Stunning Dark Blue Nail Designs For A Dramatic Transformation!!

blue nails design

Give your nails a dramatic transformation with these dark blue nail designs! If you’ve already tried the classy navy blue matte or other baby blue nails designs, then go bold this time around! Paint the beautiful transformations of dark blue and its varying shades to add a vibrant and dramatic touch to your well-filed nails!

What do black color nails mean
What do black color nails mean

Coffin or stiletto nails are best when it comes to darker hues of blue as these get accentuated when painted on such nail shapes! To further the beauty of various darker shades of blue on your nails, add different combinations of pastels to it! 

There are many other ways by which you can paint these classic blue nails! The beauty of dark blue nails is furthered if you add shining rhinestones to them! You can also try beautiful ombre transitions to flaunt these mesmerizing nails! Let’s look at more of these dark blue nail designs and try them all out!

On a happy note, did you know who rocked dark blue nail art at Oscar 2021? It was Gabriella AKA H.E.R. !!!!! So let’s recreate her iconic nails while trying out Ben’s, and Lupita’s classy Met Gala nails too! But before moving ahead, don’t forget to file your nails well!

Regal Dark Blue Nails For Prom To Try At Home

Blue is the color of royalty and it signifies wealth and loyalty! It’s a lavish color with rich hues and is perfect to give a dramatic transformation to your nails! So, let’s add a touch of lavishness to your nails by painting these beautiful dark blue nail designs! 

1. Dark Blue Nail Designs With Glitter

trending dark blue nails design
Source: ITakeYou

There are various hues of dark blue and thus choose any one of your choices and get ready to paint it on your nails! Paint a beautiful dark blue like imperial or midnight blue on your nails and top it off with a glittery nail color! However, do not add too much glitter as it will overpower your blue!

2. Cute Dark Blue Nails With Flowers

cute dark blue nails with flowers
Source: CleverStyling

Reminisce the refreshing spring vibes while painting white flowers on your blue nails! You can create a classic ombre effect on the petals of your flowers as the white will perfectly fade into your blue creating a beautiful illusion!

3. Coffin Dark Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Coffin Dark Blue Nails With Rhinestones
Source: Pinterest

Rhinestones are like diamonds that match the luxury of royal blue! The lavishness of these darker shades of blue gets accentuated when paired with these shiny gems and hence, do not forget them! Add rhinestones to the tips of your dark blue nails and flaunt them wherever you want!

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4. Blue Nails With Swirls

blue nails with swirls
Source: Secretly Sensational

Navy is a regal shade of blue and thus, when talking about darker blue, it’s the first shade that pops in our head! To paint beautiful dark blue nails with swirls, try recreating Ben’s Met Gala nails paired with light and dark blue! Create a perfect wave with light and dark shades of blue And Voila, beautiful swirly nails! 

5. Dark Blue Ombre Nails 

Dark Blue Ombre Nails 
Source: Amazon

Ombre transitions are best for stiletto nails (personal opinion)! You can paint dark blue ombre on nude base color like beige to create classic dark blue ombre nails! You can even do a simple dark blue on your natural nails by topping it off with a sheen lacquer! The results are simply mind-blowing and you will especially love it if you’re a fan of subtle nail art! 

6. Metallic Blue Nails

dark blue metallic nails
Source: Nail Design Code

Remember Nupita’s Met Gala nails? Yeah! Let’s recreate it! Paint a sheen of metallic blue on your coffin or stiletto nails and add shiny rhinestones on your tips to accentuate its beauty! The results, in Janice’s voice – OH MY God (a good one though)! 

7. Navy Blue French Tips

Navy Blue French Tips
Source: Beauty Mag

French tips! FRENCH TIPS!! yes! Perfect for a subtle transformation but let’s not forget, beautiful too! Paint these classic tips on the tips of your nails in dark blue nail lacquer or any other dark shade of blue! In the end, don’t forget to complete the look with a sheen of transparent lacquer! 

