Spartanburg Co. authorities investigating multiple shootings within miles of each other

MOORE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Authorities in Spartanburg County are investigating two separate shootings that occurred on the same day within just a couple of miles of one another.

Last Wednesday, a horse in the community of Moore was shot and killed, and a camper had its front window shot out just down the highway.

Spartanburg County Animal Control and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office are separately investigating both incidents, but have compared notes to see if the shootings just a couple of miles apart on the same day were connected.

The families who were targeted, now wanting answers as to why this happened.

For more than a decade, Pee-Dab the horse traveled with the Harmon family around the country for competitions.

"It’s like he was one of my best friends. I mean, like she said there was never a fear when I was on him regardless of if we were in the pasture or I was at a rodeo, it was just always fun time with him because I never had to worry about him not taking care of me," said Monica Harmon.

Last week, Pee-Dab was shot by a shotgun as he was wandering the family’s pasture off Hwy. 417 in the community of Moore, SC.

The family says they didn’t realize how bad the situation was until they got their horse to the vet.

By that point, they say it was too late and they had to put him down.

"We live on a farm and people deer hunt, coyote hunt, hog hunt all around here. So we’re used to hearing gunfire, you know we have neighbors who have practiced with like a firing range. But something like this has never happened," said Lorrie Harmon.

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Just 2 miles down Hwy. 417, Thomas and Linda Roberts say they heard gunshots directed at their house on the same day.

Nobody was injured in that incident but their camper and truck were hit and sustained damage, also from a shotgun.

"My wife just walked into the camper when the shot fired. If she had been outside the door with the dog there’s no doubt in my mind she would have been hit with pellets cause they sprayed in that direction," said Thomas.

The killing of Pee-Dab is under investigation by Spartanburg County Animal Control, while the shooting at the Roberts house is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said they have compared notes with Animal Control to see if the two incidents are related, but no official word on if they are at this point.

The Harmon family says they are offering a reward for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest for whoever killed Pee-Dab, although the exact amount they are offering at this point is undetermined.

Anyone with information on either of the incidents are encouraged to call Spartanburg County Animal Control at (864) 596-3582, or the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 503-4500.

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