9+ Important Things To Learn From Tony Stark, Man Who Redefined Superheros

Things To Learn From Tony Stark

“I am inevitable”

“And I am Iron Man”

Remember these lines? A true marvel fan would. The moment of goosebumps, pride, and sorrow at the same time. These were the last lines by one of my and I am sure all of your favorite superheroes Tony Stark on the big screen. The journey which started in 2008 taught us a lot. So, today we decided to write about the things to learn from Tony Stark as a human, as a family man, as a mentor, and as a superhero.

The story which started with a rich spoiled brat wasting his dad’s money on luxury turned to be a sensible and responsible superhero that saves the world many times. Iron man was not just a movie to watch it was an emotion that Tony Stark carried with it. I have followed Tony Stark from his first appearance on the screen in 2008 to his last appearance (You never know what Marvel scripts carry in it but for now last) on the screen in 2019. He has so much to teach with his actions. So, here is an article that will tell you the things to learn from Tony Stark.

Important Things to learn from Tony Stark are

  1. You don’t need six-pack abs to be a hero
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Love your Family
  4. Humanity First
  5. Technology is Man’s best friend
  6. You don’t need superpowers To be a Superhero
  7. Be a Mentor
  8. If you know you are important then before leaving find your replacement
  9. Keep an eye on Prodigy

These are not just the points that I wrote just for the sake of writing this article. I have mentioned the incidents that made me think of these qualities possessed by The Iron Man and then found the perfect things to learn from Tony Stark.

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Things To Learn From Tony Stark

Next, in the article, I have mentioned the incidents that made me write these qualities about Tony Stark. I am sure reading these incidents would definitely make you believe that the points I have mentioned in “Things to learn from Tony Stark” are cent percent correct.

You Don’t Need Six Pack Abs To Be A Superhero

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - Tony Stark Eating
Source: Pinterest

“Brains over Brawns” is the perfect idiom that I can think of while giving an explanation to my point. We have seen Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor spending time in the Gym but Do you remember any scene from any of the movies, Tony Stark in the gym? No, although keeping fit is necessary but a bulky body is not enough to be a superhero, you gotta have brains. With due respect we have seen Hulk and Thor getting defeated from the villains having more muscles but what Tony Stark teaches us if you have brains you can even break a mountain.


Things To Learn From Tony Stark - Captain got his shield back
Source: Digital Spy

One of the most important things to learn from Tony Stark is forgiveness. You gotta forgive the person who you think has done wrong to you in the past and look forward to living in peace and harmony with him in the future. 

Remember, Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier killed Tony Stark’s parents and Captain America defended him. Captain has a solid reason to defend his old friend who is now the winter soldier but defends him from the person whose parents are killed by him. But still, Tony forgave Captain in the Avengers End Game and gave him back his shield. 

Love Your Family

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - I love you 3000
Source: YouTube

Tony Stark, a complete family man, was one of the most pleasurable moments to witness. The five years he spent with his family in the woods after being defeated by Thanos showed the family-loving nature of Iron Man. Remember “I love you 3000” in the funeral speech. Well, I am in tears now. Love your family is one of the most important things to learn from Tony Stark.

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Humanity First

Things To Learn From Tony Stark
Source: Screen Rant

Humanity is one of the best things to learn from Tony Stark. His whole journey was devoted to mankind and its advancements. Right from the beginning in 2008 when he noticed that the arms exported by his company were doing disasters in Afghanistan he stopped his company from manufacturing arms. 

The most important moment in the history of Marvel’s, the moment I mentioned at the beginning of the article “And I am Iron Man”. The superhero did not hesitate even for a single second when he got the signal from Dr. Strange that this is the chance. He sacrificed his life for humanity.

Technology is Man’s Best Friend – If Used Properly

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - technology
Source: RobotSpaceBrain

We know Tony Stark was not someone who was born with the superpower, all he got was his brain. He used this brain to invent the human-computer Jarvis, he used this brain to develop his special suit.

Who can forget the first suit that he developed from the scraps available in the prison of Afghanistan? It was this brain and technology that helped him to escape from the danger. Although there were side effects too that were totally due to negligence that’s why we said technology is man’s best friend but if used properly and with care.

You Don’t Need Superpowers To Be a Superhero

Things To Learn From Tony Stark
Source: HeadStuff

Already told you Tony Stark didn’t get any superpowers in heredity. All he got was brains and a set-up business by his father. He developed his suit and used his resources in a way that made him a superhero and useful to society. The things to learn from Tony Stark are you don’t need a superpower to be a superhero for someone, help the people who you can, expecting nothing in return.

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Be a Mentor

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - Mentor
Source: Slash Film

One of the best things to learn from Tony Stark is to be a mentor. You know something and are good at it. Don’t just keep it to yourself, teach someone you think is capable of learning. What example to quote, you know the relationship between the Iron Man and Spiderman. 

Remember the lines?

“I am nothing without this suit”

“If you are nothing without this suit then you shouldn’t have it”

These trigger lines changed the spider boy into spiderman.

If You Know You Are Important Then, Before Leaving Find Your Replacement

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - EDITH
Source: Spider-Man Wiki- Fandom

Iron Man knew that someday he would be leaving and decided to mentor Spiderman to replace him. The most asked question, Is Spiderman the next Tony Stark? Well, if you have watched Spiderman: Away from home, you would have got the answer. The gift left for Spiderman by Tony Stark, the EDITH carries a chit saying “For The Next Tony Stark I Trust You”. I guess the lines are enough to give you the answer. 

Keep An Eye On Prodigy But, Do Not Interfere

Things To Learn From Tony Stark - Spiderman and Iron Man
Source: WIRED

Tony Stark is the best mentor I can say. He gifted the special suit to the child prodigy spiderman but placed a tracking device in it. He never interfered in the matters until he felt it necessary. The perfect example was the drowning ship. Tom Holland was after the illegal arms dealer and was about to catch them but his actions led to the people on the cruise in trouble. The iron man entered the scenario and helped his student.

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These are just a few of the things to learn from Tony Stark. The most important thing I feel is the preparation of his plans. He always has plan A, plan B, plan C ….. ready in his mind and that is what makes Iron Man different from the other Superheros. Next, we can learn from Tony Stark that Superheroes can not necessarily be perfect as his actions sometimes cause trouble but he always has solutions to them. You can watch Marvel Movies on Disney Plus. If you feel I have missed out on any of the things to learn from Tony Stark then the comments section is open for you.

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