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8. Navy Blue Night Sky

Navy Blue Night Sky
Source: DIY Crafts

We all like gazing at the beautiful starry sky! The shining stars at night fill our hearts with joy and hence, let’s paint it all out on our nails! Paint a navy blue sky with stars on your nails and get ready to shine! 

9. Matte Dark Blue Nails

Matte Dark Blue Nails
Source: Pinterest

Matte is classy and matte blue nails are Classier (in comparison to boring glossy ones!) so paint these simple matte blue nails and add a hint of glossy ones too! It’s a perfect nail look for simple occasions and other office looks where you don’t want your nails to be too much! It is classy, simple, and everything you’re looking for! 

10. Blue Marble Nails

Blue Marble Nails
Source: Pinterest

Marble effect mesmerizes people but sadly, not many can paint it with precision and style! However, if you can, then paint the beautiful transition of dark blue, light blue, and white on your nails and add a hint of gold on it too! Now, if you can’t, buy a set of navy blue marble nails on Etsy, and let me add, they’re just PERFECT! 

11. Acrylic Navy Blue Nails

dark blue acrylic nails
Source: Pinterest

Long acrylic nails are mesmerizing and these acrylic nails when painted in navy blue, scream nothing but luxury! To add to their shine, top the navy blue coat with a shiny lacquer and add to its bling! 

To make them even more charming, do an ombre transition of light blue and navy blue on your nails with shiny lacquer and BOOM! Mesmerizing! 

12. Gold Accentuated Stiletto Nails

gold blue stiletto nails
Source: Dope Nails

Gold on stiletto nails? Yes please! Do this classy gold+navy blue combination on your stiletto nails and don’t forget to boat your lavish style among your friends! You can do a half-half style with this by adding a diving line of gold in your dark blue painted nails! 

To add to its elegance, add rhinestones in the ends, and Voila! Done and beautiful! 

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13. Reverse French Tips On  Dark Blue Nails

reverse french tips nails
Source: Pinterest

Who said we could only do French tips? Let’s try these classy reverse ones top! Paint some elegant reverse French tips on your dark blue nails on a base of beige or nude pink. Add a shiny lacquer to make your French tips pop and Voila!!!! you’re all done! 

14. Snowflake Blue Nails 

snowflake nails
Source: Lifestyle&Fashion

Look at this snowflake! Doesn’t it look dreamy? Why not try it out!!! Paint a simple yet beautiful snowflake on your dark blue nails with a shimmery nail lacquer and get ready for chilling winters! 

15. Constellation On Nails 

Constellation On Nails 
Source: Tattoorary

Are you a fan of astronomy? Then why don’t you try a constellation on your midnight blue nails! Paint beautiful stars and connect them with white lacquer to create a perfect constellation! These nails look otherworldly and hence, a must-try! 

Best Dark Blue Nails On Etsy

Do you have a missing creative bone? Same pinch!!! However no need to worry girls! Etsy is our lifesaver with its rich collection of press-on nails! Here are some of the best dark blue nails on Etsy that will make you say, WOWW!!!

1Night Sky NailsView
2Midnight Marble NailsView
3Celestial Sorcery View
4Blue Persuasion Glow NailsView
5Long Blue Jelly NailsView
6Blue Ice NailsView
7Teal Blue NailsView
8Deep Blue Chameleon NailsView
9Chameleon Fake Ombre NailsView
10Navy Blue Press-On NailsView

Summing Up

Dark blue nails are a must if you want to have a dramatic transformation these upcoming winters! Try these beautiful midnights, royal, and navy blue nail designs, and don’t forget to flaunt them! 

If you try any of these out, don’t forget to share them with us too!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Where can you buy the best navy blue press-on nails? 

I personally like nails on Etsy! These are handmade and affordable too and let’s not forget the beauty of their creations! Every nail on Etsy is a work of art and hence you should definitely check them out! 

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