The Widow Season 2 | Happening Or Not? Everything You Need To Know!

the widow season 2

The world is full of lies and all we have to do is uncover the mysteries that surround us. This phrase perfectly describes the journey of Georgia who is astounded by the fact that the life she has been living so far was full of lies and deception!! Kate Beckinsale (Georgia in The Widow) went on the journey to find her dead (not-so-dead) husband but the lies she discover leaves her (and us) BAFFLED! The Widow season 1 ended with a total of 8 episodes but the fans are wanting to see more of Georgia and her action! So? Will there be The Widow season 2?

What will you do when the husband whose death you’ve been mourning for years shows up suddenly? You will be shaken too, right? This is the same case with our MC here who has no idea what turn her life has taken and what will this lead her to!

The Widow is full of suspense, thriller, action, and DRAMA! Harry and Jack have beautifully written this transnational drama and the actors really do justice to the characters! So the question of the hour is “Is there The Widow season 2?” Well! If you’re a fan then you’ll be disappointed to know that this was all that Harry and Jack had planned for Georgia and the US!!! They have nothing more to show but FOR NOW, the show could rebound later but how much later, that is uncertain!

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If you have seen The Widow then I know what you all will be expecting but sadly, our dear authors are not of the same idea! This article might have some spoilers so if you have a weak heart, don’t read! And also, make sure you have seen The Widow so that you can connect the dots well!

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The Widow Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!!

the widow season 2
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The Widow Season 1 premiered on March 1, 2019, on Amazon prime and then on ITV (UK) on April 8, 2019! It has been more than two years since the  TV series made its debut and fans are curious if the show will be renewed for a season 2 or not! Let’s see what the writers have in for us!

The British TV series, The Widow, was written and created by the Willam brothers, namely, Harry and Jack. This was also the first TV show debut of Kate Beckinsale where she plays the role of Georgia whose husband (seemingly) got killed in an airplane crash! The show was filmed in a number of places and did justice to the scenic beauty of South Africa, Wales, and Rotterdam!

The Widow streamed on Amazon prime who made the series available for fans the world over. The series has IMDB ratings of 6.9 and has a score of 57% on rotten tomatoes, while the google ratings show that as many as 74% of viewers share a favorable view of The Widow. The show also won the BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Award and was a hit series!

This TV show, as we all know, revolves around Georgia who has been mourning the death of her husband “Will” who died in an airplane crash in DRC ( Democratic Republic Of Congo). The story takes a sudden twist when Georgia finds her supposedly dead husband interviewing on TV and is simply left, BAFFLED!

Thus begins Georgia’s action-driven journey where she will go looking for her lost love (and disappointment!) Through twists and turns, by the end of the first season, the lady will seemingly untie all the knots of her husband’s fake death and unravel more shocking truths! And this is where I’ll end my recapitulation of The Widow season 1 and move onto everything about season 2!!!

It has already been 2+ years since the time when The Widow was initially released and we all are curious, WHEN IN THE WORLD will season 2 happen? Well, sorry to burst your bubble of excitement, it will not come out soon! Not anytime soon as the creators have already announced that “THIS WAS IT!”

Yeah, so no more of Georgia and her adventure but that’s all for now! Why? Well, basically the William brothers announced that this was the original storyline that they had decided earlier and they seemingly concluded it all in season 1, so basically they are out of ideas and storyline for season 2! But does that mean it will be the case forever? Maybe or Maybe not!

The William Brothers might still renew the plot and the storyline if they wish to! All you have to do is hype it all up! We all know how the entertainment circle works! If the hype is enough, there are chances that the series might continue even if there was no initial plan for it!

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The Widow Season 1 

the widow season 1
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The Widow Season 1 had a total of eight episodes with the run time of each as 60 minutes! The initial story planned by the William brothers ends with Georgia finally finding every secret behind her husband’s fake death! This search is laden with violence and corruption and lots of heartbreaking revelations! If you want to join in on Georgia’s search operation, here’s a list of The Widow season 1 episodes as they are available on Amazon Prime and you can watch them anytime you want!

EpisodeEpisode Title
1“Mr. Tequila”
2“Green Lion”
3“The Survivors”
6“The Spider and the Web”

The Widow Cast

The Widow has a major cast with Kate Beckinsale as the main lead! If the series does have a season 2 someday, then the cast from season 1 are sure to reappear again. Here’s a list of The Widow season 1 cast!

  • Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells
  • Charles Dance as Martin Benson
  • Alex Kingston as Judith Gray
  • Babs Olusanmokun as General Azikiwe
  • Shalom Nyandiko as Adidja
  • Luiana Bonfim as Gaëlle Kazadi
  • Louise Brealey as Beatrix
  • Bart Fouche as Pieter Bello/Hennie Botha
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Ariel
  • Howard Charles as Tom
  • Réginal Kudiwu as Djamba
  • Jacky Ido as Emmanuel
  • Matthew Le Nevez as Will
  • Matthew Gravelle as Joshua

Would The Shocking Revelations In The Widow Season 1 Could Lead To Season 2? (SPOILER ALERT!)

the widow season 2
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The Widow season 1 started with Georgia finding her husband’s fake death which motivates her to go in search of him! But yeah in episode 7 we along with her got to know about not-so-good “WILL!” Even if Georgia finds her husband who is entangled in a mess, that husband will prove to be nothing like Georgia had imagined!

Georgia will soon realize that she has been foolishly mourning him (Will) while forgetting a life of her own (and all he did was lie to her!) While getting out of sticky situations by narrowly escaping death, all Georgia will find is a husband who isn’t hers alone! Get a hint guys as I will not reveal all the spoilers here but beware of this husband who the lady will find!

As the storyline of season 1 solely revolves around Georgia finding the truth behind her husband’s fake death, the same can not be continued in season 2! Why? Well! All secrets have already been revealed and there’s nothing much to add! But season two can surely throw more light on the secondary characters like Ariel for example and might even turn to a whole new cast with Kate Beckinsale as the main lead obviously! We don’t know what will happen in season 2 yet, but we can still speculate! Or if it will ever happen!

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The Widow Season 2 Release Date

The widow season 2 release date
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As the show has not been renewed for a new season, so nothing can be said about The Widow season 2 release date! Let’s wait and see what the William Brothers has in for us. We might or might not have The Widow season 2 but let’s hope for the best so we can see Kate Beckinsale on screens again! In the meanwhile, you can watch other series like The Widow that will remind you of our heroic Georgia here! Here’s a list of shows you all can watch-

  • Top Of The Lake
  • The Missing
  • Safe
  • Dark
  • Perfume
  • Baptiste
  • The Cry
  • Keeping Faith
  • The Leftovers


The Widow was a huge success and the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2! However, the same excitement has not been delivered by our authors who are in no hurry to bring the show back on TV! Jack and Harry who are the famous authors of The Missing need a completely new storyline if they want to renew The Widow. Hence, it can’t be said for sure when this will happen or whether it will happen at all!!


When Will The Widow Season 2 Release? Is It Being Renewed?

Jack and Harry showed not much interest in the renewal of The Widow as they already concluded and delivered everything in a total of 8 episodes! But that in no way signifies the show has been canceled! It can still come back on stage provided the authors have some more twisty tales in their minds!

Is The Widow a true story?

The Widow is all fiction and hence, NOT A TRUE STORY? I don’t know what gave you the idea that it wasn’t! There are plane crash hoaxes but not like The Widow. So to answer the question, The Widow is NOT based on a true story!

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