9 Trending Skunk Hair Ideas Inspired From Your Favorite Celebrities!!

Skunk Hair Ideas

Streak up, ladies!! It’s hair trends we are talking about here! Skunks are the new normal!! From TikTokers to celebrities like Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid to commoners, Skunks are ruling the world of hair color fashion. Experiment with these sexy badass Skunk Hair Ideas and be a part of the trend.

Plain blonde highlights are too old-fashioned. For all those who wish to step into this bold beauty regime of Stripe Hair, we got some crazy funky ideas that you can try now. Inspired by celebrities and playful color combinations, this list of Skunk Hair Ideas is sure to excite you.

Hair color trends this year are all about celebrating bold creative looks. You’ve got so many colors to experiment with like black and white, grey and plack, half blonde, red stripe, or chunky neon. Get the perfect Skunk Stripe hair look with the best Skunk Hair dye colors. Let’s talk about different Skunk Hair Ideas like Heavy Streaks, Reverse Ombre, and many others.

The Celebrity Bikini For You
The Celebrity Bikini For You

Choose any of these styles that suit best with your bold personality and flaunt with confidence. Try this super easy DIY hack to get those WOW funky streaks at home!

What Is Skunk Hair?

What Are Skunk Hair
Source: Pinterest

Skunk Hair is the coolest contrast of two different colors. It’s more like color blocking your hair with two different color shades to add more grace and punk to the hair. It’s so eye-catching.

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Unlike regular highlights that use one color to form a mix of highlighted streaks, Skunk hair can be recognized easily as they clearly display two different color contrasts. 

It’s like dividing your hair into two sections and coloring them both with unexpected shades. From time to time, a variety of skunk hair trends have been noticed like the grunge-meets-cool trend from the ’90s. Sport spunk hair, reverse ombre, and many others. 

How To Apply Skunk Hair Dye At Home

How To Apply Skunk Hair Dye At Home
Source: Garnier

Learn how to curate the skunk stripe look at home following these simple steps and get started. 

1. Prepare Your Hair

Yea, I know you are very excited to try the new stripe hair look, but make sure you are prepared for it. To prepare your hair for doing Skink hair at home, you need to detangle your hair properly.

Brush it nicely and divide it into sections. Put on gloves. Take out the bleach box, mix the formula well in a glass bowl. 

2. Apply The Desired Color

The most important step is to divide your hair properly so that it doesn’t get mixed with the other color. Clip it up the first section when coloring the second section. Now apply the mixture gently onto the targeted area.

3. Wash It Off And Condition

Wash off the color after 15-20 minutes or whatever it’s mentioned on the carton. It’s very important to condition your newly dyed streaks. Pick up any color-safe, and sulfate-free hair conditioner and apply it to your hair. 

Congrats!! You have successfully attained the sassy Skunk Hair Look at home. It’s better to get these skunks done by professional stylists if you wish to get the exact same color you desire for. They will also recommend some of the best aftercare products for your dye.

Celebrity Inspired Skunk Hair Ideas

Explore the electrifying celebrity-inspired Skunk hairstyles below. You can also try these dramatic Skunk Stripe Hair looks. Just pick any of your favorite striped hair ideas from the list and get it done.

1. Heavy Streaks/ Rooted Streaks

1. Heavy Streaks/ Rooted Streaks
Source: Allure

Dua Lipa gets all the credit for making this hair trend popular. Heavy streaks were very much in trend about 10 years back. Then the young sensational pop star Dua Lipa was seen flaunting her rooted streaks in a way that you can’t lay your eyes off. 

This look is a blend of black and bright blonde color that covers the front section of your head. From the back head, black and blonde are sectioned nicely. Try this amazing style statement today!!

2. Bright Roots/ Reverse Ombre

Reverse Ombre
Source: Insider

Our favorite Billie Eilish flaunts this stripe hairstyle so fantastically, that you end up being a fan of her bold skunk hair look. Billie Eilish has the boldest take on this trend.

The roots are covered with a neon green color that looks super vibrant and bold, the rest of the hair is dyed all black. Mimic this sexy Skunk stripe hair!!

