Smart Shorts: Where to Buy and How to Use?

Smart Shorts

Ever imagined your shorts fitting to your body and taking a note of your measurements? Well, if you did not then we are here to tell you, that now your smart shorts can make it possible! Yes, you are right! The smart shorts are here! Keep reading the blog post if you are keen on knowing more about these smart shorts

Coming from a manual way of noting down your body measurements to have your clothes do that for you, is nothing less than a blessing. Technology has evolved in ways we had never thought it would. From computers, to smart phones, to smart shoes and now smart shorts, we can say we are already in the future. However, a lot of you are unaware of these smart shorts and how they function. Thus, we are here to fill you in with the exact information on these smart shorts.

Are you wondering what these smart shorts are? Well then, let us tell you something about what they are. Smart shorts are specifically designed to take a note of your body measurements and keep a record of it. A company named Like A Glove, is the official manufacturer of these smart shorts. In 2014, they launched their first ever smart shorts and now that they have, their smart shorts generation 3 incoming. These smart shorts cater to the users comfort and record the exact measurements of your body. 

This article shall incorporate everything you are required to know about smart shorts, their working and how much do they cost. Follow along the blog and get to know some of the interesting things about smart shorts. 

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What are Smart Shorts? 

Measuring your body shape or body sizes can be confusing and quite a task to figure out. Which is why we have with us, the smart shorts, straight from the future! These smart shorts are not some ordinary shorts that you can wear anywhere and anytime. If you have trouble measuring your exact body sizes, then these shorts will help you for sure. Come let’s learn a little more about it.

Like A Glove is the sole tech textile manufacturing company who has come up with the smart shorts that not only helps you learn about body measurements but also keeps a track of your body shape. For example, if you have lost some weight, then all you have to do is wear these smart shorts and check for new measurements and it will note that too. 

Each brand has its own unique cut and shape. What makes Like A Glove so unique is that we don’t simply take your measurements and convert them into a size. We learn your shape and match it to the shape of the jeans, discovering specific brands, models, and sizes that best accommodate your contours.

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What’s In The Box? 

A pair of smart measuring shorts.


The shorts are VERY stretchy and come in two sizes; S-M-L and M-L-XL, covering from size 0(24″/60cm) up to size 22(55″/140cm).


Quick and friendly service. You can also reach them by visiting their official website. 


They ship with DHL within 3 days.


1 year warranty. 30 days money back guarantee.


Secure checkout using only the safest payment providers

How Do Smart Shorts Work?

Purchasing Jeans: Like A Glove has examined hundreds of jean fits, styles, and brands to develop an algorithm that uses your dimensions to suggest jeans as though they were fashioned specifically for you. The algorithm offers a range of brands and designs, from affordable to investment-worthy items.

Monitoring Fitness. Your body is continuously growing and evolving, whether working out is your life or if you’re lucky you manage a weekly walk. LikeAGlove measures your genuine body growth over months and years and makes it far easier to visualise that improvement than weights.

How to Use Smart Shorts? 

Your shape is measured by smart shorts and we shall learn how to use smart shorts. Open the Like A Glove App > Connect to Bluetooth > Select Measure and then remain motionless > They will automatically get your measurements via the Bluetooth > Once the measurements are done, all you information is recorded. 

Below is a step wise guide on how to use Smart Shorts. Go through the steps if you are interested to know the process. 

Step 1: You put them on, choose “measure” from the no-cost Like A Glove app, and then remain motionless. 

Step 2: Connect the smart shorts with the bluetooth of your phone.

Step 3: They take a quick measurement of you and Bluetooth the information to the app. Sizes 0 to 18 can wear the conventional form of the shorts, while sizes 10-32W can wear the curvy version.

Step 4:  The clothing is CE and FCC approved.

Step 5: Once you have tried the shorts on and it has recorded all your measurements it will note and keep your information in the system. 

The shorts measure 4 areas of your body, where the jeans typically sit. They measure along the sensor lines and their positions are optimal for jeans fitting. The shorts also are great for tracking fitness progress. When we lose or gain inches it is most vivid in our hips and waist area.

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How To Wear Smart Shorts? 

The shorts should sit like mid-rise jeans, falling two fingers below your navel point. They are very stretchy, so don’t pull them too high, and don’t breathe in while the shorts are measuring (some instinctively do so). You want to stand naturally and let the shorts take accurate measurements.

Sometimes two women of the exact same measurements may choose different sizes, as one likes a tight fit and the other prefers it loose. When signing up you can share your known size in two different brands. Knowing your preferences, together with your measurements, enables the app to estimate how tight you like your jeans to sit and what other brands to recommend for you.

How Much Do Smart Shorts Cost? 

Since above we revealed Like A Glove is coming up with a new and their 3rd Generation, which are called the Smart Shorts 3.0. Smart Short 3.0 cost $129.99, however after discount they cost $99.99

Price: $129.99 before discount and $99.99 after discount. 

Where to Buy Smart Shorts?

The smart shorts can be bought by visiting the official website of Like A Glove.

How to Wash Smart Shorts? 

How to wash smart shorts? Well, this must be one thing to consider before buying or investing in these smart shorts. However, this is no longer a hindrance. The best thing about these smart shorts is that they have no battery attached to them nor are these shorts are in any way related to electricity. It can simply go for a quick machine wash hassle-free. There is no such tedious or long procedure to wash these smart shorts. 

Wrapping Up 

Like A Glove’s software offers you a wide range of options and identifies the brands and designs that complement your figure the best. It is still a question of personal preference, though, just like anything style-related. To choose your preferred brand and style, it is advised to experiment with numerous. The jeans you do like will fit you like a glove, but you can always return the ones you don’t like.

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