Top highest grossing Hollywood film of 2017

As far as box office performance goes, 2017 was pretty dismal for Hollywood. There were a few colossal disasters, and even some critically successful films did not do well.Some are highest grossing hollywood film and some are lowest.

These films below were the saving grace of what turned out to be a disappointing year. Big studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures continue to dominate the box office with their better production, promotion and distribution capabilities. All figures are worldwide and taken from are some highest grossing hollywood film.

Highest grossing Hollywood films are:

Highest grossing hollywood film of the year

1. Beauty and the Beast: This live-action remake of the Disney animation classic was a smashing box-office success, even though it received criticism for being too similar to the original. It earned 1.26 billion dollars.This movie is the highest grossing hollywood film of the year.

Highest grossing hollywood film of the year

2. The Fate of the Furious: The eight installment in the long-running The Fast and the Furious franchise had the highest opening of all time, earning 532 million dollars. By the end of its run, the makers of this film had 1.23 billion in their pockets.This film is the second highest grossing hollywood film of the year.

3. Despicable Me 3: The third film in Despicable franchise, even after middling reviews, brought home an incredible 1.03 billion dollars.

4. Spider-man Homecoming: A younger, fresher and more compelling hero, Homecoming’s Peter Parker may have enemies like the Vulture, but he also had girlfriend troubles. It earned about 0.2 million dollars.

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5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: The sequel to James Gunn’s groundbreaking Guardians of the Galaxy, this film was even funnier and brought in a great villain. It earned 863.6 million dollars.

Top highest grossing hollywood film of the year

6. Thor Ragnarok: The film that gave Thor his sense of humour, even if his hammer Mjolnir was taken away. Taika Watiti brought his own unique brand of humour in the film.

Along with great cast and this movie was deemed a success even before its release. This film earned 833.2 million dollars which is the sixth highest grossing hollywood film of the year.


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