30 Strangest Facts About Movies that will definitely amaze you

Strangest Facts About Movies

Movies are the best source of entertainment. We have watched thousands of movies to date but, there are various facts and weird moments that happen in the movies. Here in this article, you’ll come across the various strangest facts about movies, that you must know.

It takes a lot of effort to make a movie, from the star cast to the technicians all put in their best efforts to make a movie blockbuster hit. Various strange incidents happen during the creation of a movie but we only see the perfect finishing on the big screen. We at deasilex came across various such facts and listed them as the strangest facts about movies

Do you know Gal Gadot was five months pregnant during the shooting of Wonder Woman, Kate Winslet actually flashed Leonardo DiCaprio when they meet for the first time.

Well, we have more surprising facts than these twos. Read below to amaze yourself with the more interesting and strangest facts about movies that you don’t know.

Strangest facts about movies

Further in the article, you’ll read about the strangest facts about your favorite movies.

Rocky IV

Strangest Facts About Movies- Rocky IV

Source: CinemaBlend

Acton Star Silvester Stallone wanted the boxing scene in the movie to look real so he instructed Dolph Lundgren to hit him in real. The punch on the chest was so severe that Stallone was in intensive care for four days.

Wonder Woman

Strangest Facts About Movies- wonder woman

Source: Amazon.com

Wonder Woman was five-month pregnant during the shooting of the movie and her baby bump was visible. The crew designed her costume in such a way that her belly part was covered with the green screen which was later removed by the technical team.


Strangest Facts About Movies- titanic

Source: Titanic

There are various strange facts related to the Titanic Movie. The opening and the ending casting of the movie have a total length of two hours and forty minutes. According to the sources, the actual time taken by the original titanic ship to sink was 37 seconds and by chance, the scene of the ship sinking was also 37 seconds long. Weren’t these strange so, we listed them as the  Strangest Facts About Movies.

Slumdog Millionaire

Strangest Facts About Movies- slumdog millionaire

Source: Mic

The money which was to be paid to the 3 lead child actors was actually put into a trust and was released to the children after they were sixteen years old and had completed their education. The director hired an Auto rickshaw driver who takes these children to school daily until they were 16.

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Man of  Steel

strangest facts about movies
Source: ProBoards

Henry Cavil refused any special touches to his body by the digital team also refused to take steroids for the shirtless scene. He said that it be an act of dishonesty with his fans and actually worked on his body to look perfect for the shot.

The Imitation Game

Strangest Facts About Movies- the immitation game

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The main protagonist of the movie Benedict Cumberbatch himself told that he actually starting crying during the final scenes of the movie. He also told he was fond of the character and wanted to live more of it.

Jurassic park

Strangest Facts About Movies- jurrasic park

Source: BBC

The sounds that Velociraptors make while communicating are similar to the sound that tortoises make while having sex. It sounded funny but is one of  the Strangest Facts About Movies

Star Trek

Strangest Facts About Movies- star trek

Source: Pinterest

The sound of the doors opening automatically in the U.S.S Enterprises is actually the sound of the Russian Train’s toilet Flushing. Doors opening like toilet flush sounds seems funny but many of us never noticed it so I called it The Strangest Facts About Movies.

The Terminator

Strangest Facts About Movies- star trek

Source: SuperHeroHype

Arnold Schwarzenegger while shooting for The Terminator once went to a restaurant in L.A during the break time for the lunch. Later he realized that he was in his terminator makeup with an eye Missing, jawbone exposed and burned skin. 

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Strangest Facts About Movies- Interstellar

Source: Universe Today

Interstellar is a mind-bending movie, Christopher Nolan actually grew Five hundred Acres of corn for the corn scene in the movie. Later he sold these corns and actually made a  profit. The director of the movie growing corns makes this the Strangest Facts About Movies.

Pretty Woman

Strangest Facts About Movies- pretty Woman

Source: Patch

The necklace snapping scene was so natural that the filmmaker decided to let it in the film although the scene was not planned in such a manner.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Strangest Facts About Movies- john-wick-2

Source: CHS Globe

The fight scenes in the movie were performed by Keanu Reeves himself. He trained himself for three months and his training includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Driving, and marksmanship.

The Dark Knight

Strangest Facts About Movies- the dark Knight

Source: No Film School

For the preparation of his character The Joker, Heath Ledger locked himself in the motel room for six weeks and prepared his role and the sadistic sound laugh. The dedication of the actor can be seen on the screen.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

Strangest Facts About Movies- the Chronicles of narnia

Source: Pinterest

The first scene of Georgie Henley was genuine. She was taken to the sets blindfolded and her reaction was recorded. Also, her first encounter with Mr. Tumnus was natural she had never seen her co-stars in the costumes so, she actually shouted on the sets.

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Schindler’s List

Strangest Facts About Movies- Schinder's list

Source: Time Out

The costume designer took out an advertisement for seeking 20,000 extra costumes required for the movie as the budget was low and the economic conditions in Poland were not good so people actually sold their clothing. Not having funds for the costumes and being the greatest movie ever makes me list this fact as the Strangest Facts About Movies.


Strangest Facts About Movies- titanic

Source: Pinterest

After coming to know that she has to be naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet actually flashed him on their first meet.

Forrest Gump

Strangest Facts About Movies- forrest gump

Source: The Guardian

The actor Tom Hanks was not paid for the movie, he instead took the share in the movie which resulted in forty million dollars. Actor thinking like a businessman makes me list this as the Strangest Facts About Movies. 

Django Unchained

Strangest Facts About Movies- django unchained

Source: Quora

During the scene when Leonardo DiCaprio smashes his hand on the table piece of a stemmed glass crushed his hand, he ignored it and continued with the scene. Quentin Tarantino noticed it and the whole crew gave him a standing ovation after the scene.

Dallas Buyers Club

Strangest Facts About Movies- dallas buyers club

Source: Netflix

The makeup budget was just $250  and the film artists were able to work with that. To the surprise, the movie won an oscar in the makeup and hairstyle category. From low Budget to Oscar How many of us know the Story? This makes the fact as the Strangest Facts About Movies.

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Guardians of The Galaxy

Strangest Facts About Movies- guardians of the galaxy

Source: The Toyark

Chris Pratt stole his Star-Lord costume from the sets, to show the real Star-Lord to his sick children fans in the hospital 

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I am sure that you won’t be knowing these facts about the movies. Our team, deasilex has done a lot of research on these facts and listed them as the Strangest Facts About Movies for you. If you enjoyed these facts then do share this with your friends.

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