones who are in search of a new house. Feel happy with whatever type of house you have. Take care of your loved ones and make memories together. After all, it’s home sweet home!

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