Best Tips To Date A Spanish Girl!! In Love With A Hispanic Lady!

tips to date a Spanish girl

Be Enrique for your Anna! What a perfect couple they are! But do you know how their relation lasted so long? I’ll let you know a secret here! The guy knew all the tips for dating a Spanish lady! WOW! you’re really laughing, aren’t you! I’ll see how long yours last if you don’t take my words of wisdom into consideration! A usual Spanish girl is Fab, all sass, and the lady, of course, can kick your ass! (if you wrong her) So to have a smooth dating history with your girl, heed my advice and know all the best tips to date a Spanish girl!

Your usual Hispanic women won’t be just impressed by the looks, and that’s not restricted to only Hispanic. Women in general look for a man while dating a boy. So, even if you’re not one, ACT! Do you think speaking cheesy poetic lines would do the job? NO! Read more to know how your Spanish girl thinks.

Dating requires much more than your money and the most important thing that you need is PATIENCE! Guys just go all berserk over everything at first and when their enthusiasm isn’t met on the same scale, they simply lose interest. Unlike a natural guy’s way of thinking, girls are pretty simple. You all have just made the task seem too complicated! 

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Once you go and impress your Spanish girl out there, don’t forget to pay homage in the comments section. Why? Because you’re about to be let into the secret of “how to date a Spanish girl”!

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Tips To Date A Spanish Girl

Your Spanish girl would want all those things which any normal girl would want in her partner. You need to grade up more than just your looks and flirting skills. You have to be a gentleman which all guys should necessarily be in order to date anyone. So do you know what gentlemanly behavior is? Let’s see!

tips to date a Spanish girl
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1. Be Consistent!

Your pursuit must be strong and consistent. You must not lose interest halfway if the girl is taking time making decisions regarding you or constantly putting you on a hold. It can be the case where the girl is checking your real intentions and the depth of your affection for her. Maybe if you hang in there like a gentleman you are, she will come around. And if you aren’t just her type! Better luck next time because the girl is simply not into you and doesn’t end up irritating her to the point she blocks you out of her life.

2. Romantic Gestures

Guys usually take girls to be very materialistic who go on demanding expensive stuff. But that’s not really the case. Your usual Spanish girl is very ambitious and knows how to provide herself with the comfort she requires. You just need to keep on reminding her how much she matters in your life. And that doesn’t require a single penny! A simple message would do the job here. Or maybe a bouquet of flowers. Let’s be real here, which girl doesn’t like beautifully scented bouquets of flowers? You need not spend too much to make her feel special. And not all romantic dates must be lavish, but what matters is a single thought! And if you simply understand how it is important to make the girl feel special, then you will just know.

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3. Be Serious!

A girl’s intuition is always on point! So if she feels that you’re up to no good, she will simply kick you out. Even if you haven’t entered the door yet! If you’re simply out there for fun, then a usual Spanish girl isn’t for you. She requires something which amounts up to something real. If you’re being too casual about things, then it’s a red flag for her. And a Spanish girl has no habit of collecting those red flags.

4. Honesty and Respect

tips to date a Spanish girl
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Coming to the most important requisite which defines every healthy relationship, honesty, and trust. These two elements form the base of every relationship and if your girl can believe you then it’s a good sign for you to move ahead. If you keep on lying, as I mentioned earlier, the girl will know! Why? The sixth sense here. And now the most important! RESPECT! If you don’t treat your lady right, then someone else will. But before that, she will surely beat the crap out of you. You need to respect her boundaries, her space, her decision, her everything. That’s what all gentlemen do! 

5. Make her feel Comfortable

All a girl needs is a comfort level. If you can provide that to her! Then there won’t be any problem anywhere in your relationship. But if the girl constantly needs to be assured and feels insecure around you, talk it out. Conversing with your partner here is very important. It’ll not only make the girl worry less but you will also not have to unnecessarily guess about small things. A girl needs reassurance a number of times in her life. Starting from her dress to her body shape, she needs to know if everything’s on fleek!

6. Notice her! The small changes that matter

Girls love trying new things and even love if you guess what those changes are. But you can only guess correctly when you’re noticing your girl properly. Thus, notice, appreciate and even give some advice if you have any. Some girls love when men advise them on fashion even if they might or might not have any idea about the same. This only shows how interested you are in her life. So, even if she doesn’t follow your advice. Trust me she surely loves you giving them out!

