The Simpsons Is Taking On The MCU Officially This Time!!

The Simpsons is Taking On The MCU

The Simpsons’ Family is back with yet another satirical drama short after Starwar Crossover. Excited? Huh!! I know how crazily we all wait for Marvel shows, especially after 2019’s super-duper hit Avengers. Within a week, three new shorts will be landing on the streaming service in the US and this time the parody will be taking over Marvel Cinematic Universe. Get all the details regarding this official partnership right here in this article.

Back in May when we all enjoyed “The Force Awakens From It’s Nap”, Disney Plus was busy with the upcoming short “The Simpsons’. Disney + has announced its lucrative franchise “The Simpsons: The Good, The Bart and The Loki”. The poster released shows all the Marvel Heroes with Loki and Bart standing at the top.

We have seen parody Marvel and Simpsons together back a few times. Then what’s so special this time? A dysfunctional family with the Marvel characters!! This is the first case scenario, another one is the official collaboration. The Simpsons is taking on the MCU and Disney appears to be putting $71 billion investment into the project from 21st century Fox Work already making it a huge deal.

Avengers have been a super hit Marvel creation since its release in 2019. After setting the marks high and earning a huge fan base, the Marvel characters will now be depicted by some parody family. This adds to the interest of viewers about what’s gonna happen this time.

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How The Simpsons is Taking On The MCU & Why?

Recently, Disney itself announced another big release for the month of July, none other than The Simpsons, “The Good, The Bart and The Loki”. This animated short will be dropping on 7th July 2021.

Not so long ago, The Simpsons met Star Wars in a galaxy not so far from ours, in Disney’s Star Wars franchise “The Force Awakens from its Nap”. This short was sure to be a bang in this franchise, featuring Maggie. Maggie was stuck and fought for her survival from the Dark daycare side. If you haven’t watched this short yet, go and watch any time on Disney Plus as it is still streaming.

As great as the previous Star Wars short, fans are expecting this collaboration to be a memorable one. How many versions of Loki are included in this short, is still a mystery. Probably too many!!

Like I said in the beginning, over the years we have seen the Simpsons having parody Marvel quite a time. Like in “Bart the Bad Guy” released last year, then what’s so interesting this time? The Simpsons is taking on the MCU, This time it’s gonna be the first-ever specific and official collaboration between the two and the brands under Disney.

The Simpsons is Taking On The MCU; How The Simpsons is Taking On The MCU & Why
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Ahh, Han! That’s something interesting now. Also, presenting our favorite Marvel characters being played by some other animated ones can be a bit tricky and challenging to be darted right on the spot. Like Ralph as Hulk, Moe as Vision, Lisa as Thor, is quite questionable.

Loki will be facing his hardest time ever, fighting some of the toughest opponents this time after the disowning from Asgard. Thankfully, Loki will find a kindred spirit who will help him in the Springfield in Bart.

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Not just this, there will be too many Marvel characters in the show as we can see from the poster released in Endgame-style. Though Avengers is unbeatable in any sense, Simpson’s creation is worth the wait.

Previous Shows On Which Simpsons Have Appeared!

The Simpsons is Taking On The MCU; Previous Shows On Which Simpsons Have Appeared
Source: CinemaBlend

Love parody movies? Then The Simpsons must be on your list. What are the Simpsons and why is it so famous?

The Simpsons is an adult sitcom, and the longest-running animated TV series that features American life, satirically. It has the longest-running scripts that keep taking one after another series to broadcast around the world in so many languages.

The Simpsons are centered around a family of slightly dysfunctional manners including two married parents, two children, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and an infant. The main characters are named Lisa, Maggie, Homer, Bart, and Marge. 

The very first show, The Simpsons began with is “The Tracey Ullman Show” in 1987. It was a Christmas special that debuted for half an hour and then began a regular show in January 1990. This longest-running series has 32 seasons in total, running till the present time. 

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On a final note, with too many Loki’s and a power pack animated army, The Simpsons is taking on the MCU just in a week. Making a milestone in the comedy world. The yellowish characters and hilarious one-liners have captivated the audience for so long. It’s the most loved sitcom among Millenials of the US and with its upcoming shorts, all the limelights are back on it.

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