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The Order Season 3

Werewolves, Witches, Black magic, Romance!! Do they fascinate you? If yes, then you must watch The Order, a series that has all of these. If you have already watched the series then I know what you are waiting for? The Order Season 3. If this is the case, then here we present to you the article that will give you every update from the release date to the plot of “The Order” next season.

Netflix as we know is now focusing more on the “Netflix Originals” content. It usually has the track record of releasing one season of a particular series per year. But, when it comes to “The Order Season 3”, it has been fifteen months and no official trailer of the series has been released. Is the order season 3 canceled by Netflix? If not, then what is the release date of the Order season 3. We know that you have hundreds of questions in your mind and this article will clear them all.

What is the Order Season 3 Release Date?

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The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 3 Release

According to sources, you can expect The Order Season 3 to be released in late 2021 or the first half of 2022. Although, no official statement has been made by Netflix yet.

Further in the article, you will also find the plot, cast, and the number of episodes in the Order Season 3. We have gathered all the information given below from a very trustworthy source with a 90 percent accuracy rate. So you can trust us blindly. 

The Order Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

We will start our article with a little recap about the previous two seasons, then we will tell you the plot of season 3 and then will move to the release date, cast, episodes, and trailer. So, let us start with the article now.

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The Order Season 3 Story By Far

The Order Season 3
Source: Refinery29

The Order series revolves around the college boy, Jack Morton who gets admission to Belgrave University. Jack only had one person in his family, his grandfather. His mother died on his birth bed. As Jack gets to know about the university he wants to join the Blue rose society because his grandfather and he are big fans of this society.

Eventually, he gets enrolled in the Blue Rose. But Spoilers Alert!!! Here is a twist, Jack joined Blue Rose to meet the owner of the society Edward Coventry because he was his father who had abandoned him and his mother when she was pregnant. He wants revenge for his mother’s death.

Coming back to Blue Rose, it is the society of magicians that performed black magic, after learning this fact Jack joins another society known as Knights, knights are the biggest rivals of the blue society. A point to note here is that Knights is the secret society of werewolves.

Now, Jack is enrolled in both societies without Coventry knowing it. Coventry was busy finding the four pieces of the books that contain everything about black magic. He managed to gather three parts but the fourth part was with Jack. He came to know about both the facts that Jack is his firstborn and he has the fourth piece of the book.

Being Coventry’s firstborn, he has to sacrifice Jack to make the spell work with efficiency. This makes Jack realize how he used his mother as a pawn, used love spells on her, and after his work was done he dumped her. So, he reversed the spells Coventry was using and Coventry was trapped inside the book.

Now, the new head of the Blue Society was declared, Vera Stone took the position and as a good gesture, she allowed Jack to join both the societies. Spoiler Alert again!!! Stone did not want Werewolves to interfere with their matters again. So, she ordered Alyssa (Jack’s Love interest) to erase the memory of the werewolves using the book.

The first season ended here and the second season was all about werewolves and Jack regaining their lost memories and seeking vengeance from the Black Magicians of Blue society.

The Order Season 3 Plot

The Order Season 3
Source: CinemBlend

As we saw, season 2 started at the point where season 1 ended. The same would be the case with the order season 3. The story of the Order season 3 will resume from the point where the previous season ended.

As we witnessed in the previous season, Alyssa was dead. There are chances that Jack will try to figure out a way to get her back in life. As we know all the powers were taken away from Stone, so after Assyla comes back to life. Jack and Alyssa work together and return the lost powers to Vera Stone.

The Order Season 3 Release Date

The Order Season 3
Source: LiveAkhbar

The first season of The Order was released on Netflix in March 2019 and the second season of the series was released 15 months later in June 2020. If they go by this pattern then the officials must have made the official statement or released the trailer by now. But, keeping the covid crises in mind, the filming of the series must have been delayed. Since the filming has got the green signal from the Government and if the creators have started to work on the Order season three then, you can expect the release date of the series in late 2021 or the first half of 2022. 

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The Order Season 3 Cast

The Order Season 3
Source: iNews

As per the cast of the Order Season 3 is concerned, no official statement about the new characters has been made yet. But, the main characters of the series would remain the same. Here is the list of the expected cast of The Order Season 3.

  • Jake Manley as Jack Morton.
  • Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake.
  • Adam DiMarco as Randall Carpio.
  • Katharine Isabelle as Vera Stone.
  • Aaron Hale as Brandon Caruthers.
  • Sean Depner as Jonas.
  • Devery Jacobs as Lilith Bathory.
  • Thomas Elms as Hamish Duke.
  • Kayla Heller as Selena Durov.
  • Christian Michael Cooper as Maddox Coventry.
  • Françoise Yip as Elizabeth Kepler.
  • Jocelyn Hudon as Ruby Speers.

Number Of Episodes In The Order Season 3 

The Order Season 3
Source: TVLine

There are a total of two seasons in the series “The Order”. Both the seasons have got ten episodes each. So, if there is a possibility of season 3 releasing, then it might also carry 10 episodes.

Although no official statement has been made for the release of the episodes. So, here is the list of the episode names of the Order season 2.

Episode NumberEpisode Name Release Date
Episode 1Free Radicals: Part 118 June 2020
Episode 2Free Radicals: Part 218 June 2020
Episode 3Free Itself: Part 118 June 2020
Episode 4Free Itself: Part 218 June 2020
Episode 5The Commons: Part 118 June 2020
Episode 6The Commons: Part 218 June 2020
Episode 7Spring Outbreak: Part 118 June 2020
Episode 8Spring Outbreak: Part 218 June 2020
Episode 9New World Order: Part 118 June 2020
Episode 10New World Order: Part 218 June 2020

Where To Watch The Order Series

If you have a Netflix subscription, then you only have to search it in Netflix’s database. You will find both the Order seasons in it. 

If you don’t have a Netflix membership and still want to view The Order full series for free, then you can visit the movie channels on the telegram application.

You can also download the series directly from the best torrenting sites.

Note: Torrenting may be illegal in your state, so we recommend you kindly read the guidelines before using the torrent to download movies. 

The Order Season 3 Trailer

No official trailer has been released yet, we will update the trailer section as soon as the series creators release the trailer.

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Wrapping Up

These were all the updates that we have got about the release date of The Order season 3 from our sources. Although Netflix has not made any announcement for the release of the next series. But, the creators have indicated the plot for season 3 in many of their interviews.

There is a possibility that Netflix will no longer want The Order on its platform. If this is the case then the show makers have to search for a new production and casting company.

If you found this information relevant then do share it with your friends. 

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