Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

Basic Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

There are many things to know before getting your first puppy and to know everything about this is difficult. Taking care of some other creature is very beautiful and enhancing. It is not something that you should take lightly. If you are planning to have a puppy then you should give your best to them. Everything matters like your mindset, the care you are going to give, the training you are going to select, and of course your finance when you are going to raise a puppy at your place.

You are an animal lover who is going to adopt one furry best friend. It may be hard for you to convince your mom and dad about this that you are ready to take care of your pup as a full-time guardian. I guess you need to consider many factors like space, time, and money while choosing your best friend as you should give him/her the best you can. Financially, you need to make sure you can afford healthy food, vet visits, and dog insurance for your new friend, and those are just the basics not including all the toys and accessories.

Everyone loves to have a best friend. Why not it be a puppy? And let me tell you that dogs are called man’s best friend. The bond that the dog and its owner share are lovely and it doesn’t matter whether the dog is old or young. They are very adorable, playful, and affectionate at the same time. It’s always lovely to play with dogs and puppies. They are hard to resist. Many people buy a puppy before they actually know whether they are ready or are fully prepared for that.

Why you need a puppy
Why you need a puppy

Basic Things to Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

First, ask yourself are you ready for a puppy? There are a lot of factors and decisions that need to make before you decide to bring a puppy to your home. Don’t choose the wrong time before taking a puppy. As you are going to spend the great moments of your life with your dog so choose the best you can and consider the most important things before getting one.

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Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; commitment
source- Pedigree

You need to commit yourself that you will take your pup to walk three or two times a day. Keep that in mind always that you need to exercise your dog every day. All these are the most essential tasks that you need to do and make sure that you do them every day.

Suitable For Your Lifestyle

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; Suitable for your lifestyle
source- PetsPyjamas

You should always consider the fact that it should not hamper your temperament and should fit your ability. Many people make the worst decisions while choosing a pet based on how cute a pet you are going to choose. There are many factors that need to be kept in mind like the energy level, tolerance level, and most importantly your needs.

Must Visit a Veterinarian

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; must visit a veterinarian
source- DogTime

Before going to settle for any pup you must ask your friend about the veterinary recommendations. A veterinarian is an excellent source of information for any kind of pup and will give you all the information about which puppy suits your lifestyle and needs. Before buying the most appropriate pup you must get all the information about the pup.

An Appropriate and Balanced Diet

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; appropriate and balanced diet
source- Fupping

Every pet is different and needs a different type of food according to its breed. You should go for a balanced diet for your pet and choose the best food you can as it is going to guarantee the long-term health of your pet You need to consult a vet for your pup’s food and fulfill the specific needs of your pup.

Right Kind of Puppy

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; right kind of puppy

You must be aware of all the pros and cons of puppy ownership and know the right time for buying a puppy. Firstly decide which kind of puppy is right for you and your home should be pet friendly. Make a detailed list of the features that you want to have in your dog and the features you don’t want to have in your pup.

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Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; Family friendly

If you are going to add one new member to your family make sure it should be friendly as you have your children and they would love to have them as their gift. There are many pets that are not friendly to kids but you should research for the dog you are going to bring.

Have all the Accessories

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; have all the accessories
Source- LifeSavvy

If you have fully planned to have your pup at home then you must buy all the accessories and have all the basic supplies. Basic supplies include a collar, ID tag, food, and water bowls, toys and a perfect fit bed for your pup.

Find a Social Dog or Make One

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy
source- ASPCA

You need to socialize your dog and you can do it by allowing your dog to meet new people in your society and you need to do it in the initial years. Make sure you continue to do it in the whole puppy years. This factor makes your dog more social and this will make your dog less aggressive towards other people and animals.

Plan a Grooming Routine

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy; Plan a grooming routine
source- The Puppy Academy

You should plan a grooming routine for your puppy. You should brush your dog regularly and its nails should not touch the ground. Give them a proper bath and buy them a lotion and use them regularly. This will reduce tangles and also prevent skin irritation.

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So these were all things that must be considered before you buy a puppy for yourself. I guess these are the most important things that must always come to your mind before you buy any kind of pet. All the things must be clear with this and you should get it soon and add a new member to your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before getting my first puppy?

Following are the things to know before getting your first puppy.
1. Commitment
2. Suitable for your lifestyle
3. Must-Visit a Veterinarian
4. An Appropriate and Balanced Diet
5. Right Kind of Puppy
6. Family-Friendly
7. Have all the Accessories
8. Find a Social Dog or Make One
9. Plan a Grooming Routine

Where should a puppy sleep the first night?

The puppy should sleep in the crate next to your bed on his first night.

What should I be aware of when getting a puppy?

1. Living space and sleeping area
2. Toilet training
3. Desexing vaccination and other vet care
4. Microchipping and registration
5. Training and socialization
6. Exercise
7. Nutrition

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