11 Snapchat Users With Highest Snap Score | Are You One Of Them?

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@sillyblackbug shook the fellow Snapchat users by sharing his snap score and hence started the competition! The competition of who ranks first who will miss the spot by just 2 or maybe 1! But do you guys know how it is calculated? Well! If you’re one of those who want to be on the top of the list, there are a few things you need to keep in mind! Let’s know everything from who has the highest snap score to how you can get one! Here’s your Snapchat guide!

With a Snap score of over 6 million, @sillyblackguy set the bars high that every fellow Snapchat user had to cross to defeat the champion! However, right now a few million snap scores mean absolutely nothing! Why? Well owing to the competitive spirits of many, new records are being set every day!

Wondering what’s the latest highest snap score? Here’s a list of Snapchat users that you need to get ahead of if you’re wanting to be CROWNED!!!

7 Methods To Increase Your Snapchat...
7 Methods To Increase Your Snapchat Score
  1. @dion-19 with (61 million+)
  2. @cris_thisguy (50 million+)
  3. @michae86l (29.6 million+)
  4. @ciqlo (26.6 million+)
  5. @gpierson_20 (20 million+)
  6. @daydrunks (20 million+)
  7. @jade_rush1 (10.8 million+)
  8. @dailybrayden123 (7.2 million+)
  9. @sillyblackguy (6 million+)
  10. @jashanzzz (2 million+)
  11. @pateldeep3 (1.4 million+)

Is just sending and receiving streaks enough to get a snap score of over 61 million? Obviously NOT! Let’s look at all the hacks and tricks that will add you to the snap score race! Happy snapping!!

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Snapchat Streaks And What Is The Highest Snap Score?

users with highest snap score

If you’re new to Snapchat then you may not be familiar with terms like a streak or even a snap score! So let’s get you acquainted with Snapchat first! Do you know who started Snapchat? The former students of Stanford University! Precisely, Snap Inc. as is now known was developed by the joint efforts of Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy! It was a pretty unique multimedia app that was introduced to the masses 10 years ago, i.e. 2011, and its users have only grown with time! 

We spend so much time on social media that these apps have become a vital part of life that we can’t seem to let go of! It was recorded that Snapchat only has an average of 178 million users that are active for at least 30 minutes a day! Snapchat user statistics show that on average, a user will open Snapchat at least 20 times a day!

Since its initial release, Snapchat has added many features and even improved the old ones to make the application more user-friendly! However, the most important features remain, and that is VANISHING! All the messages and pics that you share will only be available for a short duration and will become inaccessible after some time. Features like sharing stories that are available for 24 hours! Some other features of the app are-

  • Snaps
  • Filters
  • Lenses
  • Chat
  • Voice and Video calls
  • Snap Map
  • Memories
  • Story
  • Discover
  • Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is famous for communicating through snaps that are sent back and forth between the two users! And this is where the game begins! Sending and receiving snaps for a minimum of three days will let you in on the world of “Snapchat Streaks!” Snapping for three consecutive days will add a fire emoji to the user you’re snapping with, coupled with the number of days since you started snapping!

We all like to have double digits when looking at our snap streaks and are basically doomed if one of our friends commits a blunder by breaking our hard-earned score! All people who are the toppers on the snap scores surely have a high snap streak too! Have a look at who these people are!

  1. @dion-19 with (61 million+)
  2. @cris_thisguy (50 million+)
  3. @michae86l (29.6 million+)
  4. @ciqlo (26.6 million+)
  5. @gpierson_20 (20 million+)
  6. @daydrunks (20 million+)
  7. @jade_rush1 (10.8 million+)
  8. @dailybrayden123 (7.2 million+)
  9. @sillyblackguy (6 million+)
  10. @jashanzzz (2 million+)
  11. @pateldeep3 (1.4 million+)

Snap Score And How To Make Your Snap Score as – “The Highest Snapchat Score”!

how to increase snap score
Source: Above Android

I’ve been going on and on about the highest snap score, who are the people who have it, and how to achieve the same, but do our new users know what it is? Well, I apologize for the late introductions! Snapchat score or simple Snap score is basically our overall Snapchat scorecard! We all are not quite sure how the Snapchat algorithms work but we have tried to look at some key factors that influence the same! All these factors will add up to give you a snap score that can even reach MILLIONS!

