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Locs are tremendous, especially when they mature! Mature locs look terrific when we style them up but like anything else in life, they surely take their quality time to appear! Our locs go through various stages starting from starting locs to mature locs. Also, the journey and care for each are different! To reap the benefits of mature locs, one has to start early by forming a styling routine and that’s what we’re going to learn today! Let’s set your locs styling routine today and get you acquainted with these best styles for starting locs!

Bob’s classic locs can never be out of trend! Dreads are the major hair transformation goal for many and there’s no questioning why! Whether in Oscar ceremonies or in any other award show, dreads have never disappointed anyone with how pleasing they are! Now, how would you describe dreads? I’d say they’re wild with a touch of grace and that alluring grace is obviously brought out by your starter styling routine!

There are innumerable styles for starting locs that make them lock and set well! You can start off by simple starting locs styles like palm rolling, two-strand twists, or free-form. But here’s a twist! You can’t randomly choose a style for your dreads. Your starting dreads style will have to match up your hair texture, hair length, and even your personal aesthetics! Once you know the answers to all these questions, start styling them!

Starter Locs Methods for Super Fast...
Starter Locs Methods for Super Fast Growth!

Styling locs isn’t that difficult as it would otherwise appear. So with a relaxed heart, get on with your dreads styling journey! One more thing, do not compare your locs with others! Everyone has a different lock-up journey. So don’t be disheartened if you are taking more time than your friend Joshua!

Styles For Starting Locs For Men And Women 

Locs are dreamy, locs are wild, but foremost, do you know what are locs? 

Dreadlocks or locs, are hairs that are left to mature, and over time, they lock up by growing buds! Once your hairs are locked up, you won’t be able to unravel them yourself and that’s what we’re aiming for today, right? 

Basically, your starter locs styles are the ones that you do just at the start of your dreads journey that will make them lock over time! Your starter locs will remain for about 3-6 months and then you’ll move onto another stage! 

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to some of the best styles for starting locs that will set the pace for your locking-up journey

1. Free Form Locs

Free Form Locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Youprobablyneedahaircut.com

Locs need careful planning and there are a lot of dos and don’ts that we need to keep in mind! Although the steps to your locs styling will not change. Nevertheless, we can significantly reduce one step! And, that is by reducing your time in deciding on a specific loc style!

If you can’t decide on one locs style, why not go for free form? 

Freeform is the best starter style for starting locs as you won’t even have to do much! Your hair will naturally lock and all you have to do is trust the process. 

Your locs will naturally lock and there’s always a moment of surprise associated with this loc style. Reason being that you never know how the end result will be! Now, if you’re wondering how the process is going to be? Well for starters, it’s going to be natural, and like I said, nothing else!

However, here’s a key takeaway! If you have finer hair, then your hair will take time to lock up naturally with a free-form style. Additionally, if you’re going by this organic starter loc style, then keep in mind that you “DO NOT” detangle or brush your hair!

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2. Comb Coils

Comb Coils locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Pinterest

Comb coils is a classic style for starting locs and believe me when I say, it’s absolutely stunning! 

You surely won’t be disappointed with comb coils as your starter loc style as there’s a hidden charm in those twisted rope-like strands that cascade like a waterfall! 

No matter if your hair is short or long, or if you’re a male or female, these coils do not discriminate! They will take your hairstyling to a whole different level such that they will become your go-to. 

To rock this loc style, you don’t even have to do much! All you have to do is divide your hair into sections and apply your hair gel to tame your loose ends. Once you’re done sectioning and smoothing out your hair, twist your hair with the help of a comb. 

Now a piece of advice, try to twist them tightly as you can. The reason for the same is because the more tightly you twist your hair, the less time it will take to lock! This is the mantra to fasten up your locking up process with the help of your starter locs style! 

3. Palm Rolling

palm rolling locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Sampli

Palm Rolling is another commonly preferred starter loc style and if you want your locs to be clean and smooth, go for this one. Palm rolling is easier to do and flawless to carry and maintain. Initially, however, you might find some problems in maintaining the twists but nevertheless, with time, your hair will get used to this style.

