The De-Escalation in the Romantic Dating

The De-Escalation in the Romantic Dating

Returning, the new normal, how to do it? Health comes first, for sure, but after everything that has happened and without knowing very well what the future holds in the short to medium term, the reunion and return to routine is a bit strange. 

In the case of friends and family it is still easy, but when it comes to someone else, to be close to them, intimate and above all have physical contact, things can get complicated.

Going out, having lunch or dinner in a nice place, going for a walk, going to the cinema… There were many options to create the perfect atmosphere for passion and romance. Going on a date when a person felt intensely attracted used to be easy. Whether it was meeting through an app or meeting at a party, talking or having a more intimate encounter. Even when it comes to doing it with an attractive Inverness escort from Skokka

Now, however, after the quarantine and the news of the pandemic, it’s a little strange and people don’t know exactly how to act in these cases. In addition, in each country it could be different, because the traditions, culture and ways of being of the inhabitants are distinct.

The closest people, used to greet each other with two kisses, spend the day in the street, something more familiar… That is why in some areas more than in others the dates are lost, these meetings with possible future or current lovers .

The new romanticism

Love, desire and passion continue despite the pandemic. Couples who have not been able to see each other face to face for a long time without the need for a screen, couples who have had to live together all this time and the routine has gotten the better of them. Even dating apps have seen the number of registered users and contacts increase, even if it is just to talk. 

The recommendation of social distancing has greatly influenced the way people relate to each other. Sexting with female Auckland escorts, video calls and online interaction have been reinforced by confinement. Reinforcing that pleasure goes far beyond physical contact.

It seems that this new normal is closer, with more freedom of movement. But this does not mean that people can relax and go back to the old ways, with kissing and uncontrolled passion.

Now they are looking for a deeper bond, to get to know the other person profoundly. Longer talks, on a wider range of topics. Discovering pleasure and enjoying each other’s company beyond sex itself. Even the call girls in Mumbai have expanded and diversified their services.

Post-pandemic appointments

Now, in addition to the people who have the appointment, the right clothes for them and the place chosen, there are other indispensable guests: the masks and the hydroalcoholic gel.

People are starting to leave the screens behind and seeing each other in person. Although the two metres of distance recommended to avoid new contagions does not seem adequate for a happy ending date.

There is a list of things to keep in mind when preparing to meet:

-The first thing, of course, is to make sure that none of the people involved have previous symptoms of COVID-19.  

-The second step is that it should be in a place with few people. It is best to avoid overcrowded, closed or non-compliant places.

Another thing that is also important is the issue of transport. If people can walk or take their own vehicle, it would be the best option. Although, it is still high-priority to always wear a mask, gloves and gel.

In addition, it is crucial to take into account and follow the measures that each government decides on a specific area and remember that it may influence the appointment. 

In spite of all this, the illusion of meeting the desired person for one reason or another is still there. Even more than before. The joy of meeting, even if it is just talking and having that game of glances. After all, the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. With all the bad news and uncertainty of all this time, the reunions and all those sensations that love produces, especially when it begins, are magical. 

For couples who have survived all this time, going out and doing something different is incredible as well. Finding a balance, getting to know each other deeply and falling in love again with small details. Creating a space where there is communication and trust so that the spark keeps the flame burning. 

For this reason, slowly but surely, little by little, it is necessary to re-establish a routine. Strengthen olds and create new relationships with other people. 

Leaving uncertainty, fear, stress and anxiety behind.

Health comes first, for sure, but an important part of living well and happily are all those relationships, feeling accompanied, desired, and supported by others.

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