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3. Peek-A-Boo

Source: Byrdie

Believe me or not, but this is the sexiest of all. You can experiment with any color duo, but most people try black and white or blue and black. This is half-and-half-pairing of the lower and the upper half of your hair.

The lower half is mostly colored with white or blue colors (you can pick any color of your choice). The upper half is given the all-black look. The bottom color hides under the black hair. Only when you move your hand in hair or flip your hair, the peek-a-boo contrast gets revealed.

4. Bottoms Up!!

Bottoms Up
Source: Byrdie

Another bold look that looks super classy and stylish. We all have this habit of tying our hair high to make a bun. This skunk hairstyle is especially for those who love those messy buns. 

Try this playful chic look, that covers the bottom underside of your mane with bright blonde or white color and leaves the rest of the hair black. So practically, when you tie up your hair, this look is clearly visible.

5. Cruella Crop

 Cruella Crop
Source: Pinterest

For those looking for a low-maintenance skunk hairstyle, Cruella crops are for you. Especially recommended for short hair. It covers the shortest layers of your front hair with colors like grey, white or red.

This gives your face a perfect edgy look. Flaunt the cool “no-rules” look!!

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6. Dip-Dyed

Skunk Hair Ideas: Dip-Dyed
Source: Hello Magazine

It’s like dipping half of your hair with color. This look is inspired by Gwen Stefani. This stripe hair trend is both subtle and daring. 

For this look, the lower hanging half of your hair is dipped with a darker color like black, and the inner surface is filled with a blonde.

7. Bright Pink/Red Skunk Stripe Hair

Bright Pink
Source: All Things Hair

Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? If yes then you might have loved the super sassy look of Elena when she tried these Bright red hairstreaks. Any of the two, hot pink or red gives you the wow Skunk stripe variation.

To attain this adventurous look, dye your hair all black, no take the front streaks of your hair, and color it more bright pink or red. It’s a perfect summer look. 

8. Jeon Jiwoo Skunk Highlights

Skunk hairstyles: Jeon Jiwoo Skunk Highlights
Source: K-POP

Who isn’t a fan of Jeon Jiwoo’s flexible moves, cute facial expressions, amazing voice, and fashion sense? Be it her piercing or skunk hair highlights, everyone feels fascinated by her styling factor!

Want Jeon Jiwoo’s Skunk hair look? Well, she always keeps experimenting with her hair looks, and this time her black and blonde looks are in trend! Get this look done easily. Just like partial highlights, you need to get these skunk streaks partially covering your hair.

And it’s ready to flaunt!!

9. Shakira’s Black With Blonde Skunk Streaks

Skunk Hair: Shakira's Black With Blonde Skunk Streaks
Source: Pinterest

Singing sensation Shakira has always been a heartthrob for her rocking voice, amazing fashion, and styling, and her crazy dance moves!! Want to go bold like Shakira?

Do try these black and blond streaks then!! It’s an amazing skunk hairstyle that will make you look bold and elegant at the same time. Your hair is divided into layers and filled with black and blonde shades. Want to go groovy? Give it a shot!!

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Tadaa!! You have finally explored all the funkiest, coolest, and best Skunk hair ideas inspired by your favorite characters. Hope you enjoyed them all.

You can try any of these from rooted streaks to dip-dyed, or take a step up like Billie Eilish and go for those sexy reverse ombre skunks. 

Share this post with your friends and family and let them enjoy the colorful blends. For more hair trends, and styling ideas, stay tuned. Happy Coloring!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Skunk Hair Highlights:

What is skunk stripe hair?

Skunk hair stripes are like partial highlights. These are targeted in some sections of your hair giving them a brighter look than the other part of the head. In short, these are contrasting stripes of hair color.

Who started the skunk stripe trend?

From time to time many celebrities have been seen wearing this trend but originally this trend is inspired by the face-framing high contrasts of Cindy Crawford that she carried in the ’90s. 

What made Skunk Stripe Hair so popular?

Skunks were all over social media like TikTok and Instagram. Many celebrities and video creators flaunted this hair trend gracefully, making it popular among teenagers as well. The classic skunk stripe hairstyle is platinum blonde with a black base.

Featured Image Credits: Pinterest

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