The Value of Workday Partners

You budgeted for it, had interminable meetings about it, and finally made the big decision: choosing Workday to streamline processes, reduce risk, and heighten productivity across all your operations. Congratulations. The system is popular, and for good reason.

But to make sure your investment is a roaring success you need implementation help from a Workday partner which specializes in the system. That way, you’ll learn how to use the system effectively and optimally and to makeover your organization to foster business growth. Let’s take a closer look at the value of Workday partners.

What Is Workday?

Workday is a purveyor of cloud apps for HR, finance and planning that handles analytics as well as human capital and financial management, mostly for medium and large 

organizations. Plus, it’s faster and more flexible than those legacy ERP systems, and its adaptive frameworks allow you to alter processes anytime, anywhere, with no coding necessary. You certainly need to be agile in this ever-changing world. What’s the bottom line? A 97% customer satisfaction rating.

What Are Workday Partnerships?

These global partners help organizations deploy Workday and continually adopt nascent capabilities. These partners get extensive training about Workday products and have the expertise to help you wring everything it can from your Workday investment. You surely don’t want a partner that’s new to the system, nor should you rely solely on your already-burdened IT department, which doesn’t have the deep knowledge and expertise required for Workday.

Why Do I Need Workday Help?

It’s not as much that Workday is challenging to learn, as it is that you want to be able to use the sophisticated system optimally. I mean, you wouldn’t buy an iPhone 12 and merely use it as a telephone … would you? 

In fact, with their deep product knowledge, Workday partners play a crucial role in their customers’ success. 

What Are Some Benefits of Getting a Workday Partner?

Well, you can anticipate seamless and efficient deployment, and you can forget about service interruptions when upgrading Workday versions. You will also get better collaboration and consistent insights, plus a quick increase in return on investment.

What About Mercer?

Mercer is an international leader in health, talent, retirement, and investments. What’s more, the company has more than a decade’s experience as a certified Workday partner. Now that’s saying something. This is not the time for inexperienced help.

The consulting form can help you with deployment, teach you to use the system the right way, and set your organization up for real growth. 

Can You Tell Me More About How Mercer Can Help?

It’s important to note that Mercer uses a holistic approach: it gets to know your company, your workforce, and your strategy, then works to produce a way forward that’s in line with your goals. That includes maximizing your people management platform, optimizing your financial data, and leveraging collaboration between human resources and finance. It also includes taking advantage of and managing Workday’s continuous innovations.

What Types of Launch and Post-Production Support Does Mercer Offer?

It’s darned comprehensive, really. Workday offers advice and design assistance; Workday deployment, integration tools, reporting tool configuration, and optimization; application management support and change management.  

Now that you know the value of Workday partners, you can be confident in choosing a consultant such as Mercer, with its technical expertise and deep Workday knowledge, to help you deploy and maintain the system. That way, not only will you get the most from your investment, but you’ll set your company up for strong business growth. It’s just the smart way to go.

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