Now comes the process of how to get those perfect locs with palm rolls! Trust me when I say that this one is EASY! And it becomes a lot easier if you have short hair but there’s nothing to worry about if you have longer locks! The only difference will be in the time taken!

To get flawless locs with the help of palm rolls, smoothen out your frizzy hair and divide them into sections. Once you’ve done that, the remaining process can be simply deciphered from the name only!

Palm roll your sectioned strands and keep them rolling till they are nice and tight. Once you have rolled them enough, secure them with clips and bands, and Voila! You’re all done to flaunt your locs!

4. Two-Strand Twist Locs

Styles For Starting Locs
Source: eHairExpert

Are palm-rolled locs too simple for your taste? 

Ladies and gentlemen, why not try these amazing two-strand locs?

I swear you’re going to fall in love with this starter loc style. It will make your locks too good to be true! Was it too much flattery for a single loc style? Writer bias y’all! Can’t help it! 

Back to two-strand twist locs now, this is simple to pull off and hence you don’t have to do much! The process is rather simple and you have to start just like you did in palm rolling! The only difference here is that you will roll the two twisted strands again and secure them! Was it too confusing? Let me elaborate!

First detangle your hair, smooth them out and then divide them into sections! Once you’ve done that, start twisting the sectioned strands. Once you’ve twisted two strands, again twist them together but not as you did initially.

Twist the twisted strands together in a counter-clockwise manner and pass them over together. Once you’re done, you’re ready to flaunt!! But do keep in mind, if you start with this locking style, then it will surely take its sweet time for your locks to mature. The normal time taken by locs to mature by this style is between 6 months to 2 years. 

5. Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Styles For Starting Locs

We love curls, especially the finer and bouncy ones that make us look wild and charming at the same time! If you’re a fan of curls like I am, try this starter locking style known as “sister locks!”

Sisterlocks are like those micro locks which are locked together to form the perfect locks style! Did it get too locked? 

Hey! Let me make it simpler for you! But first things first, this style isn’t child’s play and hence, you won’t be able to try this at home by yourself! You need the help of your hair professional to make the job easier for you!

Now coming back to the process of this starter style! Sisterlocks are done with an interlocking instrument or tool like a locking hook which is used to lock the hair from tips to roots. Small (micro) sections of hair are locked together which gives off the impression of the thin roots of a tree!

Once your hair starts getting used to this locking style, you can experiment further and style them any way you want! One of the commonly done hairstyles on these locs is curling them out as they look extremely gorgeous with their locky bounce!

6. Instant Locs

instant locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Reddit

If you want secure and fast maturation of your locks, then you should surely go for instant locs! Instant locs, as the name suggests, are “instant!” 

The hooking method is used to create a fully locked hairstyle that literally gives off those matured loc vibes.

Now the most important thing, THE PROCESS!! The most commonly asked question regarding instant locs is “Can we do them at home?” 

The direct answer is – NO! 

We can’t do instant locs at home because it’s complicated and comparatively hard to pull off! The process becomes harder if you have long hair. 

To enjoy the best results of this beautiful starting loc style, you’ll have to section your smoothened hair and then backcomb these strands while twisting them. Once you’ve backcombed, take your crochet hook and start rotating the backcombed hair clockwise back and forth. Keep rotating this until your hair begins to lock.

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7. Faux Locs

Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Carol’s Daughter

These faux locs are my absolute favorite and in no time, they’ll become yours too! Now if you’re thinking – “what’s so special about these faux locs?” Then OH! You’re definitely in for a surprise!

These faux locs do have a twist! 

Faux locs is one of the best starter loc styles for those who want to enjoy the freshness of loose ends! 

Was it ambiguous? Let me elaborate!

You’ll style your locs naturally like you usually do by twisting and retwisting them but when you reach the ends, lose your hold! We usually tighten our hair for a perfect loc style in order to fasten our loc maturation process but there are no rules! 

Loosen out the ends of your twists and curl them with your fingers! Once the process is complete, you’ll be awed by these Goddess locs!!

8. Backcombed Locs

Backcombed locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: YouTube

Ahhh!! Backcombed locs! I was wondering why this classic starter loc style wasn’t popping up! Backcombed locs are easy to do and easy to maintain! You won’t have to worry about the hassling retwisting routine because they’re easy to maintain.

The process of backcombed starting locs is just like twisted locs and the only difference is COMB! You’ll be using a comb to lock your hair backward in a twist by rolling them out. Once you have successfully back-rolled your hair, secure them!

Once you have fully secured your hair, style them any way you want! The most common style for backcombed locs is using hair accessories or pulling them in a high pony! You can also roll them up in a big full bun. 

No matter how you style these locs, they are only going to look awesome! 

9. Braiding or Braid Locs

braided locs: Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Booksby

Braiding or Braid locs is another style for those who are starting to grow locs. We all know the braiding process, don’t we? So if you want a hassle-free locking style, why not go for braiding?

It’s chic to use the three-stranded braids to lock your dreads and as you’re already familiar with the process, you’ll be done faster than any other locking hairstyle!

However, do keep in mind, the locs after this starting loc style will be comparatively flatter than any other style like comb coils or palm rolling. Now if you want bouncy locs, it is advisable that you choose another starter style!

10. Loc Extensions

Styles For Starting Locs
Source: Vietnamese Hair – Human Hair Extensions Vietnam

Are you an impatient human who can’t wait months or years for your hair to lock into mature locs? 

Well, a piece of good news for you all! 

You wouldn’t have to wait months if you go for loc extensions as these naturally matured locs will be locked into your hair from roots.

Now if you’re planning to go with loc extensions as a starter style, then here are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, use 100% human hair only as extensions if you want permanent locs! 

Secondly, make sure that you choose a professionally trained hairstylist for the process as poorly placed extensions can do you more bad than good! Hence, it is advisable that you do enough research before jumping onto loc extensions.

A normal procedure of loc extensions will take from 7-8 hours on a minimum but obviously, if done beautifully, the results are to die for!

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Wrap Up: 

Locs are empowering and if you are jumping into the world of dreads, Kudos to you! It’s a daring but splendid decision indeed as there’s a different wildness and jubilant energy hidden in those twists!

Now that you have started wondering about locs, here are a few starter locs hairstyles that you can choose! These are Palm Rolls, Sisterloocks, Comb Coils, or simply organic or freeform locs! No matter what style you choose, the result is only going to amaze you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you style starter locs?

If you’re starting out your locking journey, then here are a few ways by which you can style your starter locs! These are – Comb Coils, Instant Locs, Braiding, Palm Rolling, Backcombed Locs, etc!

Q. What are good beginner locs?

Some of the best beginner locs are:

  1. Free Form Locs
  2. Comb Coils
  3. Palm Rolling
  4. Two-Strand Twist Locs
  5. Sisterlocks
  6. Instant Locs
  7. Faux Locs
  8. Backcombed Locs

Q. What are some of the best Styles For Starting Locs for short hair?

First of all, you need to know that there’s no bifurcation or hard rules on what styles are best suited for long hair or short hair! The styles for starting locs are basically the same for short hair and long hair so you can try them out freely! The only difference is in the process! Where longer hair takes more time styling, shorter hair does not! So you have the advantage of trying the most complicated starting locs style with ease!

However, if you’re still wondering which ones should you be trying first, then starter locs styles like palm rolling, two-strand twists or backcombed locs are a good start for shorter hair!

Q. What are some of the best Styles For Starting Locs for long hair?

Some of the best styles for starting locs for long hair are:

  • Palm Rolling
  • Comb Coils
  • Braid Locs
  • Free Form Locs
  • Two-Strand Twist Locs

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