7. Before Sailing On A Ship To Madrid – Know!

tips to date a Spanish girl
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A word of advice! Before you admire the flower, know the manure used. Why? Because it did not grow in a day. So you need to know the manure here! By manure, I mean the country where the girl is from. Disregarding the fact that even if she is an immigrant and has been living in the US for her whole life, it doesn’t make her less Spanish than her fellow Hispanic cousins.

So, here is a proper guide that will tell you “How To Approach A Spanish Women

  1. Bold, Beautiful, And Independent: When ranking countries according to “the most beautiful women in the world”, a Spanish woman is always in the top rankings of the list. We all know that Spanish women are filled with beauty and are usually very bold. They speak their minds. They never shy away from pointing your shit out. If she doesn’t like it, She simply DOESN’T! Respect that! So if you like a timid girl, GO HOME! 
  2. Up Your Seduction Skills: With beauty comes – flies! Oh sorry! The admirers of such beauty. So you need to keep in mind that your Spanish girl is very much used to being approached. She has built up some defenses that you need to work on. Just going all out with a hammer in hand won’t do the job. Be smart enough to know where her boundaries lie and stop when you feel it’s time to. Also, know that your usual Spanish woman is very different from the American ones. Where you’re used to being chased, here, you need to be the chaser. You have to chase her to make the girl realize how seriously you’re into her. Here, you obviously need to know the difference between pursuing a person in a healthy manner and STALKING! Otherwise, her “Hermano” will beat you to a pulp!
  3. Don’t Be A Party Pooper! Know the difference between American and Spanish cultures. Spanish people are used to partying out late (doesn’t mean Americans don’t, but…know the difference!). Spaniards can party the whole night to enjoy their SIESTA. And if you don’t know what a siesta is? Then your life in Spain is already ruined. Why? Because that’s the relaxing time and you won’t find even the shops open if you go searching for one. So, don’t disturb your girl’s siesta time or insist on leaving the party first. The latter will obviously compel her to think- “why are we even dating?”
  4. I’m A Mama’s Girl!- JK But Family’s Important: Spanish kids, in general, are used to living with their parents. EVEN IF THEY’RE ADULTS! However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be getting any privacy, just a little less than you’re used to and are comfortable with.

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How To Ask A Spanish Girl On Date?

tips to date a Spanish girl
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Well, if you want to go out with your Spanish special friend then you need to ask her out. Wait, we have a few tips for you. You don’t speak Spanish so try to ask her out in her native language. there are good chances that she might get impressed with your hard work and agree to a movie or dinner this weekend.

Here are a few “Asking Out” sentences, we have written them in Spanish as well as the English language for your convenience

Spanish English
¿Te gustaría salir conmigo? Would you like to go out with me?
¿Quieres ir a cenar conmigo?  Do you want to have dinner with me?
Me gustaría invitarte a salir el viernes  I would like to take you out on Friday.
¿Te gustaría salir conmigo? Would you like to go out with me?
¿Quieres ir a cenar conmigo? Do you want to have dinner with me?
Me gustaría invitarte a salir el viernes  I would like to take you out on Friday
¿Vamos al cine el sábado? Should we go to the movies on Saturday?
Te invito al cine el sábado I invite you to the movies on Saturday
¿Tienes planes mañana? ¿Por qué no hacemos algo?Do you have plans for tomorrow? Why don’t we do something?
¿Te gustaría ir al cine conmigo  Would you like to come with me to the movies?

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All girls need simple things in life and the most important of them is respect and honesty. If you’re willing to seriously offer her what she has been expecting her whole life, then she’ll surely accept you and the love you are offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I impress a Spanish girl?

If you wish to impress a Spanish girl then do follow the points given below.
1. Be Consistent
2. Show Romantic Gestures
3. Be Serious
4. Be honest and Respect her
5. Make her feel comfortable with you
6. Notice small changes

How do you tell if a Hispanic girl likes you?

If a Hispanic girl likes you she will
1. Give you her full attention
2. Introduce you to her parents
3. She wants to know more about you
4. She will be open and ask you for the date
5. She will talk to you about your interests

How To Say I Love You In Spanish?

“Te quiero” means I Love You in Spanish.

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