The Unlisted Season 2 | From Cast, Release Date To The Valor Of Kal And Dru!

The unlisted season 2

If you are a fan of “The Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why?”, then I’m sure you might have watched “The Unlisted” too! This Australian Sci-fi teen drama has left us hanging with the suspense it ended with, back in 2019! It has been exactly 2 years and a couple of days more and the watchers are eagerly waiting to find out what will happen to Kal and Dru! Will there be “The Unlisted season 2” and if yes, who all will we be seeing in it? Let’s look for these answers!

The Unlisted, created by Justine Flynn, is based on two identical twins aged 12 who uncover astonishing truths about the world they are living in! These truths and mysteries will lead them to save the world from the practical monsters who are disguised in human form trying to dominate the youngsters for their evil deeds! These monsters are none other than creme de la creme!

Two years have already passed since The Unlisted was originally premiered and there is no news when or whether the series will see a season 2 or not! But should we lose hope? Obviously NOT! Netflix or even ABC network has not officially canceled the show so there are high chances that The Unlisted can still renew for a second run! Additionally, the plot also shows no significant conclusion, and thus, we should stay reassured that the second season will definitely come! Why am I so sure? Find the reasons ahead!

The Nevers Season 2 Release Date - ...
The Nevers Season 2 Release Date - Has The Sci-Fi Drama Been Scrapped By HBO?

Kal and Dru found themselves in a sticky situation by the season end and this confirms that the show is far from over! The bots still remain and so does the threat!

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The Unlisted Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!

the unlisted season 2
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The Unlisted is an Australian sci-fi show that is widely famous among the younger generation! The global streaming rights of the show are held by Netflix which introduces the show to the wider fanbase. While in Australia, the show is aired on ABC ME. This sci-fi series is created by Justine Flynn and is written by a group of authors like Mithila Gupta, Timothy Lee, Kris Kunz, Jane Allen, and many more! 

The characters and the plot brings out various nuances of Indian vocabulary and if you’re an Indian watching this Australian show, I’m sure you know what I mean! Even the main cast are teenage boys from the city of Gujarat in India, playing the role of Kalpen and Drupad!

The show is based on two youngsters, Kalpen and Drupad Sharma who join hands with a group of vigilante kids to stop the monsters! Who are these monsters? Well! These monsters are none other than the creme de la creme or the wealthiest of the society who have formed a government to dominate the youth! This government functions as a form of a sham organization called the “Global Child Initiative” and tracks the movements of Australian youth!

This evil organization goes by the name of “The infinity group” disguised as “The Global Child Initiative”. Hence to put a full stop to their evil ways, Kal and Drupad team up with the group of kids who go by the name of “The Unlisted” and officially become a part of it! The evil organization that Kal and Dru are trying to eliminate basically tries to manipulate the youth via installing technical implants that basically control the youth and convert them into their “lapdogs!” 

Season 1 of the series ended with Kal and Drupad finding themselves in a sticky situation whereby these mechanical bots get inside their ears and we all know what happens next! These bots will ultimately try to control the young boys and hence, a new “Messiah” is required! Hence forming the storyline of season 2! This is all speculation obviously! But one thing is certain, you all will be seeing some more faces in season 2, (If) Netflix ever tries to renew the show as it has not been officially canceled yet!

The Unlisted Season 2 Plot

the unlisted season 2 plot
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Drupad and Kalpen with other members of The Unlisted try to free the people from the GCI headquarters that were put under their vicious spell! Although the plan was deemed successful, it seems it’s not the end yet as the twins have now ended up on the hit-list of the Initiative! It seems that the organization is still not done with the twins and hence giving us more reasons to believe that season 2 of The Unlisted will surely come! 

Although nothing has been confirmed yet about the season 2 plot and nothing has been revealed yet, we can still speculate a few things! We can, for sure, guess who we will see in the second run of the show! Ved and Vrund Rao will obviously reappear on the screen as the main characters of this sci-fi mystery drama! There can be a few more faces but as nothing has been revealed yet, we can not be 100% sure! Here’s a list of a few more stars that can reappear in the second season of The Unlisted!

  • Ved Rao (Kal Sharma) 
  • Ved Rao (Dry Sharma) 
  • Miah Madden (Kymara) 
  • Abigail Adriano (Rose) 
  • Nya Cofie (Jacob) 
  • Jean Hinchliffe (Gemma

These were the few major cast members of The Unlisted and if the series is up for renewal, then you can surely see these familiar faces back on the set of the show! 

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In The Unlisted Season 2?

the unlisted season 2 episodes
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Season 1 of The Unlisted concluded at 15 episodes  (has been listed below) and if the series gets a heads up by Netflix, then you can surely see a minimum of 15 episodes of The Unlisted season 2!

1Dru escapes dental clinic
2Dru makes a startling discovery
3Kal must keep his strength under control
4Dru and Kal join forces with The Unlisted
5The Unlisted are forced to flee
6A secret message by Kymara
7Dru and Kal doubts Jiao
8The incident at GCI and time for some confiding
9Rose and Gemma’s risky plan
10Emma interrogates Rose and Mack
11GCI trains new students
12Jacob stumbles across a secret
13Dru’s plan to take down GCI mainframe
14The Unlisted and their Manifesto
15The help of Dadi and major trouble ahead

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Netflix has neither denied nor canceled the plans of renewal of The Unlisted season 2 and hence all we can do is speculate! Meanwhile, the suspense-laden end of season 1 gives us enough evidence to believe that the series has not been concluded yet and so, we should stay hopeful! Let’s wait and see what season 2 of The Unlisted will bring us! 


Will there be a season 2 of The Unlisted?

There is no scheduled renewal of The Unlisted for a hopeful season 2. However, the inadequate closure to the series in season 1 makes season 2 highly likely. Although we still don’t know when it will reappear on our screens, let’s not lose hope! We’ll keep you updated if such news of a possible renewal comes! Stay tuned!

How many seasons are there of The Unlisted?

So far, The Unlisted has only 1 season with a total of 15 episodes.

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