Snapchat streaks are a major component that will boost up your snap score but is it the only factor? Obviously NOT! Let’s see what will boost up your snap score!

  1. Number of discover videos watched
  2. Number of Streaks sent and received
  3. Some freebies
  4. Your number of friends
  5. Your story stats

These all factors will add up to give you a snap score that you can view in your profile. If you are wondering what freebies are? Then here’s the answer! Freebies are simple bonus points that you receive if you have been inactive for quite a long time! It’s a kind of welcome back gift!

If you are wondering what’s the point of boosting your Snap score? Then you should know that these are not some simple digits! They will help you unlock some of the rare emojis that a normal Snapchat user can not use! And that’s a privilege! Here is a list of emojis that you can unlock depending on your snap score:

  • Baby Emoji (10)
  • Glowing Star Emoji (100)
  • Sparkles Emoji (1000)
  • Circled Star Emoji (10,000) 
  • Explosion Emoji (50,000)
  • Rocket Emoji (100,000)
  • Ghost Emoji (500,000)

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Longest Streak On Snapchat 

longhest snap streak
Source: Tech Radar

A streak on Snapchat was a feature that was introduced in the app in April 2015. Streak is usually denoted by a fire emoji and some digits. These digits will denote how long you have been continuing the streak with your friend!

Snapping back and forth for a total of three days will make you form a streak with the user you’ve been snapping with! So what exactly is snapping? It’s just a couple of pictures/snaps or videos/short clips that you share with a friend that you know and updating him/her about your day! That’s how Snapchat streaks work precisely! Once you form a streak with a person, a fire emoji will appear next to the person you’ve been continuously snapping with the number of days since you started your streak journey!

Now, who has the longest Snapchat streak? Well! Obviously, the person you’ve been constantly snapping with! WITHOUT a break! Even a day missed can make that fire icon disappear and hence you need to be on the lookout! 

Checking Snapchat streaks is pretty easy as the number of days you’ve been snapping will show next to the user with a different emoji! If you and your friend have been sending snaps for a total of 100 days, a 100 days emoji coupled with a fire one will show next to both of your usernames! However, you need to be aware of the hourglass one! If an hourglass emoji appear next to your friend, then you need to send a snap to your asap! If not, then bad news is on the way! Your streak will disappear and you would have to start from day one!

Now the question is, who in the world has the longest snap streaks? As of August 2021, Kyle Zajac and Blake Harris have the longest streak of 2309+ Hence, if you want to continue your streak, you have to make sure that your streak does not break and you continue on your happy snapping journey!

Highest Snap Streak

highest snap score
Source: Suntrics

For the highest snap streak, all you have to do is- “continue snapping with your friend!” But make sure that the friend you start a streak with, is a reliable one! Why? Well, it’s a two-way game! Both you and your friend have to continue sending snaps, it can be one or many! But the rule is simple, at least one snap should go within 24 hours if you want to continue a streak! And not only you! Even your friend has to continue the ritual! Both you and your friend must share at least one snap to make sure the streak stays for a longer time!

Let’s see a list of people who have a reliable friend to continue their long streaks!

  1. Kyle Zajac and Blake Harris, 2309 
  2. Connor & Ryan, 1557
  3. Nancy Valdivia and Alea G, 2205 
  4. Mallory Goettl and Corrina Marol, 1799 
  5. Mallory Goettl and Giovanni Marolt, 1800 
  6. Donz Jones and Hannah Hill, 1112 
  7. Azrielle Mondejar and Dale Santiago, 1506 
  8. Miya & Brendan, 2000 
  9. Stephanie A and Sepideh A, 2000
  10. Kiet Nguyen and Fletcher Hall, 1507
  11. Rishabh Chauhan and Deepak Chhillar, 1600 
  12. Thomas & Samantha, 1605 
  13. Sterling & Annaleise, 1662 
  14. Julia & Stine, 1659 
  15. Simon & Wiktoria, 1822 

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Using Snapchat is super easy and fun but this fun game has become pretty competitive these days! With Snap score calculators and lots of online activity, it is easy to share your Snapchat scorecards. Once the news goes around, the race starts! The race of who will have the highest snap score or snap streak!

Featured Image Credits: Phys.org

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