Things That Men Find Attractive About Women And Will Make You Fall In Love With Women

Things That Men Find Attractive About Women

Everyone knows that first impressions are the most important. Ever wondered what guys really think of you and what are the things that men find attractive about women? Women think a lot about this and what they should do to look their best. They try to figure out various things that men want in them.

Most women focus on their looks and figure out various aspects to make them more appealing. But we need to know that it’s not always about the looks there is more to it. There are many studies conducted for this and we’ll get to know from here what are the things that men find attractive about women. 

So let’s not exaggerate this thing and find out all the things that men look for in women. The most basic things that I consider are a Perfect sense of humor, Independence, skills, risk-taking factors, and a lot more. We are going to discuss everything in detail below. 

What Attracts Men to Women? Beginne...
What Attracts Men to Women? Beginners Guide!

Most of the women out there just try to look their best to make men fall for them. But ladies let me tell you that you are perfect just the way you are. Let’s not wait further and start with everything you want to know here.

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Things That Men Find Attractive About Women

We are going to talk about everything here from their looks to their skills, to their behavior. Let’s unfold all the truths here and reveal all the secrets that women want to know to look more attractive and charming at the same time.

Perfect Sense Of Humor

Things That Men Find Attractive About Women; perfect sense of humor
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Sense of humor plays a great role and it is the most common thing that men find attractive about women. Every man has a different sense of humor when it comes to choices and preferences. Women need to be wittier and just need to laugh every time they tell a joke just to make them feel good. If every time she gets the joke then whoosh ladies his heart doors are open for you.


Men find a turn-off for them for those women who are not independent and asking for things every time. They find a woman more attractive who is independent, takes her own decisions and is self-supportive at times. Although women may ask for little help at times and it’s completely fine for them.

Cooking Skills

Everyone knows that there is a saying that the road to man’s heart goes through his stomach and it’s so true. They love to have a woman in their life that cooks for herself and also for them. It’s also a sign of caring and men love to be cared for.

Risk-Taking Factor

This goes well for both men as well as women and it is a turn-on for both of them. Men find it attractive when a woman is always ready to take risks and ready to go on trips and adventures. Even if women are scared to do all the adventures, they just need to be confident in learning new things with their men.

Responsible and Kind

Obviously, a nice personality does matter. It’s a red flag for you if you are rude and straightforward for not a genuine reason. Men find it attractive when women are kind and caring and also know how to deal with serious situations smoothly. These two things will make them believe that women will be supportive and helpful in every life situation.

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Men find it more attractive when women look more mature and not childish. You just need to look more like a woman and not like a girl and there you go. However, for short-term relationships, younger partners are preferred more but for long-term relationships, men look for mature women.

Long Hair

Things That Men Find Attractive About Women; long hair
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There is no doubt that it’s the first thing that a man notices in a woman and they find attractive. Men do like long and shiny hair. Also, a survey was conducted and it was noticed that men like hairs when they are open and some also prefer messy buns. Men do not like hair that is dyed in different colors and looks very unnatural.

Red Color

Red is the weakness of every man. It may sound strange to you but it’s the fact and true that men do really like the color red. It’s the color associated with desire, heat, and love. It’s the color that arouses them not in a sexual way but it’s just that they can’t ignore a woman wearing red. Attention alert in short!!


Men do find women attractive who are creative and create beauty everywhere they go, be it in the case of decorating home, creating matching outfits, makeup looks, or taking old things and shaping them into new. These are some of the skills that men find the most attractive in a woman.

Motherhood Traits

Things That Men Find Attractive About Women; motherhood traits
source- Great Performers Academy

It’s a signal for the men that she’s the one who tends to have an instinct of motherhood. If they are naturally drawn to playing with kids and taking care of them they will attract more men to themselves.

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Befriending Friends

It’s attractive for men who are confident enough to make their friends their own and those who easily gel up with people. As we know it’s a never-ending game between his friends and his partner so if you all make a group together then nothing is better than that.


This was all about all the things that men find attractive about a woman. All the mysteries have unfolded here. I hope that if you practically implement all of these things then it will definitely help you. See the magic yourself. If you still find any difficulty then do write to us and we are ready to help you out.

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