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Teen-drama series, The Society has left us hanging when the show ended with a somber note of a broken-hearted mother cherishing the memories of her lost child! Yeah, I’m talking about the series finale wondering when will the mystery of the children’s disappearance be known to the residents of West Ham! These questions can only be answered in The Society season 2 and thus here we are, eagerly waiting for the already delayed arrival of the show! So? What is The Society season 2 release date?

The Society graced our home TV screens when Netflix premiered it back in May 2019. The wait has already extended 2+ years and we are well aware of the history of shows which take so much time to renew! But we also know that miracles happen just like they did with “Unforgettable!”

The Society season 2 has been the talk of the entertainment and teen circle waiting for the unanswered mysteries to be solved. But to no avail, Netflix has totally let us down on this one. Well, not particularly Netflix, but PANDEMIC! Covid-19 added to the worries of producers and creators when The Society season 2 was up for renewal. The increased cost and hefty regulations and protocols ended up being the major cause for the cancellation of The Society Season 2. So should we stay depressed? Of course not! 

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Many shows have a history of revival and so does The Society as the Pandemic regulations and situation as a whole is getting better. There are wide chances that this series will be reincarnated as the creator really wanted to answer many impeding questions in season 2. Let’s talk more about The Society season 2, from its release, plot, cast, and eventual revival!

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Everything You Should Know About The Society Season 2 Release Date

Source: Teen Vogue

The Society, an American mystery and teen drama, was created by  Christopher Keyser that first premiered on Netflix in May 2019. The series was a hit among the young teen audience and eventually became the talk of the town. This show got various favorable critical reviews and got fairly above-average ratings which is a victory in a sense as it was a new series and not forgetting, a teen drama at that! The Society has 7.1/10 IMDb ratings and it scores 86% viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

After the series finale, the next season was highly anticipated and the show was even up for a season 2 renewal but the Pandemic let everyone down! The increased Covid protocols and budget costs were a huge burden on the production team leading to the abrupt cancellation of the show! And as you might have already guessed by now, there’s no release date for The Society season 2 yet!

According to what Keyser told Variety, it can be maintained that the decision of cancellation was widely one-sided. Netflix decided to cancel the show when Pandemic was wrecking the lives of everyone. 

As the main cause of cancellation of season 2 has been attributed to Pandemic and increasing budget costs, we are of the idea that these are not uncontrollable situations and can be easily reversed! The impending danger of Covid-19 has already eased and lives are getting back to normalcy again. So this only strengthens our belief that The Society season 2 will definitely see a revival!

The Society Season 1 Premise

The Society season 1 is a mesh of different themes starting from mystery, murder, drama, to all supernatural parallel universe stuff! The storyline of the show covers the life of teenage students who find themselves in the middle of a world which they never knew could exist in the first place!

Everything starts when the youngsters have their school trip canceled. Boarding a bus back to their hometown, the one thing they realize is that practically no one’s around! Finding the town empty freaks them all out as they now have to get to the bottom of things and find reasons for what’s happening and why is it all happening in the first place, all while managing everything on their own!

Everyone soon realizes that they aren’t “actually” in their hometown “West Ham” and starts calling it “New Ham” instead, a parallel universe! This New Ham is what tests the survival skills of the teens as they now have this whole town to govern by themselves!

The Society season 1 ended leaving us with too many questions! The children have not returned to their original hometown, West Ham, yet, and there are too many mysteries to solve! Let’s look at some of the questions from season 1 that will make up a huge part of The Society season 2! Beware of Spoilers!

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The Society Season 2 Plot

the society season 2 plot
Source: Alternative Nerd

We all were confused about this parallel universe theory until we watched The Society season 1 last episode! The series finale gave us an answer to the most impeding question bubbling in our hearts, the kids are actually dead and trapped somewhere! But we all know now that it isn’t the case!

