What To Talk About With A Girl Over Text? 10 Topics To Get You Going!!

What To Talk About With A Girl Over Text

“Behind every angry woman stands a man, who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.” LOL!!
I am sure you don’t want to be that man who just screwed around a happily going conversation with just one wrong move. Well, relax!! There is no such thing as a 3-month course to master the skills of impressing a woman, But who said you can’t channelize your efforts in the right direction? This post is for all those looking for topics to talk about with a girl over text.

There’s a lot of difference when we are talking to a person one on one and when we are talking to a person over text. In the former one, we are able to recognize the interest of a person via his/her expressions and tone of talking. Whereas in the latter one, the expressions are always a mystery. You never know what impression your text left on the receiver. Am I getting too technical here? Okay, let’s give you some instant boosters. 

You need to cheer up for the fact that you managed to get her number. Now you can build up good bonding over text with the girl you like. But you are probably running out of words to get headed. Worry not! I’ll be sharing the perfect good-to-go topics to talk about with a girl over text. Like you can ask how her day was or what are her plans for the week. See, it’s not that hard to get started. 

If you are still stressing out about talking to a girl over text, gather some courage, type a text, and press send. But wait! What to text her? That’s what I have mentioned right here with examples. All the best and be yourself. I know you’ll rock it!!

10 Great Topics To Talk About With A Girl Over Text

You are trying so hard to impress the girl you like. 10 points for your efforts!!

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It’s the time you take one step ahead and let her know how you feel about her. Uh-Huh! Do not hurry. Go with the flow. Here are the ways to do things right.

1. Start By Knowing Her

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Start By Knowing Her
Young couple on a coffee date

In most cases, when talking to a new person, the first thing we try to do is to get to know them better. What kind of person are they? What are their likes and dislikes? And so on… 

Rightfully, this is how you start a conversation with a girl over text. Ask her about herself. Don’t be too interrogative. Just begin by simply asking about her day, her work, or her family. 

Many people love to talk about themselves. If you are lucky enough, she might be one of them. This small little conversation can keep you going smoothly. 

2. Talk About Friends and Relationships

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Talk About Friends and Relationships
Source: Be Stylish

It may sound weird but hell yes, talking about your past relationships really helps to keep the conversation going. 

Plus, it builds an understanding of what kind of person you are and what have been your past experiences. Also, you get to know about her past relationships. 

Friends are an integral part of our lives. If a girl feels comfortable talking about her friends with you, then this is a good sign. Because we mostly share our personal things with the person we are interested in.

3. Ask Her About Her Day

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Ask Her About Her Day
Source: Christian Connection

One of the simplest and easiest ways to get into a conversation with anyone is by asking them how their day was? If the girl is interested in you, she’ll ask you back the same.

This is a casual way to start a conversation with a girl. Talk about anything that happened at your workplace today or ask her about her workplace.

It’s a good way to keep the conversation going. 

Talk About Something You Noticed In Her

Ok, let me share a secret that girls love when you notice small details about them. Like compliment her for her dressing sense, or tell her she has good taste in fashion.

These small things are sweet gestures, to begin with. But don’t get too lame as it can spoil her mood real quick. 

4. Talk About Art, Movies, and Music

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Talk About Art, Movies, and Music
Source: B105.7

This is the section where you can score a few points. How?

As we know everyone loves listening to music, and so does your dream girl. So, you get an easy topic to talk about with a girl over text. 

Start with, “Hey have you heard the latest song by Salena Gomez? Isn’t it awesome?” By doing this you get to know her taste in music. You can even talk about your favorite songs and if she’s interested enough to talk, she’ll surely mention hers.

You can also talk about the latest TV shows or movies on Netflix. Let’s see whether your choices match or not!

5. What Fascinates Her, What Distracts Her?

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; What Fascinates Her, What Distracts Her
Source: LovePanky

Being too direct while talking to a girl for the first time may sound a little off the desk. You better start with something general like hobbies and passion.

A person with dreams and passion talks differently. If your girl is one among them, then she would proudly tell you what fascinates her and what turns her off totally.

Also, it feels so good when someone asks you about you and your choices. I mean who cares nowadays, right? 

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6. Bring out the Funny Bone

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Bring out the Funny Bone
Source: Beyond Ages

Let’s admit girls love funny guys. If you have got a fun side, don’t feel hesitant to show it off. Trust me, it works better than anything else.

You can share a funny meme with the girl, or crack a joke. Let her know that you can be a great company to hang out with. 

Memes are the saviors, I must say!! Good luck!

7. Talk about an Evergreen Issue

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Talk about an Evergreen Issue
Source: LovePanky

I know you are planning for a date and not for a serious news interview but understand the context here. When you talk about something that happened in your area or is happening around the world, she may come up with an opinion regarding the same. And this gives you a topic to talk about with a girl over text.

In the meanwhile, you can shift to other topics as well like ‘How’s your life going or What’s the plan for the weekend?’

8. Share your Childhood Memories, Get To Know Hers

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Share your Childhood Memories, Get To Know Hers
Source: Welldoing.org

What can be better than sharing childhood stories with the person you like. Everyone loves to hear childhood stuff, like how you tortured your teachers in class, how you convinced your mother for one extra candy or anything like that.

Plus, this type of conversation opens up room for bonding. Maybe you both have some shared experiences that you can click on. Isn’t it great?

9. Talk About Family

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Talk About Family
Source: Reveal Communities

Family is something we are all very close to. It’s kind of mixed emotions. It’s okay to ask a girl about her family over text. You are neither trying to get too deep nor do you seem like you are lacking interest in talking to her. Just the right beginning.

Talk about her siblings. Share your family experience. Laugh out at similar odds and get to know each other better.

10. Food Gets You In the Right Mood

Talk About With A Girl Over Text; Food Gets You In the Right Mood
Source: The Healthy

Need a safe topic to start with? Nothing better than talking about your favorite food!!

Suppose you want to ask her out for a coffee date or maybe a casual lunch, you can always start the conversation by mentioning any good restaurant or cafe around you. Like “Hey, I heard of this XYZ cafe around the town, Want to visit someday?” 

Or you can share pictures of your favorite food with her. Note her reaction. If everything’s good. Go ahead and ask her out for lunch.

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To Wrap Up:

Remember that the more real you are, the better it is. And who knows, this smooth conversation turns out to be your chance to go out on a date with that girl.

Choose your words wisely. Open up but remember your limits. No need to feel the pressure. Use these topic ideas to get started. Don’t sound too desperate talking to her. Understand the mood of the hour and spread the charm. 

May you find the right person for you. Good Luck. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Talking To Girl Over Text:

How to keep the conversation interesting and fun while talking to a girl over text?

1. It’s never a bad idea to come up with a compliment.
2. You can ask open-ended questions to her.
3. Start the conversation from where you left last time.
4. Tell her a cool childhood or school life story.
5. Ask her questions about her life and choices.
6. Bring out the funny side over text.
7. Start a fun debate.
8. Send her pics of what you’re up to.

Is it ok if I text a girl every day?

It totally depends on what kind of bonding you guys share right now. If you have been talking for days and everything seems to be going well in your favor, then there’s nothing wrong with texting her daily.
Ask her about her day, great ger good morning. This shows that you are interested in her. And if she feels the same, she’ll reply to you with the same zeal. 

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