The chances for “Relife Season 2” Release Date| Plot| Cast| Trailer & Much More

"Relife Season 2" Release Date| Plot| Cast| Trailer

Relife Season 2: Relife is an anime series based on the manga version written by Mr. Sou Yayoi. TMS ENTERTAINMENT Studios create the animation of the show. The first season released on July 2, 2016. However, the manga is released for readers in 2013.

From the day it’s the first season has been ended. Fans are desperately waiting for it’s the second season to show up. Sou Yayoi is the person behind giving us this great anime; he is the writer and illustrator of this anime.

Release Date: Relife season 2, when it will be released?

From July 2, 2016, to September 24, 2016, ReLife season 1 came to an end marking a total of 8 episodes. On September 24 final episode was released.

After some years later to continue the storyline and to give anime a meaningful ending, special 5 OVA episodes have been released. Special episodes were given a different title naming ” Relife: kanketsu hen”.

Currently, the official announcement of a release date for the second season is not made yet. But if we analyze the ending of the first season it does not shows a high possibility for the release of the second season.

The primary reason for which the official release date for season 2 is not declared yet is due to OVA episodes, yes you read it correctly. The OVA episodes answered all of the unanswered questions left in the first series. Also, the only reason why special episodes were released was to give anime a meaningful end.

So all in all conclusion is. The special episodes are meant to complete the storyline, and no such official release date has been announced about season 2, which makes it pretty clear that chances of season 2 are pretty slight.

But worry not, We will update this section if we found any changes in the release date.

Storyline: ReLife Season 2

The entire show revolves around a 27 years old boy named Arata Kaizaki. Although he had a job after completing his graduation but just after the months of joining, he resigned. The reason for the resignation was because his colleagues murdered his Manager. As Arata has no job, he depends on his parents for his payings. After his parents stop to pay for his daily needs. Arata finds a part-time job at a grocery store. 

When arriving back from his job, Arata meets a man named Ryou Take who works at ReLife laboratories, who asks Arata to become an experimental subject of ReLife laboratory. In exchange for being an experiment subject, Arata is offered a dream job after completing his ReLife experiment.  

In the experiment, Arata is offered a pill. He intakes the pill, the next morning, he finds himself in bed, and his age is now 17 years. By the time Arata learns that. He has to spend one year as a 17-year high school kid among other high school students. 

 A significant problem for Arata is that Ryou is also with him as an observer. Ryou’s task is to create a daily report of Arata. In the story, he writes down what changes did Arata bring in the life of high school kids. 

As we move to special episodes, Arata somehow manages to complete one year as a high school student. Arata’s perspective for life is completely changed from before. He falls in love with first Relief subject Hishiro Chizuru, who is also his classmate.  However, he bounds good relations with his friends. And deals a tremendous positive impact on their life. But he has to accept the fact that it all is a part of an experiment, and everything will vanish away once the experiment completes.

Characters: ReLife Season 2

Arata Kaizaki

The main character of the show Arata is a 27 years old man having a terrible professional life. Arata doesn’t know what he wants in his life. He works part-time in a mini-market. Arata is the second ReLife experiment subject, but he is the first successful experiment. To be part of the experiment, he had to take a ReLife pill and continue one year as a high school student.  

Ryou Yoake

Ryou is an employee at ReLife research institute, and he’s the one who sent Arata to his past. When Arata is in his ReLife, Ryou is given a task with monitoring Arata through the whole experiment. He writes a daily report of Arata regarding his emotional growth or changes he makes in the life of other students being a subject. 

To be part of the experiment, he had also convinced Hishiro Chizuru before Arata to be part of the experiment.

Hishiro Chizuru

She is the first participant in the ReLife experiment under Ryou. Hishiro had failed the experiment, but she aces every test. She falls in love with Arata Kaizaki. But later on, she gets to know that Arata is also one of ReLife experimental subjects.

Rena kariu

She is the part of the high school volleyball team also a classmate of Arata. Until she lost her position to Hishiro Chizuru, she used to be representative of the class. Rena has a crush on Oga, but Oga being naive in love, he doesn’t get any signs from Rena. But later they both propose each other.

An Onoya

Onoya is a transfer student in Hishiro’s class and also a member of the support team for ReLife project. She is the observer for Hishiro’s ReLife experiment. A has a crush on Ryou from the beginning which later in the show is revealed.

Kazuomi Oga

Oga is the brightest student who always scores the highest among guys in his class. Although he is handsome, he’s naive at sports and Love.

Voice Artists

  • Alexis Tipton – Rena Kariu.
  • Blake Shepard – Kazuomi Oga.
  • Jeannie Tirado – Chizuru Hishiro.
  • Josh Grelle – Ryo Yoake.
  • Kristen McGuire – An Moya.
  • Micah Solusod – Arata Kaizaki.

English Dubbed ReLife

If you loved the characters and storyline of the show, you could watch ReLife in English dub on Crunchyroll.

Trailer ReLife of Season 2

Those who loved the storyline and want to watch ReLife episodes you can watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the whole anime.

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