Keyser had specifically said in an interview with TV Guide that he wasn’t of the idea to give all the answers to youngsters but he wouldn’t leave them all in the dark! The cast of the show also told Variety that something big was coming in The Society season 2, “something even bigger than the time when Gordie found out about the Parallel-Alternate universe! 

So what is this big news? My insight says that the adults of West Ham might be hiding something big that will lead to the disappearance of the youngsters of the town! Meanwhile, there are many other questions like “whose child did Becca give birth to!” The truth about the driver and what the hell was that smell? There are so many questions but no answers!

The Society season 2 is obviously going to be packed with much drama and action with Gordie, Sam, Becca, Grizz, all trying to free Allie and Will who have been imprisoned because of the preposterous schemes of Lexie who wants to take charge of governing the town! 

The renewed season of The Society surely has lots of answering to do if it ever gets a revival! Let’s hope that the show comes back with answers to unsolved mysteries!

The Society Season 2 Episodes

The Society season 1 ran for a total of 10 episodes! The same number of episodes were to be expected in season 2 of the show if it weren’t canceled! If the show ever has a revival, we can expect this much or maybe more episodes! Here’s a list of episodes of The Society season 1.

EpisodesEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
1What HappenedMay 10, 2019
2Our TownMay 10, 2019
3Childhood’s EndMay 10, 2019
4Drop by DropMay 10, 2019
5Putting on the ClothesMay 10, 2019
6“Like a F-ing God or SomethingMay 10, 2019
7Allie’s RulesMay 10, 2019
8PoisonMay 10, 2019
9New NamesMay 10, 2019
10How It HappensMay 10, 2019

The Society Season 2 Cast

the society cast
Source: Head Topics

The Society season 2 was already up for renewal back in 2019 itself but the Pandemic played a huge part in the cancellation of the show. Many lives were lost adding to the grim situation, the show couldn’t move further!

The cast for season 2 was already decided but the abrupt cancellation changed all earlier plans! If the show decides to move further (as it should), then old faces from season 1 are sure to be seen again! Here’s a list of the cast of The Society season 1 that will make a reappearance in season 2! 

  • Kathryn Newton as Allie Pressman
  • Gideon Adlon as Becca Gelb
  • Sean Berdy as Sam Eliot
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena
  • Jacques Colimon as Will LeClair
  • Olivia DeJonge as Elle Tomkins
  • Alex Fitzalan as Harry Bingham
  • Kristine Froseth as Kelly Aldrich
  • Jose Julian as Gordie
  • Alexander MacNicoll as Luke
  • Toby Wallace as Campbell Eliot
  • Jack Mulhern as Grizz
  • Spencer House as Clark
  • Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Jason
  • Salena Qureshi as Bean
  • Olivia Nikkanen as Gwen

The Society Season 2 Cancellation

The creator of The Society, Keyes, told Variety that the show was officially called off by Netflix after long deliberations. Season 2 of the series was about to film in the summers but it couldn’t be done because of the huge uproar and hue&cry caused by the Pandemic.

The increased budget costs and the Covid protocols added to the worries of producers. Additionally, managing such a huge cast was also getting tougher with each passing day.

These all issues lead to the cancellation of The Society season 2. But as you might have guessed what I’m going to say next, let’s stay hopeful! The situation is still manageable and if the creator wants to proceed again, then there’s nothing holding back as everything has almost gone back to normal! 

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The Society, a dystopian teenage drama has left us on a cliffhanger with lots of mysteries to be solved! The show got an initial renewal for a possible season 2 but got canceled due to the Covid pandemic. Many shows like “Unforgettable” have been revived even though they were canceled at first! Let’s be hopeful and pray that “The Society” is also lucky enough to get a new chance!


Is The Society Season 2 Back On Netflix?

So far, the show remains canceled. There’s no season 2 of The Society as it was already canceled due to problems caused by the Covid Pandemic. You can still watch season 1 of The Society on Netflix.

Is Season 2 of The Society Cancelled?

As of September 2021, The Society season 2 remains canceled due to Covid related complications. We are not sure about the revival of the show but let’s hope for the best!

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