TechBerry Review: Is It the Right Choice?


Looking for an automated trading platform in the forex industry? TechBerry is the answer. Whether you are a trader or an investor, the platform enables you to earn a guaranteed profit of up to 11.2%.

But how is TechBerry able to generate such profits? 

Let’s find out…

TechBerry: Overview

TechBerry is a forex trading exchange that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist traders and investors. TechBerry Limited launched this social trading platform in 2015 to offer a sophisticated solution for investors. Since then, the exchange has diversified its reach and expanded its network globally in multiple regions, such as Germany, Australia, and UAE.

TechBerry also plans to open its office in the USA.

What Makes TechBerry Special?

Since the platform uses AI algorithms, it can deliver pretty comprehensive results and perform accurate analyses that can easily guide the newbies in the FX industry. 

Moreover, the sophisticated algorithm gathers data from more than 100,000 global traders to finetune its suggestions and reports. Hence, TechBerry can generate a profit of up to 11.2%.

The platform’s advanced algorithm compares several charts and figures about the current and recent forex positions. Additionally, it predicts future trends with great precision by analyzing reports and insights from other platforms as well as traders’ behaviors. Therefore, anyone – be it a rookie trader or a sophisticated investor – can successfully trade on this platform.

Multiple Account Types

To facilitate the users at different levels, TechBerry offers several account levels that have individual perks. Each account type targets specific users according to their needs. Below is a brief description of each type.

  1. Trial

The trial membership plan allows users to test the waters as it gives users free usage for up to 14 days. In this account, you can deposit a minimum amount of $5,000. However, it has the highest service fee of 50%. Also, it doesn’t offer reimbursements for trading losses or real-time trade monitoring.

  1. White

The White plan starts with subscription charges of $9 a month. It offers lower service fees than the free plan, which is 45%. However, the overall features are almost the same. One significant advantage is the start of reimbursement protection against trading losses, which are at 40%.

  1. Green

The Green subscription plan is $10 costlier than the White, but it is also somewhat identical to previous ones. It allows you to deposit $5,000 at least and charges $19. However, the reimbursement percentage is at 50%, and the service charges drop down to 40%. It still doesn’t offer trade monitoring features.

  1. Silver

The monitoring of trades is introduced at the Silver stage, which charges $99 a month. However, the Silver membership has several other benefits. One, it decreases the service fee to 35% and increases the reimbursement percentage to 60%. On the other hand, the minimal deposit limit increases to $20,000.

  1. Gold

Gold plan starts at $199, where you get a minimal deposit limit of $50,000. However, the service fee is reduced to only 30%, while the protection for trading loss is returned at 70%. On the other hand, you have trade monitoring. One additional feature is that you can get a personal manager for your account.

  1. Platinum

A platinum subscription shares many features with the gold plan but has higher limits. The minimum deposit is increased to $100,000. Here, you are charged only 25% of the platform services, while the reimbursement value is at 80%. On this subscription, you also get real-time monitoring and a personal manager.

  1. Diamond

The Diamond plan charges you $399 and offers a minimal deposit of up to $200,000. Its reimbursement value is at an astonishing 90%, while the service charges are locked at 20%. This tier doesn’t offer any other additional feature.

  1. Infinite

The Infinite membership is of the ultimate value, yet it is the most expensive one at $499 per month.

You get a minimal deposit volume of $500,000, and the service fee is only 15%. Surprisingly, the platform covers 100% of your trading losses if you are subscribed to this plan.

How to Create an Account on TechBerry?

Creating an account on the platform is extremely easy. Follow the steps below to register on TechBerry in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Go to TechBerry’s official website and click Join Now at the top right corner.
  2. Enter your basic information, such as Name and Email.
  3. Create a strong Password and retype it for confirmation.
  4. Select your country code on the next screen and enter your Phone Number.
  5. Enter the OTP Code received via SMS on the next popup screen to verify your number.
  6. Click Submit to enter your account.


Who Can Use TechBerry?

TechBerry is a great platform for investors as well as traders. Since the exchanges offer an astonishing profit of up to 11.2% on investments, they can use the platform to earn passive income. On the other hand, a trader can also earn quick cash (up to $500) on the platform by sharing their expert trading strategies and data statistics with the platform. 

Is TechBerry Legit?

Yes, TechBerry is a legitimate platform that has partnered with more than 50 lending brokers from all over the world. Moreover, the platform is audited by leading sites, including FxBlue, MyFxBook, FxAudit, which enhances the transparency and legitimacy of the platform.

Is TechBerry Free to Use?

TechBerry is only free to use for two weeks. The platform offers a free trial plan where users can register on the platform and experiment with its features. If they like it, they can further enroll in their subscription plans, starting at $9 per month. Fortunately, the registration to the free trial doesn’t require you to enter your credit card information.

Does TechBerry Require KYC Verification?

Yes, TechBerry requires its users to complete KYC verification. It helps the exchange to combat fraudulent users and prevent scams on the platform. Your phone number and identity is verified during registration.

Is TechBerry Right for You?

By combining the power of AI algorithms and traders’ statistics, TechBerry is able to generate a high level of profits for its users. 

If you’re short on time and want to explore the FX industry, TechBerry is best for you since it offers automated trading strategies that execute orders instantly.

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