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Starting Your Certification Journey: How Valuable Is Microsoft MD-100 Certbolt Exam and What Can It Give You?

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Microsoft MD-100 is part of a series of exams that the candidates must pass to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate. It is a 150-minute test that offers you about 60 questions toanswer and score more than 700 points. The second exam is Microsoft MD-101. You can find the details of both these testson the certification webpage. It is ideal for those administrators who want to validate their skills in configuring, deploying, managing, securing, and monitoring client devices and applications in enterprise environments.

In today’s world, the technical credentials have become highlypopular among the employees and employers. Therefore, with thebadgelike this, you can stand out among your peers and get ahead in the competitive job market. It demonstrates your competence and commitment to learning. Additionally, Microsoft offers a variety of products and services. There is hardly any organization that doesn’t use at least one Microsoft product or service. This means that with this certificate, you can explore many job opportunities in the industry. Without a doubt, passing the Microsoft MD-100 Certbolt exam and earning the associated certification is valuable and can make a world of difference to your career growth.

Benefits of passing the Microsoft MD-100 exam

If you are still not sure whether you should go for this option or not, we recommend that you look at the following advantages that will change your mind:

  • You become more productive

The IT credentials are a springboard to highly rewarding careers. With the Microsoft certifications, you can expect to spend less time in the interview room. This optionwill stand you out and help you get a job faster. This is because the recruiters know what you are bringing to the table and how valuable you can be to their organization. The certified professionals have a 25% more chance of getting a promotion or salary increase faster than their non-certified counterparts.

  • You deliver great value to your organization
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The employers recognize that the certified professionals deliver better value and make an immediate impact on their organizations. Reports show that they are about 90% more productive than their non-certified colleagues. Every company wants to hire the high-performing specialists, and with the Microsoft certificate on your resume, you can expect to get your dream job faster than you’d expect.

  • You get promoted faster

If you deliver value, you will climb the career ladder faster than normal. This is what the Microsoft certification can offer you. While preparing for your exam, you will develop skills and knowledge in the process. You are also likely to commit to continuous learning as you go through your career. This positions you for promotion and helps you achieve your career goals faster. Exam-Labs


Passing any certification exam can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be this way. Although the Microsoft tests are renowned for their difficulty level, with the right study materials, you can pass your exam at the first attempt. You will find ample resources on the Microsoft platform, including instructor-led training courses and online learning paths. Additionally, you can explore practice tests and exam dumps to equip you for exceptional performance in Microsoft MD-100.

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