“South Park Season 24” Releasing in the Early Month of November?

"South Park Season 24" Releasing in the Early Month of November?

There are a lot of fantastic shows to watch on the internet as well as on television. But sometimes however we get bored watching all action, romance, thriller, etc. Therefore sometimes we may want to watch a classic show. Which certainly lightens our mood and makes up feel happy.

South Park is the show released for Comedy Central. However, South Park is an American animated sitcom. Matt Stone creates it, and its partner, Trey Parker. The development of this show was under Brian Garden which he indeed developed for Comedy Central.

Although this show faced a little controversy due to its dark, surreal humour which affects the range of young audiences, watching this show, originally this show was developed by Parker and Stone having the name Spirits of Christmas. Comedy Central published short consecutive animated videos.

These two videos published on the internet indeed became, first internet videos on the internet that went viral due to which Spirit of Christmas eventually led to the production of South Park with cutout animation. But later on, all of its episodes are created with computer animation. But these two emulated the cutout technique. South Park has a wide variety of recurring characters.

Release Date: South Park season 24

South Park was the first broadcast on 13 August 1997. This show received huge success. However, it is an animated program. But at the time when the show released, it was the highest-rated cable program. And because of this reason until this date. South Park is on top being Comedy Central’s highest-rated shows.

Due to tremendous success, this show received Primetime Emmy Award, Peabody Award. This certainly led to the production of its feature-length film released in the year 1999 in June. After the years later this show ranked tenth greatest cartoon shows of all time.

Season 23 of South Park received an average rating of 0.46 with viewers counts 817,000, which was about 9% less than the preceding season’s rating. But that didn’t make writers moral down. Instead, the creator of the show renewed South Park season 24 already in 2019 till 2022. So yes, we are going to see season 24 of South Park. Not only season 24 but season 25,26 will be released too.

Although we don’t know when season 24 will be released, we can expect its release in the early month of November or December. But creators have confirmed that a one-hour long episode of the pandemic challenge will be released on 30 September 2020. No more further news has been received yet.

If we decide on any updates we will keep you updated will the news.

Storyline: South Park

This entire show revolves around four boys who live in the mountains of South Park in Colorado. Together they do adventures in their school, neighborhood and all around the world. And turn out things that are unfavourable to their situations.

The first episode of last season trails around where Tegridy faces a situation where he has to leave his farms Because of Mexican Joker arrives at Tegridy’s farms. Mopey Cartman calls to ICE for Kyle’s family and his surprise. Law enforcement arrives quickly. He was arresting Broflowskis to separate their children. When Kyle is in the detention center, he confronts guard who is a little sketched out. This adds little Comedy to the rest of the episode.

In the second episode, Randy wants to sell his marijuana. to the Chinese market. Still, he gets caught when marijuana is found in his bag. After that episode, Sharon gets very angry because of his self-centered strives. To remove hatred, Randy and Sharon celebrate milestones accomplished by their farm. Later on, they face a decrease in their sales of marijuana, and Cartman suffers from a heart attack. Moving forward in the show, we get to see that Randy’s daughter hates his marijuana farming business. In the last episode, Santa arrives at South Park. It warns the people that they are being driven under the influence and takes away the joy of the festival. Randy helps his town to be in a joyous mood by selling them cocaine.


He is the main character of this show. He is an eight-year-old boy, whose role is more likely towards a villain in the show. His character was completely changed after the fifth season from antagonists to a psychopath.

Kenny is one of the four main characters of the show. He is a residential poor. His voice is very muffled because of the orange parka he wears. He has a very perverted mind.

The third main character in the show, his voice is loosely based on the voice of Co-creator Matt Stone. He inspires many of the fictional characters in this show.

Voice of Stan Marsh, loosely based on the voice of Trey Parker. He is a kid who lives with his mom and dad. He has a mildly abusive sister Shelly. And his best friend is Kyle with whom he wishes to marry.

Though there are a majority of other characters in the show, they show to have supporting characters.

Voice Artists:

  • Eric Cartman – Trey parker
  • Kenny McCormick – Matt Stone
  • Kyle Broflovski – Matt Stone
  • Stan Marsh – Trey Parker

Where to watch?

You can watch South Park on Comedy Central or in HBO movies. But if you want to watch this show online, you can watch it on NETFLIX.


If you loved the storyline and are planning to watch its first season then here we have the trailer for you so that you can get a glimpse of the show.

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