The Simple Guide to the Vehicle Industry

The Simple Guide to the Vehicle Industry

Buying a car is never a simple experience, with each situation being unique. You can buy it privately, from a used dealership, or even from auctions. There are a bunch of ways to buy a new car!

When it comes to buying used vehicles, there’s nothing better than buying at an auction. Used car auctions, especially on sites like SCA online auto auction, offer an easy way to find a car way below the market value. Things have changed a lot over the years, and with more people buying used cars, you often need to look a little harder to find the quality you’d expect.

We’ve long been accustomed to watching an international movie when an extremely classy and luxurious European car comes floating into the driveway of a seemingly middle-class family. Europeans are used to custom ordering what they want. Then, it is built and shipped, with customers sometimes waiting for months.

Throughout 2021 as car dealers dealt with a shortage of popular cars, customers took matters into their own hands and ordered their vehicle of choice directly from the manufacturer. A built-to-order model saves the dealership more money by not spending on unneeded inventory. It also saves the automakers money on storage fees and losses attributed to having discounted a car that they produced faster than they could sell it.

Electric or Gas? New or Used?

The narrative to buying a car has mostly been to buy used. However, during the pandemic, people have been buying used cars more than ever, making the prices skyrocket and buying a new car more appealing.

Coincidentally, electric vehicles may be in our future, but as of right now, they only account for 3.4% of all vehicle sales for 2021, and hybrid vehicles only made up another 7.5%. Incentives for electric transportation should be strong, as new electric vehicle purchases can still qualify for federal tax credits of $7,500 as well as local and state subsidies.

How to Buy Your Car

Leasing a vehicle can drive you towards a lot of issues. Lower monthly payments, but unless you pull together a big payment, you will not own your vehicle at the end of the lease. While you’re driving the car, you can’t make any of the changes you might wish, such as to the sound system or any upgrades, even to increase the performance of the car.

There are also penalties for wear and tear, terminating your lease early, and driving over the set amount of miles (usually around 12,000 annually). If you apply for a loan for a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about penalties for early lease termination. You own the vehicle at the end of the lease terms, and if you choose a shorter lease period, you’re still saving more money than you would on a lease from a car dealership.

Custom Car Compatibility

Most of the time we end up compromising a lot when purchasing a vehicle. Getting the right color means a sacrifice to the stereo system, requiring all-wheel-drive in your car usually would mean limiting yourself to boring colors. Ordering a car can also open you to packages you didn’t know were available.

If you’re looking for a truck that can tow, you may not have a lot of luck finding that option on a new or used car lot, and getting that tow-ready truck would still require you to order online. Having to order your car online also means that you’re forced to take more time in selecting a vehicle and making a sure financial decision for yourself and your family.

How to Order a Car

As we head into the future of cars, only a small number of manufacturers sell their cars directly to the customer. Tesla does so with 100% of its products, as does Volvo with its new electrical vehicles, and many electrical car startups plan to follow this model as well.

With these automakers and a few others, you would be completing the purchasing process online on your own. However, most of the time, you will need to work with a dealership to have your vehicle delivered to you, which means someone will be processing your paperwork for you.

Tips for Success

●       Pick Your Car Dealer. When ordering a car, you should still research the dealerships before choosing one as if you were going to be purchasing a car off the sale lot. Remember, these are the people who you will be working with!

●       Design Your Car. You’ll be using the Build and Price feature on the manufacturer’s website to ensure your vehicle has all adjustments and required add-ons you need to be comfortable.

●       Print a Copy. Take the page with the final results and print them out. This is your “build sheet.”

●       Visit Your Local Salesperson. Call to schedule an appointment with the dealership of your choice to discuss your customized vehicle.

●       Haggle. Bring your printed-off build sheet and let them know you want an out-the-door price. You can also negotiate anything besides the state tag and title fees. Don’t forget that if they offer financing, the amount should beat what you’ve found from outside sources.

If you really want a simple experience, finding a car to bid on at SCA Auto Auction is easy. There are so many vehicles to choose from, and there’s an auction no matter when you tune in. You’ll find all manner of vehicles in every condition. From Lamborghinis to Lemons, you’ll see something worth bidding on.

Other sites for buying and selling used vehicles include Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction, Mecum Auto Auctions, and Bellingham Public Auto Auction. Carriage Trade is regarded as one of America’s largest public auto auctions. Mecum Auctions leads the world rankings in number of collector cars offered in auctions. Bellingham Public Auto Auction sells a range of vehicles, from cars to commercial vehicles to even RVs. 

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