Things to Know about LED T8 Lights

For workplace lighting, T8 LED lights are frequently utilized. It may use in both parabolic and indirect light fixtures to replace fluorescent lights. Climate-controlled spaces with conventional ceiling heights, such as storage areas, fabrication floors, and mechanic garages, are the most fantastic places to function effectively. Fluorescent bulbs can be replaced by LED tubes, which are more energy-efficient. With up to 100,000 hours of life expectancy, they also offer superior color rendering and require less maintenance.

Do not get hung up on wattage equivalent while transitioning from fluorescent tubes to LED. Be more concerned with lumen output and fixture height than LED tube light fixture t8 4ft tubes with 1800 Lumens. The most common for offices, retail spaces, hospitality, and other applications with similar ceiling heights. Avoid overcrowding a place and making consumers or staff feel like they’re sitting in a detention cell. Led tube lights with more than 2000 Lumens are the brightest option for taller ceilings that employ strip lighting or high bay fixtures.

The temperature of Color T8 LED Tube

Best T8 Bulbs For Growing Plants
Best T8 Bulbs For Growing Plants

For uniform lighting throughout an area when upgrading or installing overhead lighting, it’s vital to understand the color temperature. Lower Kelvin levels indicate a yellower light output, whereas higher Kelvin values indicate a bluer light output. Three-hundred-kelvin T8 bulbs emit a yellowish hue comparable to that of a halogen light bulb. In workplaces and work areas, this is the recommended color light for general illumination. As a daylight-equivalent, 6500 Kelvin T8 bulbs provide a bluer light than typical illumination.

What are the Advantages of LED T8?

  • A range of color temperatures are produced by LEDs, which are comparable to fluorescent lighting, but without the flickering problems.
  • Several LED choices can be dimmed completely. LEDs are more efficient at dimming fluorescents, which is more costly.
  • Fluorescent T8 fluorescent tubes are about 30% more efficient than modern T8 LED tubes.
  • A mercury-free LED is an ecologically beneficial and cost-free recycling solution.
  • When fluorescent lights are controlled, they last longer because they burn out faster. On the other hand, LEDs do not have this difficulty because their lifespan is not impacted by switching on or off.
  • It may use the LED’s light in a specific direction. Some light is lost within fluorescent fixtures because of their multi-directional lighting.
  • A T8 linear fluorescent lamp has an average lifespan of 30000 hours, whereas the T8 LED has a lifespan of 50000hrs.

Is LED T8 Direct Wire or Plug-in?

T8 tubes are now available in both direct wire and plug-and-play variants. There is no need to rewire the fixture when using plug-and-play T8 lights. To power the direct-wire LED tubes, a direct-current line voltage is applied to the sockets. Ballasts for fixtures must be bypassed and removed to use this option. In the past, direct-wire LED tube lights were only wired at one end and needed non-shunted tombstones, but we now provide double-ended LED tubes for direct-wire LED tubes. Wires on both ends of the boxes allow them to be used with non-shunted or shunted lamp holders. When it comes to installation, we provide a third alternative if you’re not sure. 

As such, hybrid LED tubes may be plugged directly into the fluorescent fixture or used with a suitable ballast. It can use a new bulb instead of the ballast after the ballast’s life has expired. A link to a Ballast Compatibility PDF or spec document is available on each page of the fluorescent replacement tubes supplied by lepro to assist you in selecting the proper fluorescent replacement tubes. Compared to fluorescent ballast compatible LED tubes, direct wire LED tubes to save more energy over the light bulb’s life. LED tubes are a great option when retrofitting fluorescent lights because they don’t require replacing the complete housing.

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