Thomas Edison And Mina Miller!! How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?

How Did Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller

A romantic set up under the stars, slow romantic music playing in the background, beautiful red roses, a guy on his knees with a dazzling diamond ring, and the crowd howling around, maybe that’s how most of the girls would probably have dreamt of their perfect marriage proposal, right? But do you know the story of Thomas Edison and Mina Miller? “How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?”

Thomas Alva Edison was a man synonymous with wizardry and inventions. He was known around the world for his research and discoveries.  During the late 19th century, he was perhaps the most celebrated living person in the world. It was during this time that he met the woman who was later on known for simply being the wizard’s wife, and left her own lasting mark. Her name was Mina Miller and she became Edison’s second wife.

Who would have expected that this legendary pair would have their marriage proposal in the most unexpected and unique manner? Want to know How Did Thomas Edison Propose Mina Miller? Using Morse Code!!!
Yes, you read that right. That’s how this epic pair tied the knot for their future wedding. I mean it’s just Woah!!

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Read more about this budding love story from beginning to end in this post. Also, find out how exactly did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller using a Morse Code? Excited to know the full story? Let’s go then!!

Thomas Edison And Mina Miller!!

How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife; How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller
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Mina was the seventh child among the eleven children in her family, born in Akron, Ohio in 1865. Her father Lewis was a wealthy inventor and manufacturer. Mina Miller’s upbringing was very helpful to her to adopt the new life with Edison. Here is a precise description of their lives from the time of their first meet to getting married.

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As a teenager, Mina attended and graduated from high school, spent a year traveling Europe, and then went to school in Boston for higher studies. It was here in Boston when Mina for the first time got in touch with Edison.

How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?

When Edison And Mina Met For The First Time

While in Boston Mina became an acquaintance of Lillian Gilliand the wife of Edison’s long-time friend, Ezra Gilliland. 

Edison’s wife, Mary Stilwell died at the age of 29. Mary and Thomas had three children. By 1885, a year after his wife’s death, Edison was already internationally known for his invention of the phonograph, his pivotal role in the launching the electric power in the light industry as well as other achievements. These achievements made him the world’s most eligible bachelor by all accounts.

During that summer, Edison was a welcome visitor at the Gillilan’s Boston home, making regular trips from his laboratory and in Menlo Park New Jersey, and offices. 

When Edison Approached Mina Miller For Marriage:

Edison was looking for a wife who can be a mother to his three children. He asked Mrs. Gilliland to look for a suitable girl. On this Mrs. Gilliland was obliged. Among the many names that came out for marriage was 20-year-old Mina Miller.

By all accounts, Mina was a young beautiful woman with great hair and great dazzling eyes. Although Edison at 38 was nearly twice her age he was instantly smitten.

One of Edison’s diary entries reflects – “Saw a lady who looked like Mina, Got thinking about Mina.”

Mina’s eligibility lineup at the Gilliland’s did not last long during that summer of 85. As early on she left Boston to be with her family Edison was already missing her company.

When asked Mina how she felt meeting Mr. Gilliland for the first time at Gilliland’s home. She simply replied, “Just a genial lovely man.”  Edison’s and Mina’s paths continued to cross that fateful summer. 

During the summer, Edison taught Mina the basics of the Morse Code. Edison’s daughter Dot later told the story of “How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?”

She saw her father tap the question out in Mina’s hand for marriage. Mina tapped back her affirmative reply. Isn’t it so unique and amazing?

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When Edison Sent The Marriage Proposal To Mina’s Father:

In September as per the customs, Edison sent a letter to Mina’s father asking her hand for marriage.

“The step I have taken in asking your daughter to intrust her happiness into my keeping has been the result of mature deliberation and with the full appreciation of the responsibility and the duty I have undertaken to fulfill.” 

Thomas Edison and Mina Miller were married a few months later on February 24, 1886, at the Miller home in Akron. At age 20, Mina, the new Mrs. Edison became the wife of Edison and the stepmother to Edison’s and Mary’s three children. It was not an easy task for Mina to look after the family. 

As she was less than 10 years older than her stepdaughter Marion. Although Mina tried to look after her new family quite well. Marion later mentioned that “Mina was too young to be a mother and too old to be a chum.”

Mina and Thomas had three children of their own, Charles, Madeline, and Theodore. The new Edison family made their home at Glenmont and lived happily. 

Ahh!! Happily Ever After!! 

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To Wrap Up:

Isn’t their story AWWWW!! Filled with dramatic highs and lows, with mutual chemistry, full of love, compassion, honesty, and respect. 

Who said a second marriage doesn’t work? Thomas Edison got a companion, his children got a new mother, and three siblings to grow up with. 

Just like Thomas Edison, his proposal was also extraordinary and rare. A love story that turned into marriage with a Morse Code proposal!! Nostalgic!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding How Did Thomas Edison Propose Marriage To His Second Wife Mina Miller?

What happened to Edison’s second wife Mina? How did she die?

After the death of Edison, Mina Miller died after some time due to a heart attack. Here, the first wife, Mary Stilwell died due to congestion in the brain. 

Who was Edison’s second wife?

Mina Miller married Edison as his second wife at the age of 20.

How old was Edison’s first wife Mary?

Edison’s first wife Mary Stilwell was married at a very young age to Edison. She was just 16 years old at that time. At the age of 29, she died due to brain congestion. 

Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb?

Yes, the man behind the famous invention of the electric bulb is none other than Thomas Edison. He is well known for his epic inventions and contribution to science.

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