Best Guard Dogs Breed in the World- To Guard Your Property

Best Guard Dog

Going to buy a dog for guarding your house or property, you must read this before making your purchase. This article will tell you about the best guard dogs with the pros and cons that would guide you to choose the best guard dog for your property.

We often confuse watchdogs, guard dogs, protection dogs, and Attackers dogs. But before you go to buy the guard dog for your property you must know the basic difference between them. Starting with the watchdog, the dog only watches the property and raises an alarm when finds anything fishy. A protection dog will do anything if he finds his owner in trouble whereas the guard dog lies in between the two. It guards the house, raises the alarm, and can take action if it finds things getting out of hand.

The best guard dogs to protect your house and family are The Doberman, The Cane Corso, The German Shephard, The Bullmastiff, The Boerboel, The Rottweiler, The Giant Schnauzer, The Turkish Kangal, The Rhodesian Ridgeback, and The Akita.

We have categorized these dogs as the best guard dogs based on their traits and guarding capabilities. The qualities of these dogs are given below in the article.

Best Guard Dog breed In the World 

The guard dogs not always need to be aggressive in nature. A dangerous look and ability to frighten the intruder are enough for making a dog the best guard dog. Let’s start with the list of the best guard dog breeds in the world.

The Doberman

Best Guard Dog - doberman
Source: Modern Dog Magazine

The Doberman has the right combination of the elements that are required for a perfect guard dog. They have a very strong sense and extraordinary barking capability.  That makes it the best guard dog breeds in the world. Their ability to gel well with the family members makes it the best family dog as well.

The Doberman is a very proud dog since they are guarding nature. If not taken care of properly they can become stubborn in nature. However, this stubbornness can be treated if the dogs are well trained in childhood. The Doberman is not an advisable dog for first-time dog owners.

The Cane Carso

Best Guard Dog - cane carso
Source: K9 Research Lab

The Cane Carso is a dog breed belonging to Italy. They are the first choice of the resident of Italy because of their looks and loyal nature. The dog is one best guard dogs in the world because you don’t have to train them much for guarding. They will alert you whenever they see any stranger in their guarding area. These dogs are best for family and companionship.

Well, the dogs are not for first-time dog owners. They might suffer from anxiety when left alone for a longer period of time.

The German Shepherd

Best Guard Dog - german Shephard

The German Shephards are the best-known family dogs all over the world for the last many years. The dog is intelligent and loyal to its family. The dog makes its place in the best guard dogs in the world because of its excessive barking qualities. Not only the dogs can be of great use at home they are versatile enough to work in Army.

The negatives of the german shepherd include their high exercise requirements. So a person living in a small apartment or a busy person who cannot spend time on the dog’s exercise should not own it.

The Bullmastiff

Best Guard Dog - bullmastiff
Source: Vetstreet

The Bullmastiff is the powerful-looking dog, that is the result of the English Mastiff and the Bull Dog. They are alert and intelligent dogs that needed to be trained for their work. The dogs are the perfect family dogs and become a member of the family very soon. They can do anything to protect their family members.

The Bullmastiff grows into a very strong and powerful dog and must be socialized at a very young age, if not trained properly. They can grow stubborn and dangerous for neighbors.

The Boerboel

Best Guard Dog - boerboel
Source: Modern Molosser

These large dogs were the native of Africa that were bred to work as dog guards on the farms. The dogs are considered to be the most loyal dogs towards their family and if they are socialized properly they are called the social giants. The dogs have a low maintenance cost and are the best guard dogs in the world.

The negatives of the Dog breeds include that they grow into the powerful and if not tamed properly cam grow into aggressive nature. Also, they are unable to face the separation from the loved ones.

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These were the best guard dogs in the world that can be bought if you are wishing to buy a guard dog for your house. Read the positives and negatives of all these dogs and purchase them according to your need. Do write your reviews in the comments section.

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