Some Of The Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google

Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google

If you are familiar with digital marketing and SEO, you will probably know that search engines such as Google update their algorithms almost constantly. They will roll out hundreds of updates each year, with some of them being more significant than others. Many people in the digital marketing community dread these updates as they can significantly affect the rankings of a website, but they make these changes to help improve the search experience of the user. Below are some of the most extensive updates we have seen from Google, which still play a vital part today in the search results, but more will surely follow.  

The PageRank Update

Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google; Pagerank
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The PageRank update was named after Larry Page, who worked at Google, which came into effect in 2000. The purpose of the update was to rank all websites on their level of importance, which was manipulated easily by website owners. The update meant that the more backlinks you had and the higher quality, the higher you will rank. So, to put it bluntly, the more links you can afford to buy, the quicker you will get to position one in the search results.

The Penguin Update

Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google; penguin update
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The Penguin update went live in 2021, and it was a way to combat people building thousands of low-quality links to get to the top of the search results. The update targeted websites that used black hat techniques to manipulate their rankings, and this update significantly affected many websites across various industries. We get the phrase “content is king” after this update, and it still plays a role in the rankings of websites today. You can speak to the best Perth SEO experts or consultants in your city, and they can give you a lot of recommendations on how to ensure your website does not get penalised by this update.

The Panda Update

Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google; panda update
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One of the most critical updates, Panda, was released in 2011, and this one focused on targeting websites with low-quality content and keyword stuffing. They wanted to get rid of the websites that had written content that offered no value to users, and when the changes came into effect, roughly 12% of websites were hit by this update. They added the Panda update to the core algorithm of Google search in 2016, so it is as vital today as when it first came into effect in 2011, and you should always ensure your content is unique, relevant, and of high quality.

The Hummingbird Update

Some Of The Most Significant Algorithm Updates From Google
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Hummingbird went live in 2015, and this update had the purpose of understanding the intent of users. It allowed the algorithm to work out the user intent by using context and synonymy of the search query to return relevant results. A significant benefit of this update was that long-tail keywords become more prominent in the search results. It allowed website owners to focus on specific primary keywords and rank for longer variations of the phrases, signifying intent from the searcher.

These are only a few of the more significant updates that Google has rolled out over the years, but there are plenty more besides these. You can get a detailed list of all the updates from Google search.

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