Safe And The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo


Many people all around the world like to get themselves tattooed. Beautiful shapes and sizes colors are painted on your skin like a beautiful layer of clothing which are always so fascinating to look at. But whenever we look at a person who has got himself tattooed, we tend to ask them questions like – “Was it painful?” People are so afraid of pain that they give up the idea of getting a tattoo! But what if I told you a secret? The secret of the least painful place to get a tattoo!

People get tattoos on different parts of their bodies, some of these tattoos are simple and some, very complex. Many people get themselves tattooed to commemorate a special happening in their life. Some unforgettable events and even some of the important dates in the life of the individual are also tattooed. These tattoos sometimes also define a person like “A Yakuza” or “A gangster” who are necessarily put under the knife and these tattoos become their identity. 

But those of you who are worried about the pain and keep on canceling or delaying your appointment with the tattoo artist. This is for you! Don’t delay it any further. Go on and go ahead as there are some body parts on your body where you will experience comparatively less pain than in any other place.

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Let’s find what those treasure areas are that will make you scream less in pain and more in joy. Now, let’s get tattooed.

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The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo

the least painful place to get a tattoo

When a person is getting tattooed, he/she goes through a number of needles that pierce the outer skin of the human body. Thus it has a certain amount of pain associated with it. However, the degree of such pain varies. For example, an inner lip tattoo is considered more painful and dangerous than your forearm tattoo. Keep reading to find the places where it’ll hurt less or maybe none at all!

The Art of Tattooing and the Pain Associated with it

The pain associated with tattooing depends on how many nerve endings are at the part you’re being tattooed. Or the number of muscles or fats you carry, and most importantly, bones! If you’re getting a tattoo close to a bone then it’ll be more painful than the areas where your bones are well layered with muscles and fats.

the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Body Tattoo Art

It is also important to note that the degree of pain one feels, yet also depends on a number of other factors such as the physical buildup of a person. Thus, it might happen that a healthy person with good fat on may not find a certain place being tattooed less or not painful at all in comparison to a skinny person.

The Least Painful Places To Get A Tattoo:

Thus after paying close attention to minimize your pain, areas on the human body have been identified for you with careful research where you will feel least or maybe no pain at all! 


least painful place to get a tattoo
source: Inside out

Our fingernails are made up of a tough and protective protein known as “alpha-keratin”. It is hard in texture. Thus, it has been identified that the people who get tattooed on their nails experience the least pain or no pain at all. As the paint is applied on the hard surface of your nail with due care, one feels less pain.

However, it is always advisable to go to a professionally well-trained tattoo artist for the same as it is very important. This is because the pressure to be applied needs to be strictly monitored. The needle should not pierce beyond your fingernail as that can be freaking painful. It is also important to note that although it is the least painful place to get a tattoo, it is NOT long-lasting and can only last up to a certain number of weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow.


the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Pinterest

The Gluteus maximus or the buttock muscles are naturally cushiony and thus tattoos here are also one of the places where you’ll find less pain. The person who has Gluteus well built in their buttocks like that of the famous Kardashians.


the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Dubuddha tattoo gallery

People getting calf tattoos experience lesser pain. This is because of the meaty area that is present there which is away from the bones with lesser nerve endings resulting in lesser pain and more joy.


the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Unsplash

A tattoo on the forearm is less painful because of the main reasons mentioned earlier which play a huge role in the pain associated with getting a tattoo. However one must be cautious to avoid the inner wrist areas as it has lots of nerve endings and you’ll end up suffering much more pain than you intended.

Outer Arm:

Safe And The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo
source: Unsplash

Outer arm tattoos are most common among young boys and tend to be less painful as the muscles are hard and one can paint beautiful designs, shapes, etc on them. 


the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Unsplash

Shoulder tattoos are also less painful and are among the most common body parts to be tattooed.  The pain varies among individuals but it is commonly noted that the degree of pain ranges between low to moderate. 

Lower Back:

the least-painful-place-to-get-a-tattoo
source: Unsplash

The lower back is also one of the few areas where one experiences less discomfort and pain. That is mainly due to the reason that there are dew nerve endings in the place leading to low or moderate pain. 

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As we all know, pain among individuals varies. The pain also depends on your gender, and also your previous experiences of getting tattoos. Where some experience more pain, others experience less and that is totally fine as what you’ll be getting will be staying with you for the rest of your life.

So bearing with some pain is okay but if that pain is much more than what you can handle, it’s advisable to get a temporary tattoo than a permanent one. But if you’re going to regret not getting one, might as well do it. Pain is temporary whereas the joy of getting a permanent souvenir for yourself is pure bliss. It will serve as a memory of days well spent, helping you to reminisce about your past. 

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