Coffee Packaging for Your Business: 5 Tips From Professionals

Coffee Packaging for Your Business

Coffee packaging is more than just a means to store and protect your products. It makes your coffee brand recognizable, attracts new customers, stimulates purchases, and makes people genuinely interested in your brand. That’s why investing in good and high-quality packaging is an essential part of running any coffee business.

Whether you are looking for ways to elevate your coffee packaging or searching for ideas on how to design your initial products, you are in the right place. Stay tuned to learn more about the latest coffee packaging trends and get expert tips and ideas from Packlion.

What Are Consumers Generally Looking for in Coffee Packaging?

There are many factors that can stimulate a person to buy your coffee, the main of them being the product package. Here are some of the most general things consumers look for in coffee packaging:

  • Durability, to avoid damage during transport and storage
  • Protection from humidity, heat, light, and external influence
  • Safety, no smell or taste transfer from the packaging to the coffee, and no chemicals
  • Easy to open, close, fold, store, and sort for recycling
  • Usage of sustainable or biodegradable materials consumers can reuse or recycle
  • Attractive design with alluring storytelling and customization
  • Adequate label description

5 Tips for the Best Coffee Packaging 

1. Know What Your Competitors are Doing

Before you work on improving your coffee packaging, make sure you know what you are up against. There are so many reasons to stay aware of what your competitors are doing in terms of packaging. 

Not only it will help you build a branding strategy to be exceptional in the field, but will also give you an idea of what consumers are drawn to. Moreover, you will recognize the most common trends, colors, and designs and gain inspiration to create unique packaging.

2. Use Sustainable Materials

One of the first things a client would notice is if your packaging is eco-friendly. With the sustainability trend gaining popularity in the packaging industry and the high consumer demand, it is only natural for coffee companies to jump on that train, too. 

The latest trends in coffee packaging suggest that sustainable materials give you a huge advantage over the competitors who embrace plastic or unrecyclable containers and wrapping. Choosing eco-friendly materials for coffee capsules and ground coffee packaging is easy. 

Look for renewable materials that have biodegradable and/or recyclable properties, such as paper and cardboard. That way, you protect the environment from traditional packaging waste, while your coffee says fresh and protected.

3. Customize the Design

Custom designs are key to making your coffee brand and products look unique and different. After all, the package is what makes your coffee easy to recognize online or on the market stand. So you do not want to use the same coffee packaging as everyone else. 

In coffee packaging, your goal should be to personalize the design as much as possible to reflect your company values and connect with consumers. With customization, you can make the packaging a part of the whole experience of consuming your products and convey important messages to the clients.

4. Choose an Attractive Color Scheme

Colors are a huge attention-grabber when it comes to coffee packaging design. Before the clients read your label or pick up your product, they will pay attention to the color scheme. Having that in mind, if you use plain hues or widely popular coffee brand colors, chances are your product would be overlooked or unfairly treated as a dupe.

To get the recognition you deserve, select a signature color scheme. Something people would look at and immediately know it’s their favorite coffee, your coffee. This is a very successful way to start building a loyal client base. 

5. Describe Your Coffee

People cannot test-taste your coffee to see if it’s good – they have to buy it to try it. So you need to find a way to sell it only using the attractiveness of your coffee packaging and the power of words to describe its best qualities, origin, and taste. The goal here is to make your coffee sound appealing.

Here are a few pinpoints you can concentrate on when creating the description:

  • Type of coffee 
  • Aroma
  • Espresso or filter
  • Single or blended
  • Bitter, mild, or acidic
  • Savory or sweet
  • Fruitty or nuty
  • Dark or light roast
  • Origin country

Let’s be honest, coffee drinkers know their coffee and have their personal preferences. So the only way you are going to get them to buy your product is to be as detailed as possible with the packaging description. 

The Benefits of Good Packaging

Good coffee packaging has many benefits, such as improving your brand’s image, high demand and interest in your products, better connection with customers, increased profits, and gaining loyal clients. Are you ready to become a recognizable coffee brand? It’s not too late to invest in quality ground coffee packaging and coffee capsules